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Map of India and North Goa tours, hotels, beaches in Morjim - photo

plyazh Mordzhim v Goa

World Morjim known for its magnificent beach which, though very small – not more than 3 km, but is so unique that the area of the beach becomes important. Tourists it is known as Morjim beach in Goa.

Morjim on the map of India and Goa

derevnya na karte strany i shtata

This is a wonderful place with beautiful nature and friendly hosts, did not remain without attention of Russian tourists.

Today, many Russian there is not only rest, but live, so in Morjim language barrier ceases to be an insurmountable obstacle.

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On the Peninsula of Hindustan, in the North of India, in the Northern state of Goa, on the shores of the warm Arabian sea, in the Northern part of the Indian ocean is the village Morjimsurrounded by lavish tropical vegetation.

Morjim is part of the Golden three of the best beaches of North Goa, along with Mandrama and Alvema. Located in the middle of the line the many beaches. The neighbor to the North Ashvem beach. From the South via the river Chapora borders on the Vagator beach.

How to get there?

sposoby dobratsya

To get to Morjim from the state capital of Goa Panaji by bus. From the large bus station Mapusa every hour departs a Shuttle bus to any resort of North Goa, including Morjim to. Either from the capital airport Dabolim by taxi. The resort is 60 km from the airport and 27 km from Panaji.

From the ancient city of Hampi, located in the neighboring state of Karnataka, Morjim separated by the distance of 420 km.

In Hampi can be reached by:

  • taxi;
  • train;
  • the regular bus.

The trip will take either the whole day (you can enjoy plenty of views of real India) or overnight (be sure to bring warm blankets, because the nights in the bus gets cold). Go to Hampi to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Vijayanagara.

Photos and description of the resort

harakteristiki i fotografii kurorta

A local well know Russian language, and Russian here are very warm. Of course, prices are raised especially for the generous Russian soul, but still not much above, than at other resorts of Goa.

General information

It is unknown when it was founded Morjim. The Portuguese appeared there only in the early nineteenth century. There is a legend that the village is named in honor of the goddess Morsicaught the sailor in the network.

But perhaps it was not so and she drove to the village at peacock (mhor). Hence the name – Morjim.

Whatever it was, and place for his appearance Morsi chose very well, no wonder tourists come here from all over the world.

Prior to the development of tourism local residents were engaged in agriculture. In the past Morjim was difficult, because getting there was only possible by ferry. But that all changed with the construction of a bridge over river Chapora in Siolim. Then this secret location on the beach is a favourite for tourists, and beginning to live your new life.

In 2001, businessman Leonid Beizer decided to settle in the village. His own money he created out undistinguished town holiday Paradise. Today in Morjim is home to around 10,000 people. Two-thirds of the inhabitants speak Malayalam, a third – Marathi.

Weather and climate

The most favorable period to visit Goa is from November to February – at this time, the temperature there does not rise above thirty-three degrees, and are freshing winds.

Summer in India is monsoon seasonand the searestless – this time suited to fans of extreme surfing, wishing to conquer the highest wave. The waterfalls in the rainy season just hit its power.

In the fall the ocean calms down, the monsoons go away and it becomes not so hot. But the vegetation, profusely shed by rain, blooms with lush, tropical colors. Never more during the year, the jungle are not so beautiful. Spring in Morjim too hot.


transportnye sredstva

To get around the village and surrounding area it is better to rent a scooter or a motorcycle. When renting ask for copies of documents and Deposit.

Bike rental cost is inexpensive, and it's worth it: walking is comfortable and not too hot, and on a bike you can cover more neighborhoods.

In order to remove the transport, you need to look for a sign reading "Rent a bike" or in advance to find the phone number of the owner, which rent will be cheaper.


In the village many restaurants and cafes. The hotels also have restaurants. Everywhere can be very good to eat. Indian cuisine is as sharp, spicy and bright, like everything in this country. Russian restaurants:

  • Tchaikovsky;
  • Shanti;
  • Tree;
  • Bora Bora.

Delicious cooked in a Little Palm Grove, on the border with Ashvem beach. On the beach everywhere there are restaurants with palm leaves instead of Gables. Many cafes, Sheki and bars offering a variety of food. Very tasty cooked seafood.

kurortnaya infrastruktura

For seafood makes sense to go to Siolim – there is the famous North Goa fish market. It can be found on the descent of the bridge over the Chapora. The morning is open from dawn till eight in the morning, the evening, from five PM until midnight.

The evening sold out the morning the remains, often with a good discount. Bargaining is appropriate and even necessary. All seafood is fresh. If desired, the fish is cut immediately. Purchased products you can ask the cook at the restaurant.

In the village there are several yoga centers and Ayurvedic saloons of Indian medicine; beauty salons, where you can make a good massage in four hands with coconut oil, at a low price.

Shopping: what to bring?

In Morjim there are no big markets and big sales, but the trade is here, and very lively. The village is filled with stores and shops.

To purchase gifts for a better home to go to market. Here you can buy original things which cannot be found elsewhere in Goa.

Here you can buy such as jewelry of gold and silver and jewelry made of beads, bamboo, or wood. Articles of leather, embroidered in national style brocade or embellished with gold and silver hardware. You can purchase the products from the skulls of monkeys or pieces of turtle shells.

