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Petra, Aqaba, Amman - attractions of Jordan with a photo and description

dostoprimechatelnosti Iordanii s foto i opisaniem

Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) is an Arab state located in the middle East. The main part of the country is desert, hills and mountains, where there is practically no vegetation.

While it is well developed food, textile, oil refining and the tobacco industry are mined phosphate, is made of cement.

Also Jordan is a scientific and cultural center of the Middle East, there are more than forty major educational institutions, including those with a military profile. A unique ancient monuments and resorts attract many tourists. This country is very friendly to visiting guests of any nationality and religion.

The geographical position

geograficheskoe polozhenie Iordanii v mire

The location Jordan is a Western part of Asia, in the South it is washed by the Red sea. Its boundaries are defined as follows:

  • In Northern – Syria;
  • In the North-Eastern part of Iraq;
  • In Eastern and southern Saudi Arabia;
  • In the Western part of Israel and the Palestinian authority.

In connection with the specific geographic location in Jordan is mainly warm and dry weather.

At any time of the year the water temperature in the Red and Dead seas ranges from twenty to twenty-two degrees.

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Sights of Jordan on the map

Karta dostoprimechatelnostej strany

Jordan can be called a unique countryin which there are about twenty of thousands of ancient monuments, many of which were built in the Neolithic period. They wonderfully blend with the modern buildings.


Peter is a very unusual rock city, mention of which is in the Bible, and its construction still holds many mysteries. Because of the reddish-pink color of the rocks, it is often called the "pink city". It is believed that there was a Moses extracting water from the rocks.

The river flowing in Petra is called Wadi Musa (River of Moses). According to studies, we can say that the construction of the city began more than two thousand years ago, and it miraculously cut in the rocks.

Its history is rich with various events and a well-preserved ancient buildings are allowed to include Peter in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Also in the early twentieth century it was recognized as one of the new seven wonders of the world.

  • Starting the journey at the rock city is the entrance to a narrow gorgesurrounded by very high cliffs.

    The gorge is adjudged to sunlight and without additional lighting, the movement is in complete darkness.

    Then the path becomes a little lighter, and we can see niches that were cut in the rock for placement of the statues.

  • The tunnel exit typically happens when the bright light of the sun, in the eye catches a large building with two names - al-Khazneh and the Treasury of the Pharaoh.

    It is believed that the time of the construction of al Khazneh was the second century of our era. It is unknown what he meant at the time, but it is assumed that it was a temple or a mausoleum.

    A mystery is and how the ancient masters were able to build such a magnificent building. According to modern experts this requires the use of scaffolding. But, to find building material in those areas was almost impossible.

    It is assumed that the builders moved up the stalls in the rocks, but it is unclear how they were able to work on the weight. Also remains a mystery, as were calculations of buildings.

  • Vhod v Petru

  • Beyond El Khazneh gradually the extension of the tunnel becomes visible old rock city. Here you can see a large number of stone houses, markets, entertainment venues and other buildings.
  • Here you can also find the temple of ed Deir, situated on the top of the cliff, and also a valuable monument of architecture. There is also a large area that apparently was used for various religious ceremonies.
  • The nearby three-storey building of the Roman Palace (Palace tomb).

    The lower part of a Roman Palace carved in the rocks, and forthe construction of the upper has used the blocks of hewn stone.

    The lower level is a large room, which held Holy and revered festivals of the dead. Tourists can not only inspect the exterior of the building, but go inside.

In addition to these historical monuments in Petra there are plenty of interesting buildings, starting with the first that were roughly made by ancient masters, and those that were built by ancient masters. Apparently so, rock city every year attracts a large number of tourists wanting to see great works of art.


Krepost v Akabe

Aqaba is the only sea resort and port of Jordan, as the country has only a small area of the outlet to the Red sea. According to scientific data the first settlements appeared here six thousand years ago.

Tourists love the Red sea, which is clean and very salty water, which allows you to enjoy swimming even those who are just starting to learn him. Attracts and diversity of the underwater world.

Through the crystal water you can admire the fish of different species, corals and other marine life.

  • Of the architectural attractions of Aqaba is a Mamluk fortressbuilt in the sixteenth century. Its location is the shore of the sea, and on all sides it is surrounded by beautiful, tall palm trees. Nearby the fortress there is a Museum where you can learn the history of the city.
  • The next significant historical monument of Aqaba can be called the cave of the Lot, which is a monastic complex. There is also a Byzantine Church and a small number of tombs.


Krepostnaya gora v Ammane

Amman is Jordan's capital and its largest city. Initially it was chosen the seven hills, which on the flag symbolizes the seven pointed star.

Today, the city is already at ten hills, the slopes of which are decorated with white houses and villas, hence the Amman is also called the"White city". For the construction of buildings used white stones (limestone). The houses are built very quickly and have the most various form.

Amman is one of the most important industrial centers of the country with an international airport.

The main attraction of the city can be called the Jabal al-Kalaa (Fortress mountain). It is famous for the monuments of different times, the most valuable of which I think the colonnade of the temple of Hercules, the Palace of al-Qasr, Byzantine Church and ancient theatre are more than six thousand people.

Objects of culture can be recommended to visit:

  1. The Jordanian archaeological Museum;
  2. The Jordanian Museum of popular traditions;
  3. The folklore Museum;
  4. The archaeological Museum of the University of Jordan.
  5. The anthropological Museum of the University of Jordan.
  6. The numismatic Museum;
  7. The Royal automobile Museum.

Nature lovers can admire its located near the town of Mujib nature reserve. It was founded in 1987 in the gorge of Wadi Mujib. On its Western side is the Dead sea, and the Eastern mountain ranges.

Here you can see over four hundred species of plants, some of which are very rare. There are ten species and about one hundred and fifty species of birds, many of which need protection.

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The dead sea

bereg Mertvogo morya

Dead sea located between Israel and Jordan, is actually considered to be salty drainless lake, which is about fifteen thousand years. This is a unique place, which is the lowest point on Earth.

Due to its specific composition of its water, it has become a unique healing place, which is to visit a great number of people from around the world.

Also with its bottom produce special healing mudwith special therapeutic effect, analogues to which is not found. For the convenience of tourists outside of the resorts on the shores of the Dead sea are located hotels and other tourist facilities.

Due to too high concentration of salts in the Dead sea there is no vegetation, no fish or any other inhabitants, except archaebacteria, which formed mud.

Lakeside also will not find any trees or grass, because the ground is covered with salt crust. But in water so salty you just can't drown, and you can relax, just lying on your back or stomach and at the same time heals.


Drevnij Dzherash

Very popular among tourists Ancient Jerash, located in fifty kilometers from Amman. It is located in a valley surrounded by hills covered with forests.

In ancient Jerash was a big shopping centre, but partially destroyed by an earthquake many hundreds of years was under a layer of sand.

Today it is almost completely restored and is the largest Acropolis in East Asia. Of course, what was the original appearance of the city is not known.

  • Proximity to the main interest is the temple of Artemis, which was considered the patroness of the city and temple of Zeus, which occupies a separate hill.
  • Also, there are two large amphitheatre, where now, a festival dedicated to historical events.
  • The entrance to the Ancient Jerash passes through a beautiful triumphal arch, and the main street is decorated with fine columns. Wide in the middle of the square is the fountain.


mozaika v Madabe

Madaba is one of the brightest and most famous sites of Jordan. She is often called the"city of mosaics"due to here unique independen Umayyad and Byzantine mosaics. With a very large mosaic collection can be found in the Museum of Madaba.

Numerous panels decorated with colorful images of exotic animals, birds, fish, plants, and flowers.

Here, numerous monuments of culture and religion. The main symbol of the city is St. George's Church with a magnificent mosaic floor depicting the map of the Middle East, a quarter of which have survived to the present day.

Near the town are the popular hot springs of Hammamat mA'in, the most unique of which is sulfur. Water local waterfalls contain large amounts of minerals that improve the condition of skin, improve the metabolism, heal wounds and relieve allergic reactions.

So many of the country's inhabitants and tourists tend to get located here at the Wellness complexto improve their health.

What to see in Jordan for a week?

Since Jordan is almost always Sunny and warm, then a week, you can drive around the whole country, to get acquainted with the most attractions. You can also have time to swim in the sea and enter into the Holy river Jordan, on whose banks you can see the remains of the temple steps where Jesus prayed before the baptism.

Independently to travel around the country more comfortable in the car because of the poor infrastructure of public transport. After arrival you can rent a car or hire a driver with own car.

Many couples with children prefer organized tours, in this case, you should know that the best are day trips, tours for a few days cost several times more expensive.

Jordan called the"cradle of mankind", some of its landmarks describe more New and old Testament. It is believed that besides the fact that it took the baptism of Jesus Christ, here to Moses on the mountain, the Sky opened up the Promised Land, and here he died and was buried.

Currently, Jordan is considered to be the safest and the most loyal Arab country. So the tour in any part with the historical monuments or relax on the comfortable resort will bring a lasting impression.

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