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What can you bring from Bali Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti s Bali?

Returning from a trip, everyone wants to bring not only the memories and photos, but also something memorable to yourself and your family, and friends.

And when you find yourself in some exotic country, the eyes diverge from the abundance of Souvenirs sold on every corner.

How to avoid mistakes in the purchase of gifts and Souvenirs and what to bring from the popular Indonesian resort Paradise of Bali, to surprise your friends and relatives?

Shopping in Bali what to buy?


On the island you can buy so-called "Superfoods". This is a meal that heals.

Goji berries, which promote weight loss, cleanse the body of toxins and also fight depression.

Chia seeds, which a lot of nutrients. These seeds have a healing effect on the entire body and is used to treat many diseases, for example, at elevated pressure, the fatigue, the digestive problems.

Spirulina – healing seaweed, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. About its beneficial properties are endless. Spirulina is used to strengthen the immunity, improve all physiological properties of the organism.

This therapeutic food can be bought in pure form and in the composition of teas, balms, tinctures.

In addition to the "superfood" Bali offers healing herbal teas, fees, and oilthat can help with various ailments. All products are created based on extracts of rare plants, herbs, spices, seafood and beneficial effects on health.

Lechebnye preparaty


Each country has its own national food and drinks, which will remind about holidays, sea and sun. Bali made four kinds of local alcohol:

  • tuak – this drink, sweet in taste, which is based on the juice of the flowers of the coconut tree and that resembles a cross between beer and wine;
  • BREM , a local rice wine made from white and red rice. It has a diversity of flavors due to the addition of natural aromatic substances;
  • Arak – a strong drink made of rice and coconut juice, the locals call it vodka. Drink it mixed with diluted honey or Schweppes;
  • angur – grape wine made with aromatic herbs that give the drink a sweet taste and exotic aroma.

All of these beverages are sold in a beautiful clay bottle, painted with intricate patterns in Balinese style. This bottle will be a great souvenir from Bali.

Bali is made of higher quality drinks, such as wine (white, red, rosé and sparkling), as well as delicious liqueurs with a huge variety of flavors (coconut, banana, pineapple, coffee).

Cosmetics and perfume

From exotic places, where the abundance and diversity of flora is simply amazing, tourists want to bring natural cosmetics, which are not found in our country.

All island cosmetic is made on the basis of oils and spices (Lotus, aloe Vera, cinnamon, Jasmine, sandalwood, rose, lavender) and has bright flavors.

In Bali, you can buy natural pumice, essential oils, lip balms in colorful jars, coffee and almond scrub for the face and body.

Large selection of oils for massage, for aromatherapy, for skin care and hair. Especially appreciated unrefined coconut oil which can be applied to cosmetic procedures, as well as an additive to food.

Organic shampoos and conditioners, oil-based perfumes with Oriental fragrances, unusual toothpastes and powders, fragrant soap from natural ingredients can be a useful purchase, brought from the trip.

Kosmetika i parfumeriya

Foods and spices

To feel the taste of Balinese food, you cannot ignore the exotic foods grown and produced on the island.

All adherents of a healthy food, you must try organic chocolate, which is addedvarious ingredients such as chilli, mint, ginger, fruit.

Tropical fruits will be a great reminder of the hot country. In Bali you can bring mangostine, rambutan, passion fruit, pithay, mangoes and pineapples. The main thing is to pick the fruit slightly unripe, so they don't spoil on the road.

Coffee lovers must try the most expensive and exotic look of this drink – Luwak, which passes through the digestive tract local animal musangs does. This coffee has a deep vanilla and chocolate aroma and rich taste.

In addition to this unusual coffee in Bali produce such well-known varieties like Robusta, Arabica, and coffee with original supplements for example, chili.

Sweet surprise local sweets, made on the basis of brown rice, creamy Jasmine honey, very high quality cocoa.


By purchasing Souvenirs, it is desirable to stop the choice on authentic goods produced by local craftsmen and keeping the spirit of the island. These products include:

  1. The sticks and incensethat filled the air of Bali.
  2. Silver gifts and jewelry differ a special quality and elegance. Bali silver is very high quality and covered with gold plates. In addition to a variety of jewelry, you can buy silver statues, jewelry boxes and even door handles.
  3. Carvings of exotic wood, plaster, stone and bone are made manually by local artisans. Souvenir shops offer a wide variety of carved figurines, jewelry boxes, glassware, key rings.
  4. Colorful masks, carved from wood, will be a talisman for the house to ward off evil spirits or just an exotic decoration of the apartment.
  5. Lingams - famous Balinese trinkets, bottle openers, Souvenirs, magnets, made in the form of the male sexual organ. Considered, that they protect the wearer from evil spirits and the evil eye.
  6. Ceramic gifts, especially statues of cats.
  7. Products from coconut, for example, carved lamps.

SHoping na Bali: chto kupit?

Clothes and shoes

In Bali made of natural fabrics that are refined and vivid colors. Clothes made of such fabrics looks expensive and has a high-quality tailoring. Sew ethnic dress, colorful skirts, bright dresses, a variety of trousers.

You can buy clothes and accessories from batik, which is used for smart tailoring and casual wear. And you can buy hand-painted fabric and enjoy sewing original outfit.

Shopping centers for sale exclusive clothing from local designers, as well as sandals and sandals from Python.

What can you buy in Bali? A walk through the village masters

What can you bring as a gift?

Deciding what to bring from travel to family, friends and colleagues to please and surprise them, it is necessary to choose such gifts which will be designed to a specific person.

The girl

Each woman will be pleased to receive a gift of exotic handmade cosmetics, for example, which will give youth and beauty.

For storing jewelry can give the original carved boxes, made in the form of animals and birds, Buddha's head.

A variety of wooden and wicker ware, kitchenware, ceramic vases, pitchers, plates, lamps made from coconut create comfort in the apartment and will bring a touch of the exotic.

Decorate with a national symbol of Bali – frangipani flower. Especially popular barrettes and hair bands will adorn any girl.


The mens Souvenirs from the island are considered local alcoholic beverages made from rice and coconut juice and cigarettes, in which tobacco using cloves.

To surprise a man by giving him a magic weapon Chris. It is a sacred sword or dagger, which, according to the locals, brings good luck and protects from troubles.

Among the abundance of Souvenirs, for men, you can choose carved chess, copies of exotic musical instruments, paintings, intricate patterns and landscapes.

CHto mozhno privezti v podarok: muzhchine


Of course, you cannot ignore the children who are waiting for gifts from you from the trip. Interesting gift could be a kite painted in bright colors, depicting various animals, birds, marine life.

You can bring your own individual souvenir, ordered from local craftsmen wooden toy to your taste or the taste of the child. This can be a favorite animal or cartoon character.

Unusual gift will be a traditional puppet Indonesian shadow theatre wayang. It is made of leather andsigns with bright colors.

Each purchase acquired during the journey, can become a memory of pleasure. And gifts, filled with the spirit of Bali, will delight and surprise all your friends.