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Whether or not visas for Russians in Israel: how much is the labor?

nuzhna li viza v Izrail?

Israel is one of the most popular countries for tourism. Go here often and visit relatives and for business purposes, and for the treatment. One of the most important questions that arises before the trip: "do I Need a visa to Israel?".

Kinds of entry permits for the Russian

tipy razreshenij na proezd

So, need a visa to Israel or not, try to understand. The Israeli Embassy there is a certain classification of visa, under which entry permits are issued depending on the purpose of arrival in the country and category of the applicant.

Classification and

All visa authorization provided by the state of Israeldivided into two types: group A and group B. In group a is composed of the following visa categories:

  • A-1. It is issued to people who under the law have the right to appeal to the relevant authorities with the petition for citizenship;
  • The visa holder of the class A-1 can a time to live in Israel without obtaining a local passport and decide for himself whether he wants to stay here forever.

  • A-2. It is issued to students who want to take a course in one of the Israeli universities;
  • A-3. It is issued only to the rabbis and other religious persons who intend to arrive in Israel for reasons of religious, spiritual character;
  • A-4. She is the spouse or children of a person allowed entry into Israel under a visa permitting A-2 or A-3;
  • A-5. Visa for temporary residents who appealed to the foreign Ministry with a request to allow them residence in the territory of the country and the right which is proved by the relevant documents. Spouse of a citizen, or a citizen of Israel are granted a visa A-5, which is valid for 1 year. During this time, the couple should check their seriousness.

klassifikaciya po tipu A

To the group are the following visas:

  1. In-1. Temporary visa for employment in Israel. Initially, it is issued at the request of the Israeli employer who provides all the necessary documentation;
  2. -2. A tourist visa, which has a well-defined time frame;
  3. B-3. Visa for 1 month, provided, if necessary, clarify non-standard and unclear situation;
  4. In-4. It is issued to volunteers who expressed a desire to work on any of the Israeli targets free.


To obtain a student visa a prospective student submits the application at the Embassy of Israel to the homeland, but it can be done and the school at which he arrives in Israel. It is valid for teaching in high and secondary schools, universities, youth organizations, the Jewish Agency and Jewish schools.

Visa is valid for 1 year and allow multiple entry and exit from the country. The owners do not have the right to seek employment in Israel. To obtain permission, you must provide:

  • Passport, valid at least for 1 year after the date of the submission to the Embassy, and a copy of it. This is assuming that country has an Embassy or Consulate of Israel;
  • In the absence of embassies require that the passport remains valid throughout the period of study, plus 6 months after graduation.

  • 2 photos passport size 5x5;
  • The receipt on payment of consular fee;
  • A certificateconfirming that the student is wealthy enough to pay for their schooling and stay in the country;
  • Certificate of admission to one of the Israeli educationalinstitutions;
  • Minors will need written notarized consent of the mother and father or guardians.


A work visa gives its holder the right to work in the country under a contract of employment and is temporary. The prospective employer must provide to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel a copy of the employment contract, which agrees to take on the job of the applicant to receive a work visa.

rabochij dokument

The contract specifies personal information of the wage worker and the owner of the company, position and the amount of payment for labor.

To get a working visa, you must provide the Embassy the following documents:

  • Receipt of payment of duty;
  • Help shape K-1;
  • Passport;
  • Identification code;
  • Certificateconfirming absence of criminal record;
  • 2 photos of standard passport size;
  • A medical certificatestating that the applicant's negative test results for HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, b and C;
  • Fingerprints.


This type of visa used to be called short. In view of the introduction of a visa-free regime, the visa was cancelled.

Previously, it was issued in form b-2, then had to pay a fee and fill out a questionnaire.

Now a standard package of documents for entry you need to make the invitation of the host party, which specifies:

  1. Name of the inviter;
  2. The basis for the visit;
  3. Estimated period of stay;
  4. Address of location of the guest;
  5. The degree of kinship.

Invitation in the original form, Fax or printed email must be presented on arrival at the airport.

It should be noted that for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine visa when entering Israel with the goal of treatment in a clinic is not required. In this case, you need an invitation from clinic with statements attesting to the diagnosis.


poezdka v religioznyh celyah

It is issued to members of the clergyarriving in the country for the administration of the relevant religious services and ceremonies. The expiration date is determined by the invitation that entering needs to obtain from the relevant Israeli cult institutions. An invitation from them also need.

To obtain a religious visa should provide the following documents:

  1. Valid passport;
  2. 2 photos of standard passport size;
  3. The receipttestifying to payment of the fee;
  4. Filled in the questionnaire.


Visa "alia" provided only to the returnees – the people entitled to citizenship of Israel, that is proven Jewish origin. This is a full-blooded Jews, the people in the family which has at least one full-blooded Jew (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc.) or the children and grandchildren of Jews on the paternal side, professing Judaism. The visa validity is 1 year.

For visa permission "Aliya" must arrive at the Embassy or Consulate of Israel with the whole family, including babies.

To provide for a decision on repatriation, you need the following documents:

  • Passports of all family members, valid for at least six months after the date of the request;
  • Color photos of 3x4 cm format of all future immigrants, including infants;
  • Proof of Jewish origin (to include birth certificate of the applicant birth certificate and his parents ' marriage, employment records, military cards, University diplomas);
  • Birth certificates and marriage and grandparents of Jewish nationality;
  • The documents testifying the presence of relatives in Israel and their local passports in the country, addresses and phone numbers.

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How much is it?

Depending on the type of visa permits the terms of issuance and extension of visas and the cost of the fee vary.

Ceny na oformlenie

The cost of visas:

  1. Student visa – the cost is $ 46, is extended each year until graduation in the country;
  2. Working visa – the cost is $ 46, and extends in the Israeli police for up to 63 months.
  3. Religious visa – the cost is $ 46, is extended for the whole period of the religious service in the Israeli police exclusively in the territory of the country;
  4. Visa "aliyah" - the cost is 23dollar for each member of the family, renewed annually in the Israeli police before obtaining citizenship;

The deadline for issuance of any visa – up to 7 days, in exceptional cases, it may be issued for 1 day.

Do I need a visa to Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians?

For residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were allowed visa-free entry for visits of treatment, visiting relatives or friends or sightseeing.

Myself a tourist visa to the country was cancelled for the Russians in 2008, for the Ukrainians in 2011 and for Belarusians in 2015. However, for training, work, religious duties, and repatriation to Israel without visa permission not to do.

Required documents

Upon entry to Israel, the border guards will check you have the following documents:

  • Visa (if required);
  • Passportvalid not less than six months after entry;
  • Documents confirming the ability to pay bills (Bank statements, certificates of employment, etc.);
  • Tickets with fixed departure;
  • Invitation from relatives, friends or clinic (if you go for treatment);
  • Medical insurance;
  • Confirmation of booking rooms in a hotel.

Check with the child

chto nuzhno dlya vezda s rebenkom?

Guests travelling with children must present a birth certificate or passport of the child in the original, the copy of the first page of the passport of a parent and notarized permission to travel from the country of the parent that is missing.

At the entrance of a child with a third party requires a copy of national identity card and certified by a notary permission to travel from both parents.

The length of stay in the country

If the visa is not required, the period of stay is usually limited to three months.

The validity of visa permits for travel to training, work and other purposes, suggesting a long-term stay in the country, is determined individually in each case.

The Israeli Embassy

  1. The Israeli Embassy in Russia: Moscow, Bolshaya Ordynka St., 56, phone: +7 495 660 2700, 660 2768.
  2. Embassy of Israel in Ukraine: Kiev, Boulevard Lesi Ukrainki, d. 34 phone: + 8 044 586 1500.
  3. Embassy of Israel in Belarus: Minsk, Partizansky prospect, 6A, phone: +375 17 330 2500.

Important details

To avoid not always pleasant surprises you can, if you know certain nuances of arrival in Israel.

Customs regulations

Pets may be imported only in the presence of an international veterinary certificate of vaccination and means of special communication only with the permission of the Israeli Ministry of communications.

It is also worth considering that all the listed items must be intended for private purposes only and should be used.

For example, if customs officials will assume that the product looks like new, they have every right to charge you a warranty fee, which is determined by the size of the prescribed fee for the import of a product. The amount of the contribution is refundable upon departure, upon presentation of the same product and the receipt that you were given at the entrance.

tamozhennye normy

Planning a trip to Israel, please keep in mind that without filling the customs Declaration you can bring:

  • Foreign currency in the amount not exceeding 100 million Israeli shekels;
  • Personal jewelry;
  • Baby strollers and food;
  • Personal belongings (shoes, clothes, products) within reasonable limits for one person;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Photo- and video cameras (excluding professional);
  • Camping equipment (excluding diving equipment) and 1 Bicycle and a tent per person;
  • computers, laptops , etc. in quantity for 1 person;
  • Spirits – not exceeding 250 ml per person;
  • Soft drinks and wine not exceeding 2 litres;
  • Alcohol high fortress – not more than 1 litre per person;
  • Cigarettes – no more than 200 pieces in the block or 250 grams of tobacco for 1 person.

The impact of the problemsArab countries to enter

Recent marks in the passport about visiting Lebanon, UAE, Palestine, Sudan and other Arab countries call attention to your person at the Israeli border guards. This is due to the tense relations of Israel with these countries, as well as a large number of terrorist acts on the territory of the state with the participation of Arab suicide bombers.

If you find a suspicious person, you can refuse entry. Therefore, it is better not to plan a visit to Israel immediately after traveling to countries of the Muslim world.

Medical insurance

Before you travel to Israel it is better to buy local medical insurance which entitles you to free medical consultations, hospitalization, first aid, tests and getting prescription drugs in the country. It shall enter into force as soon as you were on Board the aircraft.

See this video how to avoid trouble at the border crossing with Israel: