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The sights of the Republic of India: Delhi, Mumbai and other

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India is the seventh largest countrystretching from the high mountains of the Himalayas to jungle Kerala, from the sacred Ganges to the Sands of Thar desert.

India is home to more than one billion inhabitants, divided into two thousand ethnic groups and speak over 200 different languages.

It is suitable to the country's size and diverse population, India has an almost endless variety of cultures landscapes monuments and placeswhich you must visit.

What to see?

In this mysterious state there is an infinite collection of tourist attractionsthat will never cease to fascinate travelers.

Everything from ancient ruins, fascinating religious monuments to exotic cities and diverse landscapes, is worthy of attention.

The Sights Of India (Mysore). Our journey through India


The capital of India, as well as the old part of the city, has a rich history. The city is literally dotted with spellbinding mosques, FORTS and monuments left over from the Mongol rulers.

The main reminder is the Red Fort is a famous monument, reminiscent of the former rulers of India.

Its walls stretched for two kilometers. Once they were well protected from the raids, however, the Fort was unable to stop the British.

JAMA Masjid is another marvelous monument of the Old city, and the largest mosque in India. The area in front accommodates an incredible number of visitors – up to 25 000 people.

To build this structure took 13 years – the work was finished in 1650. If you climb to the top of the South tower, the effort are rewarded with a stunning view of the rooftops of Delhi.

Other attractions of Delhi, is worthy of attention:

  • Humayun's Tomb;
  • Lodi Gardens;
  • Qutab Minar;
  • Gandhi Smriti;
  • The Gates Of India;
  • The Bahai Temple.

Swaminarayan Akshardham is a relatively new attraction in Delhi. This massive temple complex was built and opened in 2005. The temple is dedicated to showcasing Indian culture.

Many tourists impressive awesome architecture made of pink stone and a temple of white marble. The complex includes walking through the overgrown garden, the sculpture viewing and boating.

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New Delhi

This part of the city was built South of the old town. Once there were only ruins, and now new Delhi is a landscaped area. Being in this part of town, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting iconic locations.

The capital abounds with attractions and monuments:

  • National Museum;
  • the temple of Bhairon;
  • the fortress of Purana Qila;
  • Palace, the Raj Ghat;
  • one of the wonders of the world – a stainless steel column near the mosque quwwat-Il-Islam.

In addition, the city has a lot of Indian beautiful archaeological parks, tourist observation towers and other unique places open for tourists.


In this city so many historical monuments, as in other places of India. However, there are many unique and interesting places, more than compensating the lack of interest.

In Mumbai there are several fascinating monuments, among which stand out the India Gate is the most spectacular building, built to commemorate the visit of king George V and Queen Mary.

Staggering examples of intricate colonial architecture can be seen by visiting Prince of Wales Museum, Victoria railway station, Bombay court and the building Horniman circle.

Within the city there are many colourful temples and mosques, unique caves and national Park. Also in Mumbai, is worthy of attention gorgeous beaches Chowpatty, markets and bazaars, Laundry street Mahalakshmi Joby gat.

Of course, special attention deserves the bollywood is the place where the light came thousands of cult Indian films. In this Studio you can not only visit the filming of a movie, but to get into the frame of the next blockbuster.

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A unique variety of attractions in Kerala ensures that this tropical Indian state will interest a wide range of people.

First of all, this place attracts travelers with a unique culture and extremely picturesque in places, contrasting with the fast developing modern world.

Major sights Kerala is the gorgeous beaches of Varkala, travelling in the jungles of Wayanad, Periyar parks and plantations with spices Munna.

Also in this part of India quite unique lagoons, creeks, lakes and dozens of Islands worthy of attention.


The pink walls and buildings of the old town, this historic site is affectionately known as the pink city.

Jaipur attracts visitors with its beautiful remnants of a bygone era. Especially popular attractions and places to visit are the ancient palaces and FORTS with elaborate architecture that serves as resplendent reminder of the Royal heritage.

The walking tour will not take much time – all the main sights are gathered in the Old town:

  • Amber Fort on top of a hill;
  • The city Palace of the Royal family;
  • The Palace Of Winds "Hawa Mahal";
  • Jantar Mantar;
  • The Jaigarh Fort;
  • Nahargarh Fort;
  • Monkey temple.

