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Resorts in Bali: where better to relax and live on island beach vacation - photos

gde luchshe otdyhat na Bali?

Absolutely fabulous island of Bali is a unique place that has earned the status of the standard of heavenly rest. Local resorts prefer to visit the newlyweds and couples, as well as those who like to be surrounded by natural beauty – dense exotic vegetation, azure sea, white beaches and impressive volcanoes.

Best resorts in Bali - photos

Bali is all year round a large selection of different resorts ranging from luxury and secluded places for those who prefer to relax away from the noise in hotels with access to the ocean, ending with noisy areas, and budget hotels, where life never stops even for a minute.

Nusa Dua

Populyarnyj Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua – the most luxurious resort in Bali, the hallmark of which is the abundance of hotels of high category.

It covers an area located in the southern part of the island, and walking through it, you can meet world famous name hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton or Hayatt.

For this reason the resort is considered one of the most popular places among fans of prestigious guests.

Nusa Dua is located 25 kilometers from Bali's capital city, but despite this, it's very secluded place, closed off from the rest of the world. The resort originated in the 80-ies, and in its basis the idea was to isolate the fans a relaxing and leisurely holiday from locals, tourists surrounding green lawns, clean sidewalks, smooth roads and no noise.

Tourists relaxing at private and municipal beaches of Nusa Dua, not bothering merchants and hotels working staff with perfect English. Instead of varungu (cafe with cheap food) everywhere three-star restaurants and Parking. The local beaches are the best on the island, and a modern infrastructure are the envy of any other "Paradise" resort.

Of the advantages of staying in Nusa Dua include:

  • Pristine beaches without a hint of debris.
  • The presence of free sun loungers and parasols;
  • A variety of water sports;
  • Souvenir shops;
  • Hotels with swimming pools, gyms, spas.

On the vast territory of Nusa Dua, not just what is in the rest of the island – noisy clubs, discos, pesky salesmen and merry tourists, but an abundance of beautiful natural scenery and solitude. From entertainment the resort includes a Golf course, a private surfing centre and a tennis court.

The only downside of staying at the resort is that in the southern part of the island too noticeable ebb and flow: you can swim only before 9 am or after 15 hours. In addition, the most interesting and authentic spots on the island are hidden outside of Nusa Dua.

Tanjung Benoa

molodoj Tandzhung Benoa

The coast of the popular resort area Tanjung Benoa is just North of the beaches of Nusa Dua. A narrow strip of land represents the youngest resort of Bali, which instantly became a popular place to stay due to the possibility not only to relax on the beaches of the resort, but also take advantage of a variety of outdoor activities.

In the first year after the opening of Tanjung Benoa, here became available diving from the port of resort of travel of the yacht, bringing travellers to the places, where the diving Safari.

All year round the resort has the ability to entertain themselves with fishing, water skiing, paragliding, surfing, and breathtaking views of vacation – rafting on the rivers on kayaks and canoes. Thus, Tanjung Benoa is ideal for those who prefer activityand not stay idle on the beaches.

The resort has everything to relax: massage parlors and SPA centers, where guests are offered all sorts of Wellness treatments based on seaweed and salts from the sea. Among the services available scrubs, masks, wraps andhydromassage.

Fans of beach holidays, which come to Bali all tourists, without exception, will enjoy the coastal area with crystal clear water, covered with clean and white sand. It is worth noting that the island is of volcanic origin, so other resorts on the predominantly black color of the sand, and the unique bright coral coast of Tanjung Benoa especially attracts tourists.

Finally, another distinctive feature of Tanjung Benoa – it infrastructure. Just a few metres from the coast there are cafes and restaurants with traditional cuisine, as well as hotels for every taste, from luxury five star to budget hotels. Almost all the hotels buried in exotic greenery, while additional facilities demand thalassotherapy. Despite the well-developed tourist infrastructure, the resort pretty boring night life – there are no clubs and discos.


Tourists planning a holiday in Bali, as a modern resort worth considering Kuta is the busiest place on the island. Life is here around the clock "swing", and the abundance of rave locations is pretty impressive. For this reason those who prefers peace and quiet, it is better to avoid at this resort.

Its features Kuta similar to North Goa, as his territory once also took a fancy hippie. On the beachfront are incredibly a lot of budget accommodation, cheap cafes and bars, shops and supermarkets, clubs and pubs.

sovremennyj Kuta

The only drawback of this resort is that the number of Intrusive vendors and touts are especially numerous, and they are ready to offer illegal services. They don't rest on the beaches or on the streets.

In the daytime tourists, vacationers in Kuta, prefer a beach holiday on a noisy and not always clean seaside resort and surfing or shopping. In quite a lot of different shops, from souvenir shops to Grand shopping malls that sell everything you can just want. The resort is also home to the surf schools, which promise in a short period of time to learn to stand on the Board.

Once on the island comes the sunset in Kuta begins nightlife. Everywhere bright lights, noisy parties and dances. A favorite pastime of all tourists remaining here to taste different drinks, traveling all night from bar to bar. The abundance of the best clubs and DJs performances made it the most popular among young people.


For those who are planning a budget trip with the kids, better suited to Sanur – quiet area, dominated by a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. This resort is located in the Western part of Bali, and its main advantage is the wide and clean beaches with white sand and with a gentle slope in calm sea. It is for this reason called Sanur family resort.

Sanur consider a great alternative to Kuta for many reasons:

  1. A great selection of budget hotels;
  2. The presence of clean and well kept beaches;
  3. A large number of entertainment for every taste;
  4. The abundance of cafes, restaurants and shops;
  5. No traffic on the roads.

In Sanur and the surrounding area has several interesting sights and museums, the mangrove forest.

Children will be delighted with the contemporary entertainment center Taman Festival Park.

Entertainment in Sanur is worth noting the presence of the main diving schools, where beginners can get training and then get a certificate of completion. Here, vacationers have the opportunity to do any water sports, popular in Bali and other resorts.


protyazhennyj Lovina

Lovina is one of the most popular resorts in the Northern part of Bali, which combines 6 villages and stretches for 8 kilometers along the coast. Stay here quieter than in Kuta, budget, than Nusa Dua and with fewer opportunities than in Sanur. Tourists at all times pleased with the beautiful scenery, no fuss, beaches of black sand and a great selection of entertainment.

By the standards of Bali Lovina is the second largest resort after Kuta the number of hotels and entertainment, but unlike the trendy Kuta, this place can be described as more calm and peaceful. The largest number of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops can be found in the village of Kalibukbuk is focused here the active life of the resort. For those who want even more privacy, you can suggest a vacation to nearby settlements.

Among the attractions in Lovina is worth noting diving, snorkeling, trips to the sea in those places, where is home to dolphins, as well as a large selection of interesting attractions, both natural and cultural-historical. In the evenings don't find the noisy discos, but those who do not want to go to bed early, go to bars with live music, where you can alsoto play Billiards.


Balinese resort Ubud is significantly different from the usual places to stay on the island because it is located in the very center, and the beach here at least an hour drive. Despite this, Ubud is coveted by tourists from old times, especially the nature and culture of the area.

The unsurpassed beauty of these places always inspired the artists and Bohemians. For this reason, the resort can be called the cultural capital of Bali.

In Ubud come to rest, those travelers who, first and foremost, interested in culture, sightseeing and entertainment of the island. Here is the legendary center of art crafts and arts and also the center of woodcarving, batik art gallery and jewellery workshop.

Within the resort you can visit several museums in Ubud, "Puri Lukisan" and the House Lampadaand also to see the legendary Hanging gardens and the beauty of the Pura Saraswati.

Ubud's infrastructure is highly developed. On its territory there are predominantly five-star hotels or luxury villas, about 250 inexpensive restaurants where you can taste the traditional Indonesian cuisine, as well as some great places for fans of shopping. In shops and bustling markets you can buy Souvenirs, national clothes, jewelry with wood carving, painted batik, silver jewelry and painting.

Where better to live?

gde predpochtitelnee zhit?

The island of Bali is not just considered the most developed in terms of tourism. In a large area, you can find an incredibly large number of the most diverse places to stay, from luxury hotels with everything needed for a prestigious friendly humble dwellings at budget cost in which to stay for the entire season.

Places for surfers

The island of Indonesia offers many of the resorts with the biggest selection of different activities, but they especially appreciated the opportunity to conquer the high waves in the Indian ocean.

In the 60-ies of the surfers said that the conditions in Bali for this kind of leisure is just perfect.

In Bali there are several developed places for surfing:

  • Kuta. In this bustling resort is not only the best waves in the region, but also a very extensive selection of schools for surfers of different levels of stores with the equipment that you can rent or buy inexpensive, as well as a large number of spots where you can master the technique of sliding on the waves;
  • Nusa Dua. Upmarket area of Bali, as if descended from the picture of the magazine, has an opportunity to surf, but the local tourists, this is happening in a much more relaxed atmosphere. Often, tourists do not have to look for the learning center – they are already available at the hotels;
  • Tanjung Benoa. On the beachfront there are numerous schools and surf centres, offering training, or a trip by boat to the best waves, as well as shops with equipment;
  • Uluwatu. Most popular youth a place to surf that is ideal for large companies. Here not only a large number of schools for learning, but also a very large selection of budget villas with everything necessary for a comfortable stay;
  • Chang. Many tourists who decided to arrange a holiday in Bali, choose resort this picturesque area, where there is all necessary infrastructure for surfing.

Family vacation with children

otdyh s semej na ostrove

If you plan a family vacation at budget price, is to make a choice in favor of a few resorts in Bali, focusing on such factors as the availability of infrastructure, attractive price for the room, the distance of the beach and safety.

Really good places to stay with children in Bali quite a few:

  1. Jimbaran is a small village in the South of Bali, can boast of small waves in conjunction with surfing lessons;
  2. Uluwatu is a picturesque district with a large choice of apartments and beautiful beaches with a gentle descent to the sea.

Thanks to low prices on holiday, no noisy companies and the natural environment, explore the popular resort of Sanur.

Life on a constant basis

In Bali come not only for a short stay, but also it is home to many expats from different countries – most often from Europe or Australia. For such purposes a little more cheap is impossible to rent a Villa or a house in one of the remote parts of the island where you can hide from prying eyes.

Escaping for a few months from home, you should make a choice in favor of Sanur, its lagoons,hidden from the ocean waves and affordable villas that have everything for a holiday in Bali, including Internet, bathroom, kitchen and swimming pool. At cost rental of such a house will cost no more than renting an apartment in Moscow, but the Villa will be cleaned special people, and sometimes to cook dinners.

The same conditions await travelers on the resort Canggu and Ubud. To find a suitable home will be easy – on the walls of villas, to rent for long term, there's a sign For rent.

The holiday season

kogda sezon dlya otdyha?

Bali is one of those places whose climate allows you to relax on the island regardless of the time of year, but choosing this resort, it is better to know in advance what time will be best for the rest.


Bali is always warm weather, but there are two seasons – the dry, which lasts from April via October, and humid – from November via March.

In high season the temperature in Bali rises to +33°C, and at night drops to +24 degrees. Heavy rains are absent almost all the time, and the sky clear without a single cloud, but the heat softens the ocean breeze. If you are planning holidays in peak season, then you should take care of rental housing, and consider that in this period the price of leisure is much higher.

In low season for Bali comes the rainy season, especially between December and January, but this feature does not stop the tourists, because at this time it is particularly high waves, ideal for surfing.

Beach vacation

The main reason for which tourists choose Bali – great beaches, located on the coast of the Indian ocean.

On this Indonesian island has a fairly large selection of beautiful places for a beach holiday.

On the island of Bali, there is beaches suitable for all the needs of tourists. In addition to the noisy Kuta coast which is so loved by many tourists for the opportunity to compete with the waves, here demand more quiet and comfortable – Seminyak and Legian , two beach on the West coast, where you can swim and sunbathe, not being surrounded by people.

Those who wish to just swim in the waters of the Indian ocean, will approach these beaches:

  • Geger – South beach is located near Nusa Dua;
  • Amed – the most secluded and gently sloping beach in the Eastern part of the island;
  • Pemuteran coast, where you can not only swim, but also for snorkeling;
  • Padang-Padang beach – quiet and cozy beach with a gentle slope for children;
  • Niang-Niang – deserted beach with turquoise water is incredibly bright colors;
  • Karma beach – a pay beach with developed infrastructure.

Every year in Bali are discovering more and more interesting beaches that serve a great alternative to those that already exist now.

How to save money on vacation?

Bali is one of the most expensive resorts, but tourists have the opportunity to save on your trip by following a few tips:

  1. Is to be determined in advance with the residence, based on feedback;
  2. Living in a Villa in a small town is much more profitablethan in a hotel room;
  3. In Kuta, you'll quite a lot of guesthouses;
  4. In Denpasar , the capital of the island, to purchase a tour or excursion is much cheaper;
  5. The tickets for the plane cost cheaper if you buy them as early as possible;
  6. Prices in the cafe is cheaper where they are removed from the tourist spots;
  7. Bali taxi is not only the safest, but also a fairly cheap way to get around the island.

Bali travel can be incredibly interesting and rich, if correctly approach the selection of places to stay.

See how to choose an area to stay in Bali in this video: