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Iran on the world map: sights of resorts and visa for vacation

Iran na karte mira

About the fascinating and mysterious of Persia in ancient times, many legends and fairy tales. Interest to our country are the finest silk, fine carpets and incredible palaces unabated for centuries, and despite cultural and religious differences, the country attracts tourists from around the world.

Iran on the world map to find quite easily. We will try to help you with this.

Iran on the world map in Russian language

strana na mirovom atlase

The history of the area spans nearly five millennia. A long period the Persian Empire was one of the largest countries in the world and the most influential Eastern region.

The result of the overthrow of the monarchy in 1935 on the world stage, a new state – the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Where it is located and with which countries it borders?

Iran is in southwest Asia. With what borders Iran? Adjacent to the country with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey to the Northwest, Iraq on the West, Turkmenistan to the North, and Afghanistan and Pakistan in the East. Has access to the Caspian sea and the Persian Gulf.

Data on state

informaciya o gosudarstve

  • The area of the country in 1648 km2 inhabited by about 75 million people.
  • Is a unitary statedivided into provinces.
  • The official language is Farsi (Persian), English is only used for business communication.
  • Iran – Muslim nationin which the majority of citizens profess Shiite Islam.

In the country there is a special economic zone, which acts as a port of Amirabad. Its construction began in 1996 on the southern shore of the Caspian sea.

The unique geographical position of the region provides unlimited opportunities for development and provides a transit corridor to the Central Asian market.



The country has a tropical desert climate. But in the Northern part of the country on the plains along the coast of the Caspian sea stands of subtropical continental type of climate. The climate is generally dry and warm, with soft winters and dry summer.


Iran is a country of strict morals and order, therefore, about legislation and about the paperwork, should take care in advance.

Do I need a visa and how to get it?

For traveling to Iran visa required. Registration occurs in two ways: you can obtain a document in the Moscow Consulate (done the procedure for about 4-5 days) or on arrival at the airport.

Documentsthat will be needed:

  1. a valid passport with blank pages;
  2. colored photos on white background 3.5 x 4.5 cm (women should be photographed with their head covered);
  3. extract from Bank account;
  4. the questionnairecompleted by the applicant;
  5. confirmation of reservation of hotel or tour;
  6. medical insurance;
  7. receipt of payment of visa gathering.

The document is issued for 14 days. It is expected the abolition of visas for travel to Iran for the Russians. More recently local legislation introduced the amendment – a citizenunable to enter Iran, if in the same year he visited Israel.

In some cases, an entry permit is not required?

kogda ne nuzhna viza?

The only region where the representative of any country can be up to 14 days without a visa – Kish island. While all travelers should register in local police station.

The rest of the country

Iran is an amazing country with thousands of years of history, is able to capture the imagination of any traveler. Many tourists are deterred by the ban on alcohol and rules of women's clothing. However, those who have already visited Iran, saying that the people there are very friendly and helpful.

The main thing – to respect the religion, culture, respect the rules, traditions and norms of decency.

Iranian resorts on the Caspian sea

To the East bordering with Iran, Azerbaijan is the Caspian sea coast, whose length is 7204 km. It is the largest on the planet is salt water and perfectly suited for a relaxing holiday.

This place is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and greenest regions of Iran. Interest for Russian tourists here is not only Siesta on the beach, and even a chance to wander through endless green fields and meadows, to see the process of growing and harvesting tea and local fruit.

  • Gilan. Historically this area for almost 100 years been associated with Russia. At first, Gilan became part of the Empire, then fell into dependence on the Soviet Union therefore is still the favorite vacation spot of the Russian tourists.

    Now the largest settlement in the region is Rasht. Next to it is the port of Enzeli. The region prized by fishermen because of the abundance of trout, which inhabits the large river of the Sefid Rud river.

    This province is one of the few territories in Iran suitable for cultivation of tea and rice. Rasht is known for its old Bazaar, Park and municipal building.

    From the hotels it should be noted Kadus Hotel, located right on the coast. In walking distance from it shops and restaurants, the building of the hospital and customs.

  • kurortnye goroda na Kaspii

  • Ramsar. The city is located in the province of Mazandaran, between sea and hills covered with thick forests. The most popular baths and healing springs. Here was based the summer Palace of the last Shah in the early twentieth century Ramsar has been actively used as recreation.

    In the city are hotel Forest Resort with beach access. Demand and room-apartment in Ramsar Kowsar Hotel overlooking green hills.

  • Babolsar. The area is unremarkable monuments, but has a developed infrastructure, plenty of hotels and places of accommodation. Is the cultural center of the Caspian region.
  • Babolsar pebbly beaches, you can swim only in designated areas (to ignore the ban should not).

  • Noshahr. The resort is thriving with the reign of Reza Shah, when he served as a summer residence for the Royal family and officials. The climate here is more humid than in other regions of Iran. In the city has numerous cheap hotels (Apadana Hotel, Nasim Hotel) and private villas.
  • kaspijskie kurorty

  • Chalus. This port is a favorite place of rest of Teherani due to the developed infrastructure and the availability of numerous hotel complexes. Tourists are often attracted to the entertainment center Namaki-Abrud, which includes a hotel complex, recreational facilities with designated areas on the beach and the funicular.

    Another attraction of Chalus is the Palace of Chicharonwho served in ancient times the residence of the shahs.

    Swimming men and women separately, in designated areas. While girls were permitted to appear on the beach only in private clothes.

  • Khalij-e Gurgan. Bay, a single oblique split to the sea. Its shores are part of the reserve Miankale.

    On the Bay sits the town of Behshahr. Unlike other seaside resorts, there is a large number of hotels, so travelers are advised to stay in Behshahr travel.

  • The Province Of Gulistan. Located on the border with Turkmenistan, is covered with steppes and has a dry arid climate. In deciduous foothills of Elbrus are the forest zone, the Sorhe of the Pushta and Shast Kulo.

    Famous is the first in Iran 's national Golestan Parkcovering a huge area of tropical forests. It is home to animals and birds, many of which are listed in the Red Book. It makes Gulistan exceptionalplace to explore the rich Iranian fauna.

    On the territory of the parks have campsites, but you can settle in local hotels.

    Best service provide hotels Nahar Khoran and Azin. The shelter can also be found in nearby cities: Gonbade-Cavus, Azarshahr or Minutesthe.

One of the features of the Caspian coast is bioluminescent plankton, which creates a bluish glow to the coastline.

The residents of the region claim that bathing in such water causes discomfort, so the evening bioluminescent beaches are usually deserted. But many tourists are willing to tolerate minor inconveniences in order to see and participate in this fantastic nature installation.

Resort areas in the Persian Gulf

ostrov Kish v Persidskom zalive

  1. The Kish Island. The main beach resort of Iran, which is in great demand among Russian tourists. Famous sports venues, diving schools and horse riding, courts and training areas.

    The island has an enormous number of hotels, ready to offer services at any level. The best hotel is the five star Dariush Grand Hotel with modern design, swimming pools and access to the sea.

    However, the legal beaches for a joint bathing of men and women on Kish island, no.

    More budget accommodation options – Eram in a futuristic style and Sadaf. Hotel Shaygan perfect for a family holiday with lots of entertainment for children, including playgrounds, slides and a games room.

  2. Bandar-Abbas. A port city in the South. The climate is warm and dry, in summer the temperature reaches 49°C. of Interest to lovers of history can imagine the old city Harbor and the mansion Kolah-e Farangi.

    Near the town is the sanctuary Kuh-e Cheese, which presents the flora and fauna of the steppe and the mountain zone. Bandar Abbas is not very popular among tourists, so the prices in local hotels are very inexpensive.

  3. Hingorani. A small island in the Persian Gulf. Characterized by high humidity and the rarity of the air, rocky and flat terrain. At the moment, Hingorani nobody lives, because there is no drinking water and electricity, but this area is often visited by fans of exotic. To reach the island on boats that go there several times per hour.

