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Stay in Jordan in December: what is the weather and temperature in Aqaba?

Iordaniya - pogoda v dekabre

The possibilities of modern international transport allow you to control the weather. Of course, not literally, but you can always move to where warmer or colder, clearer or oblacina, drier or wetter. So, if you want a warm beach in the winter, then you should go to Jordan.

What is the weather in Jordan in December?

Kakaya pogoda zimoj?

Weather in this period is almost summer and this fact can not but rejoice. Excellent conditions for beach and outdoor activities.


In General, Jordan is quite a dry country with minimal rainfall and consistently warm weather. Even when in Northern countries winter comes, there are relatively warm and have the opportunity to visit the beaches.

There are differences in the climate depending on the region:

  • In the North-West is subtropical Mediterranean;
  • In the center of the country, mountains and deserts - is sharply continental.

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The temperature of the air and water

Throughout December the temperature is around 20 degrees, usually more, but a lot depends on the resort you have chosen. Wateralso warms up a little above 20 degrees, but only during the day.

The most significant feature of the Jordanian weather, that should be noted is the significant decrease in air temperature in evening period.

No matter how warm the day, in the evening, as a rule, the temperature is reduced to about 8 degrees Celsius.

December in Aqaba

In this popular resort in December day thermometer indicates air temperature around 23 degrees and the water is heated to approximately identical temperatures.

Thanks to the unique microclimate formed due to the mountains in Aqaba you can swim all year round. Here the crystal clear water of the red sea and many water sports.


Otdyh v Akabe

In a sense it December is the best period to stay in Jordan.

The benefits of travel at this time

Compared to other times of the year, December for Jordan is almost the most cold, but this period it is best to choose for sightseeing. When it's hot and the day is unable to walk in a lot of time out of the shadows, to see the sights not quite comfortable.

Meanwhile, in December, the tour program will bring you a lot of fun, and tourists here are often smaller.

What clothing to take?

Overall, Jordan is a country not rainy, although the rain sometimes you may see. So autumn warm jacket you may then be useful, because such clothes, you can always use a cool Jordanian PM.

In addition, we should take mainly summer clothes: light pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts and bathing suits.

What to do?

Jordan is known for recreational Hiking and you can visit many medical and near medical facilities, including a magnificent Spa.

If in addition you want to have fun, Jordan offers a lot of interesting options.

Beach vacation

The beaches are very popular in December, many of the tourists come to bask. Industry beach holiday here is advanced and simple in addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can offer various options for active recreation, swimming under water and on the water tourist transport, entertainment from "bananas" and "donuts" to the yacht.



Of entertainment in the beginning it should be noted Oriental shopping, because here you will be able to purchase a variety of Oriental sweets and interesting Souvenirs at very reasonable cost.

You should take the opportunity to visit historical sites that are in almost every city.

Of the most interesting we should mention the following attractions of the cradle of Christianity:

  1. The City Of Petra;
  2. The Jordan River;
  3. Basilica Of The Nativity;
  4. The Church of the prophet Moses;
  5. Mountain of the prophet Elijah;
  6. The city of Madaba, or Jerash;
  7. Desert Museum Wadi Rum.

As a rule, choose to stay at these locations is not difficult. From the day you note the water parks (in particular al Wadi), the aquarium Marine science centre and five star dive centerlocated in Aqaba.

Holidays and festivals

From holidays it should be noted except Christmas day (25 December) otherwise suggested any cultural events that may take place in the chosen city. By the way, in General, in this country there are many interesting holidays, but December falls to a minimum amount. However, the stay in Jordan in December is always able to surprise you with many other positive properties.

See this video, what is the weather in Aqaba in December: