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The island of Bali on the world map where is located and how to get there?

Bali na karte mira

On Earth, there are spaces which are similar to the descriptions of the garden of Eden. These lands always great weather, nature abounds with a variety of beauty and gives a variety of food to man.

One such territory is the island resort of Bali.


To get to Bali, of course, easier than to Eden, but for the European people is still not so easy. The island is located in the most remote part of Indonesia and the nearest land in addition to the Indonesian Islands to Bali is to Australia.

gde nahoditsya ostrov Bali

However, every year huge number of tourists hits the road to visit Bali. And there goes the audience is very diverse. Someone to enjoy surfing and the waves on the coast, others in order to get to know an exotic culture and religion, someone wants to taste the amazing fruits and to enjoy a great beach vacation.

Your options of touring the island can provide excellent conditions. Especially for a relatively short period of Bali really became a tourist island, that is, for newcomers here are trying to create the best possible conditions.

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Top best places for tourists with photo

Attractions in Bali are many, although the island itself is relatively small. Tourists have things to do and where to go on the tour. Consider the most interesting options.

turisticheskie mesta ostrova

Monkey forest

One of the most popular attractions of the island is the so-called monkey forest, which is located in Ubud. In fact, this space is a large reserve, the main part of which is a jungle.

Entering the monkey forest you get into some other, dreamlike and mysterious space that is a kind of separate world.

Here are almost no natural light. Of course, it is not dark, but the crowns of the giant trees almost completely cover the sky. In addition to that everywhere giant hanging vines, which create the feeling of an explosive jungle.

dostoprimechatelnost les obezyan

A unique element of the flavor of this space are numerous statues and some temple buildings, which are located everywhere in the jungle, covered with moss and it looks even more ancient. The main temple in the monkey forest is a temple of the dead, set in the Central part of the reserve and this temple is valid. There are ceremonies for the dead Balinese, which are then burned on the beach.

Surfing or simple swimming is a detailed map of the beaches on the Russian language

About a beach holiday, you should note one significant featurethat you with a high probability check on the Bali beaches. This feature is the high waves.

Almost on all beaches, from Kuta, which is the nearest to the airport, and on the shore of a sufficiently high and intense wave. Therefore, in order to swim safely, you will need to look for a beach with more or less gentle wave or enjoying the pool at the hotel. Although there are waves of particular advantage, you can start to learn surfing, the lack of instructors and serpaj in Bali you will experience.

Bali - karta s plyazhami

Rice terraces

Walking through the monkey forest and plenty of annoying after talking with our evolutionary predecessors, you will likely want some contemplative relaxation and tranquility. There's no need to go far from Ubud, after all, far from the city are the beautiful rice terraces of Tegalalang.

The notability of the terraces lies in their particular location, which forms a wonderful landscape.

risovye terrasy v Bali

In addition to the terraces near Ubud and in the town you should visit:

  • the statueGanesha;
  • shops of craftsmen;
  • elephant Park;
  • bird Park;
  • Blanco Museum.

Uluwatu Temple

Overall, an interesting and actually the temple and the surrounding area, which abounds with beauties, but the best place to go in Uluwatu before sunset. Every day in this period of the day in the vicinity of the temple unfolds an amazing performance called the kecak dance.

hram uluvatu - dostoprimechatelnost ostrova

In this dance involved a significant number of men who rhythmic movements and sounds enter into a trance. In addition to dance is deployed theatrical performance, which is based on induistskih traditions. View hours, but fun and interesting.

Lake Beratan

Is amazing creation of nature. Pristine lake, water from which is used in Balinese cooking. Admire the water surface of course a great pleasure and enjoyment.

While the nearby temple of the goddess of fertility called Ulun Danu. This temple as it rises from the water and externally the individual buildings of the temple complex looks amazing.

ozero baratan v Bali

If you go on a tour to the lake Beratan, in this part of the island can visit and other attractions. Particularly near Islands located a couple of beautiful waterfalls (Sukumpol and Munduk) and Botanical garden.

Bali is a small part of a large archipelago, Indonesia

Bali is a pretty large island and has a length of about a hundred kilometers. Although the space of just over five thousand square kilometers is in General insignificant compared to the size of the total territory of Indonesia. However, of all the Islands of the archipelago of Bali at this period is the most visited by tourists.

Bali na karte Indonezii

Living on the island about four million people, a minor part of the total 250 million Indonesian population.

The majority of Balinese are Hindus, although in Indonesia the most common religion is Islam.

Geographically, Bali belongs to the Malay archipelago. Located in the southernmost part of Indonesia. To the West of Bali Java island, but the East – Lombok.

How to get out of Russia, Jakarta and other Asian Islands

In order to be in Bali, everyone can choose a particular variant, of which there are a considerable number. Note the most popular and best options:

  1. There is the option of direct flightsoffered, as a rule, the top of the airline. Of course this flight has the highest cost and still you will need to transplant in any city. For example, Singapore airlines carry with a stopover in Singapore and Qatar fly via Doha.

    This option is convenientbecause there are no any difficulties with your Luggage and going on Board a liner in the capital of Russia you in about twenty hours (depending on the duration of change) are in the capital city of Bali - Denpasar. After this the whole island at your disposal.

  2. kak dobratsya do Bali

  3. Interesting option for those who want to save is the use of low-cost airlines from Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok. First you need to fly to a certain Asian country, then you choose a flight to Denpasar loukostera. The most popular option is the flight from Jakartaas the capital of Bali from there daily a huge number of flights.

    However, you need to consider the need to re-register in the new airport, to mess around with Luggage and wisely choose the company of flightsto connect flights.

  4. If you take tickets on a direct flight for 8-12 weeks before departure, at a cost they are approximately identical to the second embodiment.

  5. The most interesting option, but requires some skill is the flight to Asian countries, where are the tickets of low-cost airlines to Indonesia or Bali. Then, depending on the flight you might want a cheap trip across the water, or hop on loukostera neighbouring Bali's Islands. This option is much more affordable, but requires a detailed examination of sites with tickets.

Bali on a world map: geographical location and climate features in this video: