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Attractions of the state of Israel: what to see in Haifa and tel Aviv?

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By fate in Israel focused tangible traces of many great civilizations of the West and the East , from Phoenicia, Ancient Egypt and Assyria to ancient Rome, Arabic Caliphate, Byzantium, medieval empires and kingdoms of Europe.

Millennial monuments of history, culture, architecture, ruins of ancient buildings and archaeological artifacts are restricted here literally on every square kilometer. Many of them are world famous, others are mentioned even in the ancient Holy books - the Bible, Talmud and Koran.

Israel - where is it?

Israel is a small country on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea. You'll find it on the map between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

In geopolitical terminology , this region is called the middle East.

Rosh HaNikra is one of the wonders of the world. Israel

What to see?


A beautiful city on the slopes of mount Carmel, descending to the sea. In the Talmud the phrase "Hof Joppa" means "beautiful shore."

Here many thousands of years the grapes are grown. "God's vineyard" as named by the prophet Isaiah mount Carmel. Local wine "Carmel" is among the best of the best wines in the world.

The port of Haifa — the main sea gate of the country. It passes through three quarters of the import and export of goods.

From the top of mount Carmel to the sea you can go down thousands of steps. Steep city street, often over stone stairs.

The Carmelite monastery. The convent on mount Carmel was founded by the pious knights during the Crusades. Named mountain the order called the Carmelites. With 1238 arise Carmelite monasteries throughout Europe.

To the monastery are endless steps, but you can climb up by cable car, admiring on the way the wonderful panoramas.

CHto posmotret: Hajfa

The Baha'i temple. Bahaism is one of the monotheistic world religions that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century. The doctrine States that God through the prophets exposes people to test and decide the fate of.

Among the enlightened of the Baha'i faith, Moses, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed. Sparkling gold dome of the Bahai temple is a symbol of Haifa.

The national Maritime Museum with an exhibition devoted to 5,000 years of Maritime history in the Mediterranean sea.

Among the exhibits navigational instruments, ship models of all eras, the artifacts raised from the wreck of the ancient ships. The most ancient of them belong to the bronze age.


Port and resort town in the South of the Negev desert at the red sea, water sports centre and diving. In January, the temperature here does not drop below elevation +21, and in summer around +40 Celsius.

Besides the sun and warm sea, Eilat offers and other activities — concerts, ride quads in the desert, visiting the Hai Bar nature reserve, a bus trip to the ancient St. Catherine's monastery and mount Moses in Sinai (Egypt).

Fans eat, dance and have fun will find their place in numerous night clubs, discos and restaurants.

Eilat is also associated with the biblical story. Here the prophet Moses told them to relax Hebrews whom he led out of Egypt in search of the Promised Land. While in port near modern Eilat king Solomon met the Queen of Sheba.

Coral world aquarium on the contrary: you indoor deep water watching the life of fish, octopus, crabs and other inhabitants of the coral reefs of the red sea.

Submersibles — hour ride aboard a floating underwater Observatory with panoramic Windows. Dives are arranged by day and by night, the underwater light powerful searchlights of the submersible.

Dolphin reef offers the opportunity to swim and play with dolphins, are willing to host a game.

Diving schools, where they teach you diving veterans of the Israeli Navy special forces.

Tel Aviv

A seaside resort city and the largest industrial and commercial center of the country, long since absorbed several smallsatellite cities.

The Jews say that Jerusalem is the heavenly city, and tel Aviv — terrestrial. There are many luxury hotels built on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, beaches, Aqua parks, attractions, night clubs, theatres and cinemas, yacht harbour, shopping malls, restaurants and other industrial objects of pleasure and entertainment.

In the concert halls and stadiums often hosts concerts of world stars of rock and pop music.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Tel-Aviva

The story here is not found among the skyscrapers, she is waiting for tourists in museums.

In the building where now is located the Museum of the city, in 1948, Ben Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the state of Israel. Few decades, tel Aviv was the capital of the country.

