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Day attractions Indonesia: what to see in Jakarta?

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If you have been looking for a place where everything would be soaked in mystery, culture and history, then you certainly will like the capital of Indonesia - Jakarta. Attractions, in addition to antiquities, presented and modern buildings.

Metropolis in the heart of the ancient historical settlements - what could be more attractive for the avid hiker?

Architecture Jakarta

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Jakarta is an amazing place. We can say that this is a city of contrasts. Here five-star hotels are located side by side with pretty rural villages. The ancient mosque has an amazing similarity with the architectural realities of Soviet modernism.

Surprisingly so many incompatible things are United in one place - in the capital of Indonesia.

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Historical and cultural facilities

If you are a lover of ancient and mysterious, it is probably to start your tour of the capital with the historic sites and structures.

  • The old town of Kota Tua. This large area of the district West Jakarta (1.5 km2) the first step towards the development of the capital of Indonesia. The old town since ancient times was the center for all trade routes of Jakarta. Therefore, this part of the city so rich in monuments of architecture, art and culture.

    In the early 14th century in this part of the capital was organized the first settlement. A little later, when the settlement grew and developed, began construction of the port. Special effect in Jakarta at that time was the Dutch conquerors. They began to build up this part of the city and left behind many architectural specimens that have survived to the present day intact.

    istoricheskie sooruzheniya Kota Tua

    In the 17th century the city was surrounded by ramparts and fortified with all inputs. Currently the Old city of Jakarta (or as the locals call it Kota Tua) is included in the list of sites protected by UNESCO.

    Kota Tua attracts many tourists, particularly those that have collected here many different cultures. That's what makes Old town unique, from the point of view of architecture, a tourist attraction.

  • Presidential Palace. This attraction will appeal to all lovers of the cultural facilities. Locals call it the Istana Merdeka, which literally means "Palace of Freedom".

    In addition to its direct functions (the building is the current residence of the President), it also performs the function of a tourist facility.

    Architectural monument was erected in the second half of the 19th century in the style of Neoclassicism. Due to the fact that at that time, Jakarta had been under the Dutch rule, the Palace belonged to them, but, when Indonesia gained independence, the Palace has completely passed into the possession of the state and received the presidential function of "home".

    istoriko-kulturnoe zdanie Istana Merdeka

    In our day, Istana Merdeka is a symbol of newfound freedom. There are organized meetings with ambassadors of different countries, receptions, banquets and conferences.

    In the 60-ies of the 20th century right in front of the Palace was erected the monument Monas and several monuments of smaller size. Around the architectural object is broken Park, and the territory itself is pedestrian, so you can come here and go Hiking, explore local examples of sculpture, architecture and art. And, of course, you will be able to look at the Palazzina Liberty in all its glory.

  • The Harbour Of Sunda Kelapa. The ancient Harbor of Jakarta, Sunda Kelapa is located near the Central square of Taman Fatahillah.

    Since ancient times a port received merchant ships from all corners of the Earth. Here came the ships that brought "Kelapa" (coconut), various spices, oil, tea, coffee, fabric. This led to the fact that around the port began to slowly grow the city, and, in the end,the result grew up in the Jakarta we know today.

    Jakarta, by the way, translates as "victory" because such a name the city got after the capture of the city by Sultan Fatahillah.

    Port and harbour serving the city, and in our days. Here come ships from the nearby Islands of the archipelago, as well as from Singapore.

    Suggest you definitely hire a guide for a walk because otherwise, there is little you can gain from walking around the harbour.

Religious objects

Since Jakarta combines a variety of cultures, then it is safe to call this city the"city of religion". Here you can find religious temples, mosques, cathedrals and even churches.

  1. The Istiqlal Mosque. Stunning architecture, unusual structure and scale are all famous Istiqlal mosque. The mosque is the largest throughout South-East Asia. In 1945, when Indonesia celebrated its independence from Dutch colonists, a mosque was built, which is yet another monument to this significant event.

    religioznaya mechet Istiklyal

    In the style of the mosque is dominated by minimalism, it is very similar to many Arab mosques, but the scale and cultural significance that attracts hundreds of tourists every day. However, remember, when in the mosque the prayers are conducted, the entrance is strictly forbidden!

  2. The temple is Vihara Dharma Bhakti was built in the 17th century It is the oldest temple in Jakarta. This temple is the "house" of Buddhist teachings in the archipelago. It was built in honor of Guan Yin (goddess of mercy). But, unfortunately, his fate was not too easy. The temple was completely destroyed, and then rebuilt and restored from scratch.

    In our days the temple is open to everyone (not just fans of Buddhism). Here, pray, and followers of Taoism and Confucianism.

  3. The Cathedral of our lady of the assumption. The next point in your journey in world religions gathered in Jakarta, should be the Church of our lady of the assumption (or otherwise known as the Cathedral of Jakarta).

    This unique structure. The predominant style is Gothic revival style, common at the time of construction, makes the Cathedral majestic and mysterious. The Church is decorated with a huge cross (nearly 60 m long and 10 m wide). The material that served as the basis for the construction was the brick like stone material, and wood.

    The Church is adorned with many spires, each of which has its own name.

    The interior of the Cathedral is not inferior to foreign high ceilings, anchored by the arches over the main aisle, immediately stun the visitors. The southern part of the temple decorated with sculptures of the virgin, who holds the crucified Christ.

  4. In the center of the Cathedral is the podium, which shows scenes of hell in the bottom part, the preaching of Jesus Christ in the center, and angels in heaven its upper part.

  5. The Immanuel Church. Another architectural structure that was established during Dutch occupation. In the first half of the 19th century Dutch Protestants laid the first stone marked the beginning of construction of the Church. It happened on the birthday of king Willem I. the Church was built during 4 years. The usual us name SV. Emmanuel Church was only in 40-ies of the 20th century

    obekt religii - cerkov svyatogo Emmanuila

    The predominant architectural style of the Church is of early classicism with its stately columns and unwavering symmetry.

    Like many other religious sites of Jakarta, the Church has the perfect location, almost the center of the city.


Jakarta has been complicated historically, Indonesia was under the rule of various invaders. So in the city you can find many monuments that were erected in honor of important events of the years of struggle.

  • National monument of Indonesia is the first place in Jakarta that you should visit. It is a huge obelisk with a height of about 135 meters.

    nacionalnyj pamyatnik Indonezii

    As the name implies, the obelisk became a symbol of Indonesian nationalism and was elected the first President of Indonesia, Sukarno. The crown of the monument is a 35-pound sculpture of the flame of pure gold.

    The obelisk can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. There is a lift for those who want to enjoy the view of the city from such a great height.

  • Monument Boundary. This monument is also called the Selamat Datang or Welcome. He welcomes all travellers, who arrive in Jakarta.

    By itselfthe monument is presented in the form of a circle, the center of which is built the stele (a man and a woman welcoming people). Around the monument splashing a large pond with fountains. The monument was erected in the second half of the 20th century, the project for improvement of the city. Tall stele was stretched as much as 30 meters (the pieces are about 5 meters in height).

Museum complexes

Jakarta has a huge number of museums. Here everyone will find something to taste. We will present you most popular museums that may be of interest for every tourist.

  1. The national Museum has collected in its walls many of the most diverse collections. There are more than 70 thousand prehistoric artifacts collected from all over Indonesia and Asia in General.
  2. Here you can see a collection of stone sculptures and vault of treasures, a vast collection of textiles and ceramics, and much more.

  3. Of kite Museum is the only private Museum of its kind in Indonesia. There are more than 400 kites from different parts of the country. The Museum was opened in the early 2000's, and immediately attracted a lot of tourists from different corners of the Earth. Here there is a workshop in which you will be able to see how to make a snake himself.
  4. Museum Wayang. If you don't fancy kites, welcome to the doll Museum wayang. These dolls are used as "actors" of the shadow theatre in Indonesia. Made in a special way, they are the perfect material in the theatrical craft.

    The Museum owns one of the largest collections of dolls on the island. Here are not only Indonesian artifacts, but also exhibits from other countries - India, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Singapore.

Natural attractions

prirodnye krasoty

If you have already enjoyed the architectural realities of the city, we invite you to explore the natural monuments of Jakarta, which are no less entertaining.

Thousand Islands

If during your flying to Jakarta you look down you will see quite a large cluster of Islands of different sizes near the island of Java. From a great height, it may seem that the Islands here more than a thousand. But this is not so.

According to the latest estimates in this dense island cluster, there are about 115 sushi. Some of them appear and disappear due to oscillations of the sea level.

For locals it is too complex calculations, so they prefer to call these areas of land easily – thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu).

A cluster of Kepulauan Seribu is part of Jakarta as a full administrative district. So we can say that Jakarta is a unique city in the world, as its territory gets a little more than a hundred Islands.

Of course, most of these islets are uninhabited, some have small fishing villages. About twenty of the Islands are privately owned.

Some of the Islands (about 40) are national nature reserves. They are living their regular lives, green turtles and hawksbill turtles.

Park When You Stay At Wisata Alam Angke

For those who are tired of the noise and would rather stay in the forest (but outside the city does not want to go), there is a cozy Park Wisata Alam Angke when you stay.

There is quite rare for Jakarta's mangrove forests and swamps. The Park is home to egrets Buffalo, mangrove shrimps, crabs, and some species of non-poisonous lizards and snakes.

What else to see?

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If all that diversity tours you don't have enough, then offer you some more attractions to choose from.

What to visit in one day?

If you cover all you get, and enjoy the culture and history of the capital of Indonesia still want, we invite you to spend time not in Jakarta, and in Bogor, a small town near the capital. Here you can find all what you need for a lot of impressions in a short time.

Here, for example, you can visit the Safari Park, which includes Bengal tigers, bears, giraffes, zebras and many other exotic animals.

If you are not too keen fauna, it is proposed to explore the presidential Palace, Istana Bogor, which was built in the era of the Dutch colonists. The architecture of the Palace has survived intact, so you definitely will be something to see.

In addition to the presidential Palace and a beautiful Botanical garden, known locally as Kebun Raya Bogor. In the garden you will find more than hundreds of variety of plants and herbs from around the world. The garden area is approximately 90 acres and includes rare plants, age of trees, andalso rare varieties of orchids.

The most famous landmark of the garden is the world's largest flower Rafflesia (which, by the way, exudes a very unpleasant smell).

Where to go with kids?

Jakarta universal fact that many local museums and attractions can be interesting and children. If your child is tired of walking around the city, I advise you to choose for entertainment one of the many local water parks or a trip to the local zoo. In Jakarta there is also a planetarium with excellent equipment.

It is easy from Jakarta to reach the neighbouring Islands - Bali, Sumatera, Lombok, Kalimantan, and others, where you will find a true Paradise vacation.

More beautiful places in Jakarta you can see in this video: