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The ranking of the best attractions in Bali: Ubud, Kuta, Denpasar

Dostoprimechatelnosti ostrova Bali

Bali is the most Western of the lesser Sunda Islands in the Malay archipelagoin Indonesia.

The southern side is washed by the Indian ocean and North sea of Bali. From the island of Java from the West it is separated by the Bali Strait. The island area of 5700 sq km.

This beautiful place is truly a Paradise for luxury travelers. Dense tropical forests, beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels and SPA resorts - are all created for a perfect holiday.

Ancient history, which harmonizes perfectly with modern infrastructure, numerous splendid palaces and temple complexes.

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What to see in Bali?


In this town, lots of sights, which for a couple of days to explore. For their study will take at least a week.

The key objects are located outside the city, about 20 km away, So going there alone is not worth it, better to take a tour and go with an experienced guide. It will help to fully reveal the beauty and depth of spiritual heritage.

We offer to your attention a rating of the top 10 best and memorable placesthat are certainly worth incorporating into your programme of sightseeing in Ubud.

Elephant cave (Goa Goyah) - one of the most interesting objects for tourists on the island. It is located just 2 km South-East of Ubud. Inside are preserved many ancient statues and petroglyphs.

Of particular interest is the statue of Ganesha, God of wisdom and prosperity in Hinduism. A number of relics directly indicate that the island was dominated by Hinduism. It is now the main religion on the island. The cave entrance is paid.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Ubuda

Following a very attractive place to visit is the mountain of the poet (Gunung kawi). This historical monument dates back to the 11th century.

Gunung kawi is the sacred burial structure for the monarch Anak Wungsu and a large number of his wives and concubines. The place is very picturesque. The whole valley is covered with picturesque rice fields.

The monarch rests in a large complex, and his wives and concubines in the room of a smaller size. At the entrance to the Central part, it is customary to remove your shoes.

It is recommended to visit the temple of Kehen, it is a half hour drive North East of Ubud.

This is one of the most famous temples in Bali. Was built in 1206. Although the place was used for religious ceremonies long before that.

Near the temple side by side the hills covered with trees, which is a magnificent landscape. In the temple is pretty quiet, as there are usually few visitors. The facility is open to the public from 8.00 to 17.00.

Royal Palace Puri Saren Agung. This is a beautiful and very well kept monument. It is located in the heart of the city.

Since the late 19th century to mid 20th century was the residence of the local rulers. Some of the descendants live there today.

The Palace is open several rooms, and in some of them the entrance is closed. In this Palace there are daily traditional dance shows.

For those who want to enjoy the local cuisine, with plenty of restaurants and caf├ęs, with a large choice of local dishes. Refreshed, you can go shopping and go to the local market. Where you can buy Souvenirs.

For fans of extreme sports is rafting. The most appropriate time for this rainy season. There are thresholds 2 and 3 levels of difficulty. From July to September, the water level in the rivers drops significantly.

Would be very interesting to see the forest (Park) monkeys. It is a temple complex and nature reserve. Live in it for about 340 monkeys. Monthly it is visited by approximately 10 000 people.

It is highly recommended not to bring food, as the monkeys will try to steal her sure.

It is also worth to visit the Botanical garden. This place will delight lovers of orchids. You can also enjoy other rare plants and beautiful views of nature.

Watch wild herons in nature in the bird Park. Here you can see herons every evening, fly overnight and again this morning in the way, to look for food.

Sometimes you can see Chicks in nearby nests.

For lovers of river fishing can fishing eels in the numerous streams and rivulets flowing around the rice fields.

If you manage to catch something, then your catch can be prepared at the place where the company can enjoy a wonderful lunch.

CHto posmotret na Bali?


As Kuta has been known since the 70-ies of the 20th century. Then this was a small village inhabited mostly by fishermen and their families.

However, these places were chosen by fans of surfing, this all started. Coming for fans of extreme sports began to build hotels, andto create other conditions, and so a small village gradually became a city.

In addition to its beautiful beaches and ideal conditions for surfing , Kuta is also known for its SPA centers. Them here a lot. These services can be obtained here at every step.

But it is not necessary to go into the first. It is better to use a solid place where it will not be to trick gullible tourists.

Although Kuta is a cultural and historical center, but there are interesting places that worth a visit. One of the most popular places among tourists is the shell Museum.

It presents a rich collection of corals, ancient oceanic fossils, ocean life and sea shells. The Museum has a gift shop where you can purchase ornaments and other products made from seashells.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Kuty

In Kuta has its own local theatre, where tourists are offered to watch a one-hour presentation, filled with local exotic. This ensures a lot of positive impressions.

There are also two water parks. For those who do not want to visit the beaches, in the season there is a lot of people. One of them is designed for families with small children and the other for a very broad age audience. Their doors are open to visitors from 9 to 18 hours daily.

For those who like sea fishing, there are all conditions. Real sea fishing is an unforgettable adventure.

Here you can catch mackerel, Barracuda, tuna, too, can get to the hook. Well, if you are very lucky, and the blue Marlin will also be yours.

Lovers boat trips and diving can also find entertainment in Bali is very rich underwater world.

Good stay in Bali. The sights through the eyes of a tourist:


It is the capital of Bali. Here miraculously intertwined past and present. Ancient temples, statues of Gods, the rice fields side by side with modern buildings and roads.

Puputan square is the main square of the citywhere converge all the main streets and indicating the exact center of the capital.

There are fine statues: the God Brahma, it cityrealty guard, made of volcanic stone, and the monument of Bajra-sandy a height of 45 meters, dedicated to the fight against the Dutch invaders. From the observation deck which offers excellent views of the surrounding area.

Bali Museumthe main Museum in the country. Here you can see the rich history of the island and see the rich collection of exhibits of ancient Ethnography and anthropology over the age of 2 thousand years.

Another place where not to go, this temple Maospahit. This is one of the most important religious sites of the capital. The temple was built in the 14th century of brick and its construction are not used traditional carving and painting.

Its main feature are the ancient figures of various mythical creatures, which are located in the quiet inner courtyards and the alarm, which was made from an empty tree trunk.

The lack of beaches in town are easily kompensiruet the presence of a huge number of discos, bars, restaurants and shops. Local markets are among the cheapest in Asia.

Every day from the capital sent tour buses to all parts of the island.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Denpasar

Bali is truly a Paradise with a mild climate. Lovers of historical monuments will find much interesting and informative.

And those who prefer active rest will also not remain without pleasure, it offers excellent surfing and raftinglovers of SPA-procedures can enjoy them all year round.