Famous beautiful Goan carpetsthat are woven by hand. They can be both hard and soft, embroidered on silk or cotton. Of course, not to mention the famous Indian Sari business card of the country. But not only saree. Clothes so much and she is so beautiful that to resist and not to buy anything is very difficult.

From wood they made different funny figures, lamps, gifts and furniture of very high quality. Well jewelry of course. Also popular Indian tea and spices, Goan rum, a variety of statues of elephants, natural cosmetics, jewelry, and crafts made from shells. And all these Souvenirs reflect the unique flavor of India.

chto iz tovarov privezti?

In Arpora next to Morjim work Day and Night market, where products are literally from around the world. Excursions there will be remembered for a lifetime. And the whole day is not enough to explore all the wonders on display here for sale, like in a fairy tale. Remarkable Anjuna Flea market. The trip there would take all day, but will bring genuine pleasure. On the road there is the opportunity to swim in the sea.


In Morjim no night partying with the music, and in the glow of the rising sun, to indulge in meditation.


The southern part of the beach is called Turtle Beach. Olive turtles chose this place for egg laying: every winter on the warm Sands of the beach turtles migrate in order to hide in the warm sand their eggs. And every spring the grown young turtles risk to life back in the sea. Tourists in this part is not allowed, the territory is guarded, however, during the journey, reptiles can be spotted from afar.

The width of the Morjim beach is 50 metres away. The nature of this area of India adjusts to a quiet holiday with long walks along the coastline:

  1. the stunning beauty of the sunsets and the sunrises;
  2. cleanvelvet sand;
  3. little ubiquitous cows and dogs.

On the shore of the sea throws crabs, water snakes and sea stars. Under water it is possible to see stingrays.

Holidaymakers popular Windsurfing and kite surfing. On the beach playing football and volleyball. Children flying a kite. On the shore many boats that local fishermen catch large quantities of fish, which is then dried and used for fertilizing trees.


spisok otelej

To find accommodation in the village quite easily. Can stay in the hotel in the Russian sector, or in an apartment near the center. Ideal for a large family or company would be to rent a private Villa for the whole holiday. This is a cheaper hotel and nicer with no neighbors.

Hotels in Morjim about a hundred – enough to satisfy the most demanding taste.

  • Grand Plaza Morjim (Morjim Grand Plaza) awarded three stars. It is very close to the beach. The hotel has two dozen rooms. Each has a TV, fridge, air conditioning and free Internet. Services included massage. It offers a swimming pool, Laundry, Parking, bicycles available for rent.
  • A little further from the sea is located the hotel Hermitage Morjim (Morjim Hermitage). Despite the two star hotel, cozy and clean. Impeccably polite staff. The rooms have everything you need. At the reception you can exchange currency.
  • With a stay at Morjim Beach Resort (Morjim beach resort) is located near the nesting sites of turtles. Guests have the opportunity to live in separate houses.
  • The hotel Sur La Mer (sur La Mer) has four stars but deserves five, according to who lived there at the hotel. Located 300 m from the beach. There is an outdoor swimming pool, bar, SPA centre, and a restaurant. There is the opportunity to barbecue. Built in the Portuguese-Spanish style.
  • Casablanca Hotel Morjim (Casablanca Hotel Morjim), named in honor of the film "Casablanca" has earned three stars. Only twelve rooms, but there is a large balcony. The hotel is located in a beautiful garden.
  • With a stay at Pirache Homes (Pirate homes) has a children's Playground and guests can play table tennis.
  • Tennis court in Fort Aguada Beach Resort Goa is a luxurious five-star hotel located on sinquerim beach. However, the entrance is paid.

To choose a hotel according to your taste and book your place using this form of search. Enter the resort name, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Entertainment: where to go and what to do?

gde skorotat dosug?

In 2009, Morjim opened night club "Fresh", which immediately became fashionable among the Russian parties. Visit his wealthy Russian tourists and stars of show business. Has a huge dance floor with sea views and a bar, where show their talents in the best bartenders. Done in white color.

Discos can also be found in clubs in Marbela and Bora Bora.

Various religious and public holidays of India in Goa decided to celebrate colorful and bright. On the beach, dancing, processions and torchlight show.

In hotels and shopping malls often hosts themed parties and come well-known DJs.

What to see: sights

Near the village is the remarkable beauty of the temple Sri Moraji. In this temple every year there is a colorful spring festival that lasts a whole month. The same celebrate the holiday of Holi, which is abundantly watered each other with bright paint and colored powders.

Must-see natural attraction in Goa is the Dudhsagar waterfall, and swim in it. Its height is about 300 meters, and at the bottom the water is collected in a clear calm lake in which are not afraid even to children.

The waterfall is truly magnificent! The spectacle of falling from this height the mass of the water is unforgettable.

In the nearby town of Candolim is an amazing tree – the legendary Great Banyan tree, 80 feet in circumference. For the Hindus it is a sacred place. In the same town is worth to visit the old Indian temples, of which there are many.

On the river Chapora is an abandoned Chapora Fort, which is about five hundred years. These ruins very picturesque. There you can climb the vines wrapped around the old walls and look into the bottomless pit. The Fort is famous for its narrow and tall gates and stunning views of the coast and the sea.

You can go further North, in the neighboring state of Maharashtra. The road to the river Kerim will take approximately half an hour. Through the river crossing on the ancient floating facility, and for crossing is an old fortress, Tiracol, today restored and transformed into a fine hotel.

See a video review of the resort, Morjim beach: