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The best and most expensive hotels in Bali: 4 and 5 stars, all inclusive

Oteli ostrova Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful Islands, which attracts tourists from all over the world. If you hit one of them, the first thing it is worth considering the choice of place of residence.

Tourists often neglect the opportunity to learn in advance a place to rest and fully trust advertising booklets. And for good reason.

Often advertising is full of nice prices and discounts, which hides stay in hotels or bungalows low price category with appropriate living conditions.

But there is also a positive thing: to relax in Bali can a tourist with any thickness of the purse.

Stars out of hotels Bali

5 stars

These are hotels for the most discerning travelers: the most expensive, with its own beach, running on the system "all inclusive". Choosing this option, you should not rely on the low cost and the ability to save.

But the fact that you will get gorgeous scenery from the window of the hotel Deluxe and the feeling of being on a Paradise island, you can be sure.

Any of the hotels 5 star you will be pleasantly surprised, is to decide what you want from a holiday in Bali.

If beaches and white sand of little interest to you, I want silence and solitude, then the best choice will be hotels in Ubud.

A Boutique Resort & Spa. Stay in a hotel will help you to feel a part of nature.

Despite the fact that this hotel is actually a complex of 34 villas, in the territory of peace and calm, and the Windows offer soothing views of the rainforest.

For guests are available Spa treatments as well as Shuttle service to any part of the island. The rate will be about 23 thousand rubles per day.

Ayung Resort Ubud. This hotel is a wonderful option for those wishing to immerse themselves in the study of national traditions and to feel a true Indonesian. All the rooms feature traditional wooden furniture and floors in all areas of real marble.

Guests can visit the theater to view the national dance Kechak and one of the main attractions of Bali Monkey Forest.

Hotel staff can arrange a tour and make it as safe as possible. The cost of living in this Paradise will be from 15 to 75 thousand rubles a day (depending on the Villa).

Rejting otelej Bali: 5 zvezd

Those who are a fan of surfing, it is better to choose a hotel in Kuta.

Kuta Paradiso Hotel. Despite the fact that the hotel is located near the airport, this inconvenience is not delivered. The rooms excellent sound insulation, the sounds of nature in the territory will help you to forget that you are in the city.

The nearest beach is only 50 meters, but if you want you can stay in a hotel and enjoy a Spa area and relax in one of 6 pools. Accommodation in this hotel will cost 15 thousand rubles a day.

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Luxury hotel located close to the main Kuta beach. The hotel is suitable not only to enthusiasts but also to those who came on holiday with children.

For younger guests there are organized children's Playground and many other attractions. The restaurant includes a children's menu and a selection of European countries.

For those who want to live in a room with a gorgeous view of the ocean, you will have to shell out a tidy sum, about 50 thousand rubles a day.

For those looking for relaxation and scenery in the style of "bounty", we recommend you to choose accommodation in the hotels in the region of Nusa Dua.

Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua - Mgallery Collection. Luxurious furnishings, impeccable service and a wide array of services - all the hotel meets the stated 5 stars.

Perhaps the only negative - the hotel is not on the first line of the beach. This nuance kompensiruet a nice rate for this region: the daily cost 28 thousand rubles.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua. Amazing property located right next to the beach, which is rare for Bali. A 20-minute drive away are other beautiful beaches Uluwatu and Jimbaran.

The hotel has a Spa and aesthetic centre, for those who are watching the beauty of his body. In addition, the hotel is fully equipped with everything necessary for business meetings and conferences.

The price reached 60 thousand rubles (depending on numbers).

Oteli 5 zvezd Nusa Dua

4 stars

Hotels of this category are not as luxurious as category above, but are of the highest level.

Moreover, the tourist coming to Bali for the first time, to distinguish the four-star class hotel 5 stars will be difficult. Except thatthe size of territory and number of villas in the complex can give the example of a 4 stars.

Competa at Rasa Sayang hotel located in the heart of Ubud, but, despite this, the impression is that the hotel is far from city, in the middle of the forest.

There are all conditions to enjoy the peace and special atmosphere. The hotel has a library for lovers lie on a sun lounger with a book.

Every week classes are held at the national Balinese dance and craft of carving on wood for those on a sun lounger was burning a hole. Spa and pool also available in this complex.

If you decide to visit Sanur, one of the best hotels to stay will be at Taman Kesari Villas. For a Villa will have to pay about 17 thousand rubles per night, but this price is worth it.

A full range of services, private pool, terrace for a romantic dinner or Breakfast, and proximity to the famous turtle island of Serangan, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Alaya Resort Kuta - resort for those wishing to enjoy the sandy beaches and beautiful scenery and for those who can not imagine their life without shopping (the largest shopping centre is just 100 metres from the hotel).

In the hotel you can use services of Spa-salon and fitness room. Accommodation in hotel will cost from 17 to 30 thousand rubles.

Rejting otelej Bali: 4 zvezdy

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Hotel reviews New Kuta 3* Bali

Vacation with children

Bali is an exotic island with all its consequences: landscapes crazy beauty side by side with poverty and wretchedness.

It is considered that on this island of mostly young people and couples without children. In part it is, but if you want to find a suitable hotel where you will be comfortable not only for adults but also for children.

The best region for this is Nusa Dua, but here, forget about entertainment and water parks at hotels.

The hotel complex Amanusa is located on top of a hill and consists of separate bungalows. Amazing views of the volcano, the Indian ocean and an entire grove of coconut trees will be enjoyed by any child who loves travel and adventure.

The hotel grounds are well guarded, so travel will be safe. On-site facilities include a Playground, swimming pools, including a children's.

Perhaps the most wide variety of services for children in Nusa Dua, boasts a hotel, The Laguna.

It not only has a shallow lagoon for children, but may be provided with a personal Concierge who will help you to learn the basics of different water sports, sculpt a sculpture out of the sand and even to fly a kite.

In addition, the hotel has Russian speaking staff and a children's menu.

Nikko Bali hotel in Bali, which may be of interest to parents. It is a Paradise for children, who don't want to spend days lying on the beach.

Here was built a complex of wooden houses with vines where you can go climbing. For kids there is a special children's menu and Playground.

Oteli Bali dlya otdyha s detmi

Youth sports

You just made the couple eager to privacy? Or maybe a noisy group of friends? Then Bali is definitely your option.

For those who are young at heart and thirsting for emotions and adventures, suitable of any resort in Bali, but if you are interested in discos and loud parties, it is better to go to Kuta.

Kuta Angel Hotel - the hotel for those who intend to lead an active night life. It is located two steps from the street Jl. Legian, known for its nightlife.

All the major stores and shopping malls also located nearby. The hotel interior is modern and youth.

Magani Hotel & Spa hotel average price category, located conveniently in relation to the airport and towards the beach.

The hotel has everything you need for a stay with friends: barbecue area, swimming pool access from the rooms, a gym and a Spa. The hotel is ideal for all those who come to surf.

Mulia Resort - one of the famous five-star hotels. The complex includes over 100 villas. It is a great place to relax and young couple, watching the amazing sunset from the Uluwatu temple and the company of friends, resting in the nightclub industry.

In addition, the hotel features Spa pools and a tennis court.

If your financial resources are limited, we recommend that you look at hotel class 3 stars. From luxury there's no sign, but all the necessary facilities available.

One such hotel Tandjung Sari. Despite the modest decoration of the rooms, the hotel has a great pool with night lighting and views of the ocean andpalm trees will give odds to many luxury hotels.

Oteli Bali dlya molodezhnogo otdyha

In any of the regions of Bali, you will be able to find a hotel or a Villa for every taste and for every, even a very modest budget. The choice of accommodation can be trusted tourist companies, and you can book yourself.

Given the fact that the people of Bali, the tourism sector is almost the only means of existence, you can be sure that they will make every effort to stay you like.