This is only a small list of places that will allow you to immerse yourself in the history of this fabulous country.

Jaipur is a great place for shoppingwhere you can find an alluring variety of goods. Some Souvenirs represent precious stones, silver jewelry, bangles, clothes, blue pottery and textiles.

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Before you visit Bangalore, it is important to know that this city is a wonderful combination of past and present. At different times the city had different names: the Silicon valley of India, city pubs, a haven for retirees and a garden city.

Today, Bangalore is a technically advanced place, managed to preserve the story for us.

Major Bangalore attractions, – its temples and palaces. Among tourists particularly attractive:

  • The Tipu Sultan Palace;
  • The Shiva Temple;
  • Bull Temple;
  • The Bangalore Palace.

In addition to these attractions, the town has a few scenic places such as the amusement Park "Crazy water", Planetarium.Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden Lalbaghand also the building of the legislature – Vidhana Soudha.


Due to the fact that in Kolkata lots of places designed for tourists, this city is especially popular these days. There are many sightseeing tours around the city, each of which included key points of interest:

  • Fort William;
  • Victoria Memorial;
  • the garden of Eden;
  • Birla planetarium;
  • the Howrah bridge;
  • Marble Palace;
  • Nicco Park;
  • Park Madden.

Such a number of attractions, colonial style, makes for a moment forget that you are in Eastern country.

Hiking on the streets of Calcutta are more like visits to London, Prague, Berlin or Paris. In addition, the city hosts various events, dance performances and colorful shows, peculiar to this country.

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In guidebooks rare to read about Hampi. However, this small village is worthy of attention not less, than other memorable Indian States and cities.

Located just a few kilometers from the beaches of Goa, Hampi, above all, attractive for its ancient architecture, mysterious monuments.

The village is in ruins, reminiscent of a mighty Empire, ruling India right after the Mongols. Once it was the capital of the Empire of Vijayanagar. Some historical monuments have been preserved until now.

Besides the exceptional architecture in Hampi the most impressive are the huge stone blocks, located in the middle of the city.

Until recently, it remained a mystery how these massive stones got here, who had taken them. As it turned out, near Hampi exploded volcano, and the blocks threw a powerful blast.

To walk around the ruins of Hampi, you will need a day. You should get a scooter, then walking will be the most exciting and productive.


The culture of this city is continuously connected with the Ganges river and has a religious significance. The oldest city of India located on the banks of the sacred river – a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Jains and tourists jealousy to see the real Hindu rituals.

Varanasi is a mirror of the oldest Indian civilization. Being the oldest city in the world and an important pilgrimage center, the city attracts a large number of people from different parts of the world.

Also Varanasi is a reflection of the different architecture. Every king that ever lived here, contributed to the design Varanasi, embodying a structure in a rich Indian culture.

Especially appealing:

  • Vishwanath Temple;
  • The Temple Of Katwala;
  • Kasiviswanathan;
  • The Temple Of Tulsi Manas;
  • The monkey temple;
  • Bharat Mata.

No building is like another. That is why you should find the time to visit each of them.

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Being home to such iconic landmarks as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Itimad-UD-daulah's tomb and Mankameshwar temple, Agra is incredibly attractive and desirable for tourists.

One of the seven wonders of the world have done their job – they come to the city the largest number of travelers who choose to visit India.

Agra is also known as the Land of palaces and intricate buildings with beautiful architecture. Even ordinary tombs richly adorned, therefore, can not but cause admiration.


Former British Fort, now the fifth largest city in India, attracts tourists with unique colonial style and neo-Gothic architecture. The Christian churches here are more common than the traditional Indian buildings.

Some of them, for example, the Cathedral of St. Thomas's, unique, but others, like the Church of St. Mary, is a copy of St. Martin's in England.

Traditional Hindu temples in Chennai is no exception. The most popular of them – the temple of Kapaleeshwarar and Murugan Vadapalani temple a must visit.

The rest of the time tourists prefer to relax and have fun on the beaches of Chennai – Marina Bay, Kovalam or visit the Park Guindy.

India is a unique country, dominated by spectacular architecture and historical monuments. With year-round warm climate, this country can be visited at any time.