Ski resorts

gornolyzhnyj kompleks Dizin

Active holidays in the mountains of Iran accounts for the period from November to April. Major ski resorts in the country are in the fields of Mazandaran and Kalardasht.

  • Disin. A few hours ' drive from Tehran, is Iran's best mountain resort Dizin. Decent height (from 900 to 3500 m), great snow and steep pistes attract as beginners skiing, so fans of extreme sports. The resort is well equipped – from the village to the slopes are quadruple lifts.

    In Disine just two hotels, but there are cottages and villas that are often rented to skiers. The attractiveness for tourists due to the liberality of the local customs is the only place in Iran where women can go with uncovered head.

  • Toshali. Is based just 60 km from the capital of Iran, so the locals, this resort is considered a "home". The two peaks merge into a single huge natural barrier, forming several main areas of descent at different levels of complexity.
  • Resort provides four-star hotel at the foot of the mountain slope.

  • Shemshak. The oldest resort in the East, trailing the "big three" ski slopes of Iran. Among fans of the sport it is believed that the descent on Shemake much harder than Disini. The slopes are graded, and the track replaced by a huge virgin fields. To stay submitted two hotels, and several restaurants with excellent cuisine.

Attractions - photos and description

The birth place of one of the oldest civilizations in the history of rich cultural monuments, archaeological relics, destroyed cities. Delights and contrast the nature of the Iran – travelers can enjoy the views of the vast desert, subtropical thickets or the snow-capped peaks.


arhitekturnye sooruzheniya

  1. Kachinskie monuments. Kashan is a city in the center of the country, famous for its numerous architectural monuments. In the city is the mosque of Meydan medieval period, the minaret Zeynaddin, tomb of Shah Abbas I, and the palaces of the aristocracy of the XIX century.
  2. The Ruins Of Persepolis. This city was one of the capitals of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenid dynasty. The legendary story of his fall – according to legend Alexander the Great in 330 BC ordered the destruction of Persepolis in revenge for the trouble,caused the Persians to the Greeks.

    Conqueror in the midst of the feast, together with its accompanying courtesans and soldiers set fire to the Palace, symbolically putting an end to the power of the Persian state.

  3. The fragments of many buildings of the ancient period, the most famous of which is the Palace Apadana the prayer hall.

  4. Imam square or naqsh-e Jahan. Was built in the XVI century, during the reign of Abbas. Huge grounds with gardens and fountains, includes a Central Palace – the residence of the ruling dynasty, the mosque and famous all over the country market.
  5. Mashhad. A city in North-East Iran, founded in the I Millennium BC. e. City of pilgrimage for many Muslims and a sacred place for Shiites. Here is the mausoleum of Imam Reza, built during Safavids, Museum, public library and temple complex.
  6. Pasargada. The first capital of the Persian state. The territory in the province of Fars, near the city of Shiraz. Historical value of the four gardens, the fortress of toll-e Takht, the ruins of the Royal palaces and the main treasure of the East – the burial place of Cyrus the Great, which during his campaign, visited by Alexander the great.

What to see in nature?

  • A sand desert. In the center of Iran's sights is a clay desert. On different parts of the road it is completely flat, it is hilly, with sand dunes and sandy mounds, almost white under the color of the salt marsh, the dark from a large number of pebbles.
  • The red desert. Driving along the ancient road from the city of Qom, travelers can enjoy a spectacular view of the wasteland with blood-red tones that takes the color through the exit surface of various breeds.
  • Bichet waterfall in Lorestan. Located in the small village of the same name, which you can reach by train, enjoying the mountain scenery. Merging on top of mountain ranges, streams fall into a mountain gorge from a height of 45 metres.
  • Maharlu. Lake rich pink hue in Fars province. Incredibly bright color is caused by the high salt concentration. In the pond there is no fish, but here you can often see flamingos.

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