Detailed map of the world: tourism in Jordan on the Red sea

Iordaniya na karte mira

Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of) - Arab state, whose name is derived from the name of the Jordan river. Occupies the territory equal 92300 sq. m.

About 90% of the territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts, and the remaining 10% is suitable for a comfortable life.

Jordan on the world map

Strana na atlase mira

Jordan is surrounded by mostly land, and nature is diversity.


The coordinates of the state on the following map: 31° 0' 0" North, 36° 0' 0" East longitude. Jordan belongs to the region "middle East". Located in Asia (southwestern part).

With the Northern part of the state is bordered by Syria from the North-East – with Iraq, with the Eastern and South – with Saudi Arabia, with the West – with Israel. On the South side of the territory is bordered by the Red sea.

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Natural resources

A huge part of the country is desert plain. There are mountains (avarim, Nevo) and hills. It on the mountain "nebo" Moses saw the promised land, and here he was buried.

On the territory of the country there is sparse vegetation and the corresponding desert fauna.

There are forests consisting of:

  • Cedar;
  • Pine;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Oak;
  • Olive trees.

Fauna includes camels, sernabatim, gazelles, lynxes, jackals, hyenas, wolves, foxes, rabbits, rats.

In Jordan two seas: the Red and Dead. Water resources are almost not observed.

There is a river Zarka, Army and the river Jordanthat divides Jordan and Israel, the gulfs of Aqaba (Northern First).

According to ancient legend it was at the Jordan river John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Now, this Sacred Land is a favorite place of pilgrims.

Here in the Jordan river, anyone can be Baptized.


Klimaticheskaya karta

The country is dominated by two types of climate: subtropical and tropical. The average temperature is 11-17 degrees during the day and 2-4 at night.

August is the hottest month, at this time, the temperature can reach 32 degrees. In desert places the thermometer can reach up to 42 degrees Celsius. The average annual precipitation from 25 to 200 mm.

How to get out of Russia?

To get from Russia to Jordan the easiest way to fly on the plane with the Jordanian company "Royal Jordanian". Other variants of airlines offer flights with transfers only.

Another option of flying to Israel or Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, one of the numerous flights. And from there you can reach by bus / ferry to Jordan.

To quickly book a plane ticket, please use this search form. Enter information about the cities of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Data on state

In the country's history dominated by large impact of third-party States, and the country is divided into mufakose and areas.


Istoricheskie svedeniya

The first representatives of "Homo Sapiens" according to preliminary data appeared on the territory of modern Jordan even 250 thousand years ago. And proto came here around the end of the 4th Millennium BC.

Jordan territory repeatedly fell under the domination of various peoples who have contributed to the development of the area.

Among them are such people:

  1. The Egyptians;
  2. The Jews;
  3. Ammonites;
  4. Mavity;
  5. Edomites;
  6. Romans.

Thus, under the rule of the RomanEmpire is the rapid growth of cities and trade, develops the construction of roads. In the Middle ages the territory of Jordan falls under the influence of the Arab Caliphate. In this period there was an active dissemination of Islam among the population. Jordan continues to fall under the influence of different countries and nationalities.

Under British protection territory gets the name of the Emirate of Transjordan. The independence of Transjordan was proclaimed only on may 25, 1946. From April 25, 1949 the state was renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as it is called today.

In the end clashes with the terrorist organization the liberation of Palestine. 27 September 1970 between the warring parties declared a truce.

Administrative division

Administrativnoe delenie po muhafazam

The territory of the state is divided into twelve governorates, which, in turn, consist of fifty-two areas. The heads of the governorates are referred to as governors.

The Capital Of Jordan Is Amman. This is one of the largest cities in Jordan. Is the industrial center. Amman is located on the banks of the river Zarka. This is an ancient city that to this day, pilgrimages are made.

Old names – Rabbat-Ammon, Philadelphia. In the 13th century BC Rabbath-Ammon was the capital of the state Ammosova. Then the city came under the influence of the Assyrians, Persians, Greek, and Nabataean, Roman and. the Egyptian ruler Ptolemy the Second renamed Rabbath-Ammon to Philadelphia. In the year 326 in the city reigned Christianity. Later Philadelphia became Amman.

Jordan - the dual monarchy. This means that the power of the king limited by the Constitution from 08.01.12 G.


Jordan is famous for its scant natural resources. There is a shortage of water, oil and coal. The country imports energy. There is a large amount of phosphates, which are exported. Jordan - one of the largest producers of olive oil.

GDP per capita - $12490. In the economic situation in Jordan in General, there are the budget deficit, poverty, unemployment, inflation. The country is dependent on international support.

Population and language

The population is 6472000 people. The Arabs constitute the majority, the other nationalities represented in smaller numbers: Circassians, Chechens, Armenians, Kurds etc.

The official language is Arabic. Informal, but also commonly used – English and French.

Culture and religion

Most people profess Islam (among them most - sunniest), approximately 5% are Christians (including most of Christianity). There are Ismailis, and Bahais.

The Jordanian culture is caused by religion. Women go in closed with head to toe clothes. Interested in the Affairs of the wife of the owner is considered indecent.

Though Jordan and East of the state, but according to legend it was here that turned a large number of Bible stories.

The inhabitants of the country humored and friendly, and welcoming. Greetings from Jordanians are accompanied by handshakes. All the gestures are only the right hand because the left hand is considered unclean.

Detailed map of Jordan with cities in the Russian language

Iordaniya s gorodami i kurortami podrobno

Major cities in the state are:

  • Zarka is the administrative centre of mufakose Zarka. The number of the population – about 500 thousand people. In Arabic the name of the city sounds like "blue". The city was founded in 1902 by the Chechens.

    Zarka- a large industrial centre, where nearly half of the enterprises of the country. Of the famous attractions here is the castle of Qasr Shabib and the country's largest nature reserve.

  • Irbid is the administrative center of the governorate of the same name. The city contains 327 543 people. Is industrial and cultural centre of Jordan. Here the largest higher educational institution in the entire Middle East – Armenski University.
  • Petra is an ancient city, one of the wonders of the world. Is part of a UNESCO world heritage site. Located in the Siq. Greek the city's name translates as "stone". And indeed, the city built of stone. Previously Peter – the capital of the Edomites and of the Nabataean Kingdom.

    On the territory of the city flows the river of Wadi Musa ("river of Moses"). According to legend it was here that Moses got water from rocks.

    Here is one of the most majestic buildings - the temple-mausoleum of El-Khazneh. Another attraction of the area – carved into the rock monastery "El Deir". In this town was filmed famous movies, including "Indiana Jones and the last crusade".

The main resorts on the Red sea are:

  • Aqaba is one of the resorts located on the North-Eastthe red sea coast. The climate is favorable for recreation since the resort is surrounded by mountains.

    There are a lot of their own attractions. Among them is the house of Hussein bin Ali. Diverse underwater world attracts drivers. On the waters of the Aqaba coast is also practiced fishing, water skiing, swimming on the sails.

  • Tala Bay – another popular red sea resorts. Everyone will find here exactly what he needs. Fans of architecture can admire a medieval arts, interwoven with a modern design. Active guests can enjoy water sports.

Interesting facts

  • To visit the country you want of the international sample;
  • Photographing local people can only be with their consent;
  • Women are not allowed to wear revealing clothes in public;
  • It is considered politeif the guest refused to eat three times before sat at the table.