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How long is the flight to India (Delhi) from Moscow and SPb?

Skolko letet do Indii?

India is one of the countries of South Asia, which spreads to the Indian ocean, occupying an enormous land mass that is sometimes called a subcontinent.

The country area – 3 166 830 sq. km India is Bordered by Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet (China), Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma).

The Central and southern part of India forms the Deccan plateau, framed on the East and West Ghats mountains, with forested slopes that bear the full power of the monsoon winds bringing rain from the Indian ocean.

Most of the year the weather in India is extremely hot and dry.

In the area of the Indus valley to 2 500 BC, formed an advanced civilization. Appeared in India and over the centuries came the development of major religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism. Conquerors and traders brought Islam.

And now India is a marvelous confluence of diverse cultures, whose speakers speak more than 800 languages and dialects, have different customs, dress in their national dress and prefer their food.

Now throughout the world popular variety of spicy Indian dishes.

How long is the flight?

How many hours to fly to India (Delhi) from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg?

Flight Moscow-India (new Delhi) will take time 6 to 8 hours, during which time the aircraft will overcome the distance of 5,200 kilometers.

From St. Petersburg to fly 8 hours 20 minutes to 10 hours, the plane will fly 5 800 kilometers.

Is there a time difference?

The time difference with Moscow and Saint Petersburg is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Est li raznica vo vremeni?

How to get there?

To reach the island in several ways:

  1. A direct flight from the capital:
    • Moscow – New Delhi.
  2. Flights with one change:
    • Moscow – Doha – Delhi;
    • Moscow – Istanbul – New Delhi;
    • Moscow – Dubai – New Delhi;
    • Moscow – Abu Dhabi- New Delhi;
    • Moscow – Bangkok – Delhi;
    • Moscow – Bahrain – New Delhi;
    • Moscow - Sharjah – New Delhi;
    • Moscow – Helsinki – New Delhi;
    • Saint-Petersburg – Moscow– Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg - Almaty – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Frankfurt – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg - Ashgabat – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Tashkent – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – London – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Zurich – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Vienna – Delhi.
  3. Flights with two changes:
    • Moscow – Astana – Almaty – Delhi;
    • Moscow – Berlin – Abu Dhabi- New Delhi;
    • Moscow – Rome – Abu Dhabi- New Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Abu Dhabi- New Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Astana – Almaty – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Doha – Delhi;
    • Saint Petersburg – Frankfurt – Vienna – Delhi.

Delhi. Heads and tails

The planes are what airlines fly to India (Delhi)?

List of airlines operating flights:

  1. Russian companies:
    • Aeroflot;
    • Transaero;
    • UTair;
    • S7;
    • Ural Airlines.
  2. Foreign airlines:
    • Tajik Air;
    • Qatar Airways;
    • Air Astana;
    • Air India;
    • Turkmen airlines;
    • Ariana Afghan Airlines;
    • Uzbekistan Airways;
    • Etihad Airways;
    • Emirates;
    • Alitalia;
    • British Airways;
    • Air China;
    • China Southern Airlines;
    • Austrian Airlines;
    • Royal Jordanian Airlines;
    • Thai Airways;
    • Turkish Airlines;
    • Austrian Airlines;
    • Swiss;
    • Qantas Airways;
    • Qatar Airlines;
    • Finnair;
    • Air France;
    • Lufthansa;
    • British Airlines;
    • KLM.

Samolety kakih aviakompanij letaut v Indiu (Deli)?

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Where to spend time?


Taj Mahal. Sparkling white marble surmounted by domes, the Taj Mahal is visible from afar. It is located in the Indian cityAgra.

This is one of the most magnificent buildings in the world. It was built in 1653 as a mausoleum of the ruler Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Rashtrapati Bhavan, or "President's Residence" is located in new Delhi. Behind him stretched a huge presidential gardens (Mughal garden), a Grand open spaces, residences of bodyguards and staff, stables.

The ensemble is open to public access.

Laxmi Narayan Temple - Hindu temple dedicated to Lakshmi Narayan temple in Delhi, India. The temple extends to 7.5 acres, there are many shrines, fountains, and large garden, as well as building of Gita Bhavan for talks.

The temple is one of the key attractions of Delhi and attracts many loyal fans.

Gde provesti vremya?

What to do?


Dudhsagar is one of the largest waterfalls in India, located on the eve of the Western Ghats.

To visit this picturesque place preferably during the period from November to February, because in the spring there is unbearable hot and humid, and overflowing in summer after monsoon rains, the river could easily block the road to Dudhsagar.

The waterfall crashes down on the ground from a height of more than three hundred meters, painting the jet in milky white color.

According to legend, the local Princess loved to frolic in the lake, which is located at the foot of the waterfall. After that, she used to drink milk from a Golden pitcher, which always stood nearby.

But one day, she noticed that her watching a young man. Embarrassed, the Princess poured milk from a jug to cover up the nakedness - and there was the jet of the waterfall.

National Museum of India includes an extensive collection of art objects, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, armor, jewelry works.