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List of airports in Israel for international flights: Ovda, Eilat and other

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Virtually the only way to get from Russia to Israel is to use air transportation. Traveling by car is better to leave most risky travellers who are not afraid of civil war in neighboring Syria.

Maritime transport between Israel and Russia also implemented. So the first thing to meet the Russian tourists in this middle Eastern country — the local airport.

Airports on the map of Israel

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Despite its small size, Israel has a developed network of airports.

State airports are carried out as internal flights and international flights.

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How many airports in the country?

The state of Israel has 17 civil airports, 4 of which carry out international flights. Some of them are also used by the military.

In what cities?

International airports are located in the capital of Israel tel Aviv, in Haifa and in the Negev desert near Eilat, located in the South of Israel.

Airports the domestic airlines are located in:

  • Beersheba;
  • Herzliya;
  • Jerusalem;
  • Afula;
  • Kiryat Shemona;
  • Rosh Pinna;
  • Masada.

Are there any airports at the Dead sea?

In Israel there are no airports located in the vicinity of the Dead sea. Distance to the nearest international airports, Ben-Gurion and Ovdi is about 160 kilometers, or 3 hours drive away.

The list of terminals description

The most visited airports in the country are in the Metropolitan area of tel Aviv, Haifa or southern Israel in the Negev desert.


terminal Ben-Guriona

Ben-Gurion — Israel's largest airport, located 14 kilometers from tel Aviv. The third terminal of the airport serving international flights, takes regular flights of the following Russian cities:

  1. Moscow;
  2. Saint-Petersburg;
  3. Krasnodar;
  4. Of Yekaterinburg;
  5. Samara;
  6. Rostov-on-don.

Tickets for the plane , you can choose use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Airport Ben Gurion from Russia are direct regular flights of the following airlines:

  • Aeroflot;
  • El Al Israel Airlines;
  • Airline "Russia";
  • Ural airlines.

This modern airport offers tourists not only 3 Lounges business class.

Also at the airport there is a VIP lounge, numerous shops, including duty-free, the possibility of VAT refund, cafes and restaurants, a children's room.

You can order transfer with English speaking driver from the airport to the Dead sea or Israel, or to the hotel. Also available are excursions to the sights of Israel.

Israel is an advanced country in terms of counter-terrorism, and at the airport Ben-Gurion taken serious security measures. In particular, Ben-Gurion is heavily guarded by air defense and missile defense. The entire airport is divided into three security zones:

  1. The outer circleguarded by the secret services;
  2. In fact, the airport itself, which is surrounded by a moat, electronic fence with cameras and motion sensors;
  3. Inner circle — the terminal building, guarded by airport security.

In Ben-Gurion carefully checked href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/ruchnaya-klad-v-samolet-razmery-i-ves/">hand Luggage and Luggage. Passenger screening is particularly rigorous approach, passengers may be surprised by the questions asked by the security personnel.


Airport SDE Dov, located in tel Aviv, receives only domestic flights. Its main purpose is to relieve the airport of a name Ben-Gurion flight in Israel. Basically, the airport SDE Dov realizes and accepts flights from Eilat in the South of the country.

At the airport a standard set of servicesthat are typical for airports to domestic airlines, for example, you can transfer to the international airport Ben Gurion. Security measures are no different from other airports in Israel.

It is planned that the airport SDE Dov will be eliminated, the flights will be transferred to Ben Gurion. The land occupied by the territory of the airport, is planned for the sale and construction of housing.


zdanie aviaperevozok Ejlata

Eilat airport is located in the eponymous town, which is popular with tourists due to the beach areas of the red sea.

The airport mainly receives domestic flights related to tel Aviv and Haifa.

Airlinesthat arrive in Eilat:

  1. Arcia;
  2. El Al;
  3. Israar.

Landing strip airport is a relatively short - 1900 meters, so it is taking international flights , only those aircraft that are technically capable of landing there.

The airport of Eilat will have to stop their work, after construction of a new international airport near Eilat in Timna.

Ovda (Uvda)

Another international airport Ovda (another name - Ovda), which serves flights to the southernmost city of Israel — Eilat, located 60 kilometers from Ovdi and located in the Negev desert. The airport is the only international aircraft.

The airport receives regular flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and once a month from Yekaterinburg, flights are operated by the airline "Ural airlines".

At the airport Ovda, you can order a personal transfer service to the following cities:

  • Eilat;
  • Jerusalem;
  • Tel Aviv;
  • The city of Aqaba in Jordan;
  • The city of Taba in Egypt.

Stroenie Uvdy

Ovda airport is a military background, which is reflected in the small waiting room and a fairly narrow range of services. The airport has a café and duty free shop. If desired, you can reclaim VAT on purchases in other parts of Israel, it should contact the front with the inscription of VAT Refund.

It also has the opportunity to buy Souvenirs or to make other purchases.

As in other airports in Israel at the Ovda strengthened security measures, a thorough inspection of baggage and personal inspection. In addition, employees of the airport security can hold a long conversation with screened passengers.

It is expected that the ATS, as the municipal airport of Eilat, will be replaced by new construction in the city of Timna.

Airport Haifa

International airport Haifa, or airport name, URI Michael, located near the eponymous town, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Like many other Israeli airports used including the military.

In Russia regular flights from this airport are not implemented, but you can use it either for local flights, or arriving from one of the adjacent to Israel countries, such as Turkey, Greece or the island of Cyprus.

List of services offered by the airport, small. The most that can expect a tourist to eat in a local diner or shop for Souvenirs. Airport transfers are not carried out.

At the airport of the city of Haifa are the standard for enhanced Israeli security measures. Conducted a thorough inspection of Luggage and screening of passengers, long conversation with the security staff of the airport.

Travel tips

Tips and suggestions when visiting the Israeli airports relate primarily to security and interaction with localstaff:

  1. Treat with understanding to the issues of security in Israeli airports. Many tourists are annoyed by the questions of the security staff, especially surprising when departing from Israel;
  2. You need to understand that the terrorist threat in the country is very large, and such questions is not a whim of workers, and the harsh necessity, focused on the overall security.

  3. Not recommended for photo and video shooting on airports;
  4. Be courteous with airport staff, security or police. The police can carry out a short detention for a special inspection of the passenger;
  5. The abundance of marks in the passport about visiting Arab States may cause additional issues, but no more;
  6. Take advantage of being at the airport. The duty-free shops will allow you to saveand VAT refund back the money spent when traveling.

Watch video about airport security, Ben-Gurion: