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World map in Russian: where is Indonesia with the Islands?

Indoneziya na karte mira

Indonesia is a young but very promising power. She firmly holds the course for the development of its industrial and tourism potential and the enrichment of citizens. The influence of the country is growing, and with it the increasing interest surrounding its features, colour and possibilities.

Indonesia - detailed world map in Russian language

strana na podrobnom mirovom atlase na russkom yazyke

Indonesia - the state, located in South-East Asia.

Where and with whom borders?

Indonesia is not in vain belongs the title of "the largest island nation" — under her power is a giant number of Islands — more than 17.5 thousand.

All the Islands belong to the so-called Malay archipelago (excluding New Guinea) — Paradise place at the junction of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Neighboring territories in these parts a bit and the border of Indonesia on land intersected:

  • Malaysia — the island of Kalimantan;
  • East Timor (on Timor island);
  • Papua New Guinea — New Guinea island.

In addition, there is the concept of Maritime boundaries and they lie between Indonesia and countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Australia and India.

The climate of the archipelago

The climate on the Islands is hot and humid — Equatorial, which is without distinct zones flows into subequatorial. This means that the average temperature is around + 26°C, and does not deviate more than 3°in any direction.

Seasons the Islands of the archipelago are divided into:

  1. Dry — with Nov at the APR;
  2. Wet — with may on October.

An exception constitute the territory of North Sumatra and the Moluccas: here the climatic pattern is mirrored in nature.

Flights Russia — Indonesia

Direct regular flights from Russia to Indonesia — no. Direct routes move only "charters": mainly from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but other departure airports.

The same flight with a stopover (and sometimes more than one) are performed by different airlines on a large number of schemes: "the point of departure — place of arrival".

Flights to Indonesia — very long, can reach more than 24 hours.

To purchase a plane ticket, you can use this search form. It is enough to enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Administrative division

gosudarstvennoe administrativnoe delenie na regiony

The whole country is divided into 34 parts:

  • 32 provinces (3 of them with enhanced powers);
  • 2 district with a special status — the capital Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

The Capital Jakarta

Very large (664 km2) and the bustling city on the coast of the Java sea was the center of political and public life. Is divided into 5 municipal zones: Central, West, East, South and District of the Thousand Islands.

Despite the enormous options and value in the life of the country as a tourist Mecca — is rather weak. However, it is flying most of the regular Russian flights, then to break the flow of visitors at the destination.

Suchdifferent Islands

Indonesia consists of more than 17.5 thousand Islands, most of which don't even have a name. The largest Islands are:

  1. Java is the most urbanized island of Indonesia. The atmosphere it creates, the blend of giant cities, beautiful nature and attractions;
  2. New Guinea — the Papuans and the abode of the primordial Paradise, and is home to rare animals and birds (some of them were thought to be extinct);
  3. Sumatra — the legendary island of active and dormant volcanoes. According to the theory of scientists that one of these eruptions more than 70 thousand years ago — have greatly influenced the earth's climate;
  4. Kalimantan or Borneo — the one and only island 3 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei). Very popular among tourists;
  5. Sulawesi — diving Paradise and just a very beautiful place.

In addition, in the tourism industry popular: Bali, Lombok, Flores and others.

Major cities

The largest city in Indonesia on Java island:

  1. Jakarta (capital) — more than 10 million inhabitants.
  2. The city of Bandung, Bekasi and Surabaya — more than 2.5 million people each;
  3. Tangerang (2 million), and South Tangerang (1.5 million);
  4. Depok — 1.8 million people;
  5. Semarang — 1.5 million.

Krupnyj gorod Dzhakarta

The largest city of Indonesia in other Islands:

  • Medan (North Sumatra) — 2.5 million;
  • Palembang (South Sumatra) — 1.5 million;
  • Makassar - South Sulawesi — 1.3 million people;
  • Batam (over 1 million) in Riau Islands;
  • Pekanbaru (Sumatra) — about 1 million

Data on state

Despite the large population (over 250 million), the regions of Indonesia is populated unevenly. Thus, more than 50% of the population have chosen the island of Java, and the least popular — the Moluccas.

The population

A large part of the islanders belong to the Javanese. This nationality is the most common in numbers (more than 40% of the population) and geographically. Follow them: Sudanese (15%), maduri (4%), Minangkabau (3%) and Singapore (2.5 per cent). Only in Indonesia, people live more than 300 ethnic groups.

The ratio of men and women close to 1:1. The average age of resident: 28 years.


The country gained independence after the Second World war and since then is a presidential Republic. In addition, a major role in the political arena plays a Vice-President and various Ministerial ranks, numbers and powers, which defines the head of state.


Despite the huge population, the country is safe enough. Serious crimes (murder, terrorism, drug trafficking) is punishable by death. Therefore, violence against the person — are quite rare.

Special tension in the country making inter-ethnic strife and piracy in offshore waters.

Unlike serious crimes, the big distribution have theft, theft, various fraud.

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