Dizengoff square with a fountain, symbolizing the fight between Fire and Water. Here you can always hear the music, and there is no end to street performances and concerts.

Cultural center rich with many works of Israeli art of the last decades.

Migdal Shalom — 140-meter skyscraper attracts tourists to admire the panorama of the city from height.

The Etzel Museum keeps the details of the Arab-Israeli conflict and war.


The Bible says that the Jaffa after the flood was built by Japheth, son of Noah, escaped with his father on the ark. Archaeological finds confirm the continuous existence of the city around 2000 BC.

In the port of Jaffa Phoenician ships brought the cedar of Lebanon to the First temple of king Solomon. Here exiled the biblical prophet Jonah.

Legends of Ancient Greece reported that Jaffa was chained to a rock beautiful Andromeda. The rock to this day is seen in the sea.

This ancient city in 1950 became part of greater tel Aviv. Today, Jaffa is a district of antique dealers, jewelers and artists. In the art galleries contain works of modern masters.

Archaeological Museum with artifacts related to the rich history of the city.

Franciscan Church of St. Peter, erected on the ruins of the ancient Jaffa fortress. From the Lancet Windows of the visible Andromeda's Rock among the waves and the Old port, and its cellars stored the wreckage of the citadel.

In the Central square , the archaeologists have unearthed and museupicasso cultural layers, clearly depicting four thousand years of the history of the city.


The Hebrew word "Jerusalem" means "place of peace". In fact, this is the only city in the world, revered by billions of people, living all over the five continents of the planet and a believer in God according to the canons of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

In any of the more than 200 members of the United Nations countries there are religious communities offering prayers to Jerusalem.

Three great faiths has left its own imprint on the appearance and spiritual aura of the ancient city. Three great cultures for centuries been built, destroyed, and again rebuilt its walls, buildings, fortresses, palaces and temples.

Tourists continue to flock to Jerusalem to see the three main shrines of three world religions: the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Mosque of the Rock.

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The temptation to make selfi on the background stand the rare traveler or pilgrim. Except that the battery runs out of photographing many other attractions.

In that part of the city, which was formerly called East Jerusalem, almost all features of note have appeared recently, after the formation of the state of Israel — the Knesset, the Israel Museum with its rich archaeological and biblical collections, Hadassah hospital, is adorned with dozens of stained glass works by Marc Chagall, the Shrine of the Book — a collection of valuable ancient manuscripts.

East of the Old town, on the opposite side of the valley of Kedron, is located the mount of olives ancient Jewish cemetery. It is convenient to pass through the biblical garden of Gethsemane.

Oddly enough, the area of the world-famous Eternal city is less than one square kilometer. It is the umbilical cord of Jerusalem surrounded by a wall of the citadel, built in XVI century by order of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. In the Old town are seven gates.

Passing the Damascus gate, you find yourself in the Muslim quarter, an exotic Bazaar, the largest in the region.

The mosque of the Rock on the Temple mount — one of the three sacred places of Islam. Hence the prophet Muhammad on the magic horse ascended to heaven. Tour guides show traces of horseshoes on Rock.

A little below is the al-Aqsa Mosque (1033) with shimmering mosaics — the gift of the Sultan Saladin.

The Temple mount is a Mosque Circuits (VIII), resembling a smaller copy of the Rock Mosque. Say, there once hung a chain that touched him the perjurer was immediately struck by lightning.

The Western wall, Judaism's holiest site — all that remains of the Second temple erected by Herod the Great and destroyed by Roman Emperor Titus in the year 70BC

Here the Jews daily for almost two thousand years of mourning over the temple. In the cracks between the massive stones of the Wall religious Jews put thank you notes and wishes addressed to God.

Notes — millions. Monthly by special order of the Supreme Rabbinate they are removed and buried on the mount of olives.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre (335 g approx.) built at the request of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine and Empress Elena on the spot where he was buried, and resurrected Jesus Christ.

The Citadel ends the walk through the Old town. Here at the Jaffa gate, was the Palace of Herod the Great, built of cyclopean stone blocks. Now in the citadel of the city Museum.


Nazareth is the town where two thousand years ago, the family of Joseph and Mary Jesus Christ was born. There are many places associated with the life of the Holy Family. The most significant of them is the marble Church of the Annunciation.

Now Nazareth is populated mainly by Arabs. The city is always a lot of pilgrims from all over the world, they are built for budget hotels, but the place is sorely lacking.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Nazareta


The city is located in the fertile Sharon valley, reputed to be the breadbasket of Israel. Citrus is grown here, produced many other agricultural products.

Netanya is famous for and as Israel's largest center for cut diamonds, this art was brought here by the master-immigrants from the Netherlands, who fled from the Nazi occupation during the Second world war.

Netanya — crowded international sea resort, and the income from tourism exceeds the income of the city from the sale of agricultural products. Here a magnificent promenade, dotted with beach bars and cafes, and hotels, no less than in Eilat.


In the ancient Egyptian papyrus of the XIX century BCE found the name of the Phoenician city and port of acre. In 333 BC, the city opened the gates to the troops of Alexander the great. Here are preserved medieval buildings of the Crusades.

The city of the crusaders. The citadel of the crusaders, the hospital of the knights of ion exchangers, dungeons. Well-restored vaulted hall, now located 10 metres under the ground.

The crypt of the hospital, where one was visited by the famous traveler Marco Polo. Marble Turkish bath (XVIII century) coaching Inn, mosque of Sultan Ahmed.


City synagogues and artists, located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. In the Holy land no city, located above Safed.

Medieval Safed was the center of Jewish mysticism - Jewish teachings of Kabbalah.

Safed — one of Judaism's four Holy cities of Judaism. The graves of Kabbalists attract crowds of Orthodox Jews, making the pilgrimage.


Caesarea was founded as a Phoenician port in the IV century BC, Roman Caesar Augustus brought the land in the gift of king Herod, who built a splendid city and in gratitude gave him the name of Caesar. In the Chronicles of Josephus reported that there was a Hippodrome, a forum, decorated with marble statues.

The city is famous for the world's only underwater archaeological Museum. For it is fenced off 40 000 square meters of the seabed, where divers are shown the ruins of the port facilities, built by Roman engineers in the days of king Herod of the new Testament nearly two thousand years ago, the Foundation of the lighthouse, amphorae, anchors and other finds.

The Museum for tourists runs a diving school, here you can rent equipment.

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Many Roman ruins are preserved on land. Extensive archaeological excavations carried out continuously, it is possible to get to the popular tours. Well-preserved aqueduct, which the city received water from the mountains.

On the sea shore, Herod built a theatre, famous for excellent acoustics. It was restored and is now on an antique scene arrange view.

Caesarea national Park — exploring ancient and medieval ruins, among which remains of the Cathedral built by the crusaders.

According to legend, here the knights Templar kept the Holy Grail — the chalice that collected the blood of the crucified Christ. The Cathedral was built by the crusaders of king Richard the Lionheart to stop Caesarea the Sultan Saladin.

Among athletes Caesarea is famous for its beautiful Golf course. Impossible to believe that in the place of many acres of neatly trimmed green lawn was dull stony desert.


The time of the founding of a settlement on the site of the modern city dates back to biblical antiquity, but there are no special attractions.

Ashdod — a major deep-water commercial port, competing with Haifa, the center of reception of immigrants traveling to Israel from around the world. Here every step possible to meet former compatriots, who have not forgotten the Russian language.

The first visit to Israel causes a cultural shock: my head does not fit the dates, names, which are associated with the history of human civilization,left its mark on this small piece of rocky land.

And the plane will definitely have a desire to come back here again to have a closer look in this mirror story. And, perhaps, to consider it yourself.