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Travel tips: what to buy and bring back from Jordan as a souvenir?

chto privezti iz Iordanii?

Jordan is a small Kingdom East into the expanse of which there are many interesting. Here is available all year round beach and therapeutic recreation on the shores of red and Dead sea, excursions to the legendary city of Petra and the fascinating shopping, allowing you to take away as a memory of this remarkable country gifts and Souvenirs.

What to bring as a souvenir?

Given the wealth of Jordanian handicraft traditionsand a very rich history of the country, a list of goods purchased by tourists, will be quite extensive.


Populyarnye kartiny v butylke

  • The easiest way to take a piece of Jordan – buy clay magnets or ceramic mugwith a colorful image of Petra or Wadi Rum, biblical scenes, as well as palm trees or camels.

  • From all this diversity it is best to purchase a popular and authentic souvenir with the image of Petra. This legendary city associated at the mention of Jordan.

  • Often, visiting souvenir shops Jordan, can be seen on the shelves of a charming vase with a matte surface pink color. Subtle shades, interspersed with white patches to resemble the color of the sand of Wadi Rum and the mountains of Petra.

    Colorful products made of "Nabataean glass" have their own secret. If the wet vase with water, on a pink background will start to show shades and streaks of jewel-like blue, green, turquoise or reddish-brown.

  • Another souvenir, which will be associated Jordan, – paintings of colored sand bottlemanufactured by aboriginal people on the future site of purchase. The people of this country, with the help of a funnel and a knitting needle, pour in a container of sand, and then gently shape from it a vivid and miniature paintings, skillfully painting a variety of themed pictures:

    1. Camelsmoving through the desert;
    2. Alhusna the Treasury in Petra;
    3. Mount Nebo;
    4. Castle Ajlune;
    5. The ruins of the Palace of Herod;
    6. The Temple Of Hercules;
    7. Castles in the desert.

    As the sand level for this product is taken from the rocks, bottles advertised as "Petra's treasure".

  • Bottle pictures of sand have different sizes and, therefore, have different costs, but due to the fact that the desert conquers the territory, soon these gifts can become a memory of wonderful stories of the strange and mighty city of Petra.

  • Finally, another popular gift that bring home tourists after visiting the Jordan – hookah – true Arab souvenir. Without it it is impossible to imagine leisure of the people of this country. The variety of shapes, colors and sizes of this token will impress any traveler.


nedorogie magnity

In every city of Jordan, there are small local markets where you can find great cheap Souvenirs. Thus, an important and enjoyable feature local merchants is unobtrusive and good-naturedness.

Buy even a small gift can turn into a real event, because before to meet my range, the owner of the shop will be treated to a Cup of coffee.

A great option for an inexpensive but a nice souvenir from these places will be:

  • Authentic crafts from the olive tree;
  • Ceramic and copper vessels;
  • Bedouin handmade jewellery;
  • Stone figures of animals;
  • Traditional Arabic clothing.

The only point which should be remembered by every tourist, is to bargain in Jordan is unacceptable.


Traditional products which are usually purchased here – sweets, fruits and nuts, and also special national coffee.

  • Sweetsproduced in Jordan, considered the best Arab dishes, your liking, they are Turkish food. Especially they look tasty sesame cookies, traditional baklava, pies "Kataev", desserts made from guava and candied fruit.
  • Very popular among tourists unique Jordanian coffeethat decided to add cardamom. This refreshing drink has a special warming aroma. Traditionally it is cooked in a cezve, and then poured into small cups. Some gourmets prefer to buy hibiscus tea.
  • Sedobnye suveniry

  • In the markets and in shops of Jordan, you can buy delicious nutsthat the seller will fry in the eyes of the buyer. These edible Souvenirs are sold everywhere here, and they are an order of magnitude smaller than in other countries.

    Taste of Jordanian nuts can't compare with anything because the pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts or cashews add various seasonings in the form of pepper or yogurt shell.

    Also quite popular among tourists to buy assorted salted nuts.


Everyone who wants to buy not just a souvenir from Jordan, and something really serious and interesting, should consider the purchase of national productsthat are sold here in large variety.

  • Traditional crafts of Bedouin women for many centuries has been weaving colorful rugs with national motifs. These colorful basketry of small size, which are made by masters from the city of Madaba, perfectly fit into the interior of the home, along with other Souvenirs from that country.
  • Another souvenir from Madaba, a beautiful ceramic panels of the mosaic, as well as plates, trays, salad bowls and other tableware, made in this technique. A similar tradition prevailed among the citizens, due to the fact that after clearing city ruins, they found a mosaic map of Jerusalem.
  • Bright and colorful, but also incredibly fragile "gawronski glass" souvenir, named in honor of an ancient settlement, located on the West Bank of the river.

    Decorative itemthat combines the simplicity of forms, especially the secret of painting glass, and also gold and silver shades, looks like a work of art.

  • Production from Hebron is 2000 years old, and the sand for its manufacture comes in from the neighboring villages.

  • Very popular Souvenirs with the Arabic script:

    1. Interior;
    2. Sets in order;
    3. Capacity for products;
    4. Chessboard.

    Vintage decorative letters, connecting the continuous ornament, look amazing and stylish.


religioznaya kurilnica

In the old quarters of Jordan's major cities, which are called "Balad", you can find various religious metal products, such as incense burners, jugs, lamps, decorated with characteristic patterns.

Here you can buy a bottle of Holy water from the Jordan, and candles from Jerusalem, the icons and crosses of wood.

For beauty and health

Due to the proximity of the Dead sea, Jordan wide demand for medical cosmetics based on the healing minerals and sea salt.

Incredibly valuable products rejuvenates and tones the skin, prevents it from rotting and aging. In addition, salt and dirt, make scrubs, shampoos, creams, and means for peeling.

Such care products can dial yourself while relaxing at the Dead sea or buy in specialized pharmacies, where the sellers will advise which tool is best suited for a particular occasion. In Jordan, this is considered a cosmetics brand, so its quality is strictly controlled.

What to buy in major cities?

Shopping is fun, choosing the two major cities – Amman or Aqaba.


The most popular Jordanian town for shopping is ideal for buying memorable Souvenirs, because it is in the duty free zoneand is a major Jordanian port.

In Aqaba shopping malls:

  • Shweikh Mall;
  • Dream Mall;
  • Aqaba Gateway;
  • City Center Mall.

Also everywhere are open to large and small markets, souvenir shops and often are fair.

In Aqaba traditionally buy sweets and nuts, as well as touching silver jewelry in the Bedouin style.


zolotoj kvartal v Ammane

A real Paradise for the selection of Souvenirs – Amman – city, which built a huge number of shopping centers.

Most major shopping centers:

  1. Safeway – a wide range of Jordanian goods, which are often there are discounts;
  2. Plaza Superstores – here you can buysporting goods from famous brands, good tobacco and leather;
  3. Al Farid – this place sells groceries, cosmetics, toys.

In the markets of Amman you will find everything from Western clothing and spices, ending with the gift of alcohol.

Here for tourists is the"Golden quarter", where there is an infinitely varied selection of the finest products made from this luxurious metal.

Watch the following video about shopping in Amman:

What to choose as a gift?

Jordan sold wonderful Souvenirs that can be a wonderful gift for a particular occasion.

The girl

  • Women will love the natural soap made from olive oil, to which is added the flower essence or fragrant spices.

  • Such products in Jordan is performed by skilled workers manually, using old recipes.

  • Throughout Jordan will find shops with an incredibly extensive assortment of articles of gold and silver. Charming jewelry have a high aesthetic value and are worth much less than European counterparts. All of them are of high quality and design.
  • In Jordan, not so much prized gold as silver. In Wadi Musa there is a whole factory for the production of fine jewelry from this precious metal. It is especially advantageous to acquire such products directly in the factory.

    The perfect souvenir for girlfriends or sisters will be "Dallah" – silver pendant in the form of a tiny coffee pot, as well as earrings, rings or pendants.

  • Finally, attractive enough to be a surprise if he will be a burnous – traditional Oriental dress is hand-embroidered.


kinzhal v podarok muzhchine

  • Typical Jordanian souvenir for men – keffiyeh – a headscarf that protects against heat and wind, which can be seen on Oriental men. The scarf can choose aGal – Hoop, allowing to keep the keffiyeh on his head.
  • Widely known Arab grape vodka "Arak" with the addition of anise will definitely be a good gift.
  • Vodka "Arak" is not usually used in pure form – to it add the milk, water and ice.

  • Finally, every man will appreciate the traditional weapon of the Bedouin dagger Siberia. This souvenir has a short blade, curved shape.


Children will be delighted with Oriental sweets, which have a very attractive and incredibly pleasant taste. Goodies make according to old recipes by adding nuts, honey and dried fruits.

  • The most popular Jordanian sweets baklava – layered cake with honey and grated nuts.
  • Very popular the kanaf, which is a cake with crushed nuts or goat cheese.
  • Other pies under the name of Mammy doing, adding the nuts and dates.

Travel tips

  1. In the country you can pay as dollars and local currency;
  2. While shopping you must keep all your receiptsbecause they may need to show at the airport;
  3. Is to make sure products were Packed in vacuum bags, otherwise they can be taken away at customs at the airport during the inspection;
  4. In the stores, especially jewelry, it is not customary to bargain, but the markets a little to try to bring down the price;

Shopping in Jordan is a bright, memorable and unique event that can be memorable.