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Beach holidays in Israel on the Mediterranean sea: the best resorts and hotels

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Israel is among those countries in the resorts where you can relax all year round. Every tourist in the country can find a suitable area.

Resorts of Israel on the Mediterranean sea is one of the most popular. In the area of this coast there are a greater number of seaside resorts, and the length of the coastal strip is 230 kilometers.

The resort city of Israel on the Mediterranean sea - map

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The Mediterranean coast of Israel was popular even before the formation of the country itself.

Even the ancient Romans liked to relax in these places and settled in their spas.

Modern the Mediterranean coast of Israel is a one big resort. Here are located the most luxurious hotels in the country.

Tel Aviv

The most famous Israeli resort in the Mediterranean. Translated, the name means "spring on the slopes".

Main attractions of the resort located in the old part of the city known as Jaffa. The number of residents in tel Aviv more than 400 thousand people, and together the area is more than 3,5 million people.

poberezhe Tel-Aviva

The resort is famous for its contrasts. Modern neighborhoods are intertwined with typical Middle Eastern buildings and narrow streets. Luxurious restaurants there are cheap eateries, while the modern shopping malls you can find flea markets.

Cultural program at the resort can be visiting world-class museums, theatres and concert halls.

The most interesting attractions of the resort are the following:

  • The old port, which was abandoned in 1965. Only in 90-ies it was turned into a tourist area, where you can stroll, eat, entertain and buy Antiques for a special market, open once a week;
  • White city is a collection of areas in the centre of the resort buildings which were built in 1920-1950 years in the Bauhaus style;
  • Buildings in the White city are predominantly white in color, and also differ in functionality and convenience.

  • Home-pagoda - building, which is connected with an interesting story. Wealthy citizen M. Bloch ordered the house project of architect A. levy. The original plan of the building is not like a Flea and he appealed to the American architect who did not consider the work of the local architecture. The customer was again forced to reject the project.

    Flea nothing left to turn to Levi, and in retaliation he created the building, which mixed the styles of different epochs.

  • Jaffa clock tower - the first civic building of the early XX century, where there the dial. Before her clock was only installed in Church bell towers or minarets.

Tel-Avivskaya bashnya

All the beaches are clean. The coast is covered with sand of Golden hue. Very often they are called youth. More great beaches:

  • Hof Hatzuk. This paid beach has an excellent infrastructure. There is paid Parking and rental of equipment for activities;
  • On the beach are all conditions for comfortable rest. Look for it in the North of the resort.

  • Tel Baruch. On this beach you can find a large number of wealthy young people. Tel Baruch enjoys a wide popularity. High waves on the beach allowed us to open it to the surf club. On the beach there is a Playground, and areas for picnics and Parking;
  • Nordau. The beach is fenced from the bustle of the citythe fence is closed. He refers to the Jewish religious beaches, where women and men rest on different days. For all the beach is open only on Saturdays.


This resort is among the largest in Israel. Geographically, it is located in the heart of the coast. There are all conditions for active relaxation. Among the best beaches:

  1. Blue Bay. The Northern part of the beach is a favorite spot of fans of sea fishing. South beach, going surfing, and in the Central part of the lovers of quiet lying in the sun. The beach has a well-developed infrastructure;
  2. Cans. The private beach is fenced by a high fence. Designed to separate men and women - Orthodox Jews;
  3. Of onot. Noisy youth beach. It has all the conditions for an active beach holiday.

pribrezhnaya zona Netanii

The resort has a riding school, playgrounds for beach soccer. Entertainment in Netanya is popular ride in the jeeps, fishing, Golf. The length of the local beaches are 14 km. The city's population is about 190 thousand people.


The third largest city in the country and one of the best resorts in the world. There are plenty of hotels, cozy restaurants and bars.

Around the city you can find many picturesque places for a quiet holiday.

At the resort, beautiful parks and sandy beaches. The best beach area:

  • Bat-Galim. The oldest and most famous resort beach. Has a well-developed infrastructure, Playground and Parking. The southern part of the beach is reserved for surfing. Here rise very high waves;
  • Hoof-Hasheket. There is always a calm sea. On the beach, few tourists, so staying there is peaceful and quiet. There are separate bathing schedule for men and women;
  • Kiryat-Haim. There is a separate religious bathing area. The beach has a straight coastline.

Haifa is not only a wonderful sea and beaches but also many attractions. Many of them belong to the days of Ancient Rome. Great interest of tourists in the resort cause the Bahai gardens. They are protected by UNESCO. Gardens surround the tomb of the Bab. They are located on 19 terraces.

The resort is the only city in Israel which has a metro.


otdyh v Gerclii

The resort is ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. A small and cozy town located on the outskirts of tel Aviv.

The resort Herzliya practically no shops, but there are a large number of hotels.

Stay in Herzliya is not cheap. Among the best beaches of: "Apollonia" and "Cindy-Ali". The beaches are narrow sandy strip are clean sea. Arcadia beach is famous for its concerts which are regularly held here.

The luxury resort is fairly expensive to pay. In Herzliya there are plenty of rich people of Israel.

Of the attractions of the resort are worth noting:

  1. The open University of Israel;
  2. National Park and Arsuf;
  3. The archaeology Museum in Kfar Saba.

Beach holidays on the Israeli Mediterranean

On the shoreline of the Mediterranean sea, Israel situated 87 best beach areas of the country. Conventionally, the coast is divided into North and South.

SDG Beach

peschanyj Cur Bich

The beaches of this coastline are considered the best in the country. Their length is 10 km away. the Beach is divided into 10 separate areas, which are not similar to each other. The most popular beach of this city is SDG beach. It has:

  • good infrastructure (nice);
  • a paid Parking lot.

The entrance to the beaches of the city free. Next to them is a large number of hotels and a wide network of cafes and restaurants.

Bat Yam

This small town belongs to the southern suburbs of tel Aviv. Among the advantages of a local beach:

  1. the coastal strip is protected from waves by a picturesque lagoon;
  2. the sea has a convenient entrance;
  3. the bottom and the shore covered with sand;
  4. the beach is surrounded by expensive hotels.


Pure shores is Central in Netanya.

Sirona is located near the picturesque promenade surrounded by hotels, restaurants and bars.

Has a well-developed infrastructure. Among the advantagesbeach:

  • the calm sea, protected by two breakwaters;
  • the beach can be reached from the promenade on the Elevator;
  • created conditions for the practice of yoga.


beregovaya liniya Ahziv

The beach is part of the achziv National Park. Coastal sand strip has a width of 200 meters and is divided into a small Bay. In them you can find octopuses and turtles. Among the advantages of the beach:

  1. Achziv is an excellent choice for lovers of diving;
  2. surrounded by national Park, the coastal strip is perfectly clean;
  3. near the beach are ruins of the ancient city;
  4. the beach is well suited for children's activities.

From achziv beach paved a special road to the ruins of the Phoenician city.


The beach in Caesarea, near the ruins. The entrance leads to the sea through an ancient archway, part of a Roman aqueduct. Features of the beach:

  • clean picturesque beach;
  • the beach is 2 km;
  • solitude and silence;
  • well - developed infrastructure.

Most tourists come to these places in order to visit the ancient ruins.


This beach is located in Netanya. Down to it from the embankment on the Elevator. Among its positive features:

  1. a well-equipped territory;
  2. directly on the beach is a popular resort Thai restaurant;
  3. on the beach has created the conditions for games in volleyball and football;
  4. there are water slides and trampolines for children as well as equipment rental;
  5. is the beach in the Central part of the city.

Bar Kochba

peschanaya polosa Bar Kohba

The picturesque beach stretches along a beautiful promenade. Go down to the shore "hanging gardens". Notable features of the beach:

  • the calm sea is provided by the breakwaters placed along the entire length of the beach and divide it into little sand Bay;
  • the place is quite romantic - in these places the sand of the sea continually throws pieces of old amphorae;
  • the beach has very well developed infrastructure.

Is Bar Kochba in Ashkelon.


It is the oldest beach of Haifa. Its length is almost 2 km. it Is located opposite the train station. Features of the beach area dado:

  1. on Saturdays at the beach are folk ensembles;
  2. in its southern part you can find tables and benches made of stone, next to them is a barbecue area.

The beach is very popular among local residents.

Not the most pleasant time relaxing on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea in Israel - June. At this time, to the coast, where a large number of jellyfish.

Least of all jellyfish encountered on beaches in the Northern part of the coast.

Best coastal hotels

On the Mediterranean coast, located best luxury hotels in the country. They provide a high level of service. Among the best hotels in the coastal tourist complexes of different level of service.

David InterContinental 5*

otel David InterContinental

One of the best luxury hotels in Israel. It is located near downtown tel Aviv and famous restaurant "Baba Yaga". May stay with their children. It works according to the scheme "all inclusive". Presents the staff, speaking different languages. The hotel provides a complete list of all services and is situated next to the beach, Shalom Meir.

The hotel's 555 rooms. All rooms of class "Suite" has a panoramic view of the sea. The hotel has:

  • paid Wi-Fi;
  • outdoor pool;
  • Laundry;
  • mail;
  • Parking.

Also there are shops, restaurants, Spa and other services. Very popular with guests of the hotel is the lobby bar with an Executive lounge and cigar bar with a large selection of various drinks.

To reserve a room in one of the hotels in Israel, you can use this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Blue Bay Netaniy 4*

The hotel can accommodate children. It is located 4 km from Netanya and has 189 rooms of different class. It has:

  1. 2 pools;
  2. large lounge;
  3. terrace;
  4. 4 halls fornegotiations;
  5. Parking;
  6. Laundry.

The hotel has free Internet access and fitness center. In the standard equipment of rooms includes: air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, safes, Hairdryers and telephones.

The hotel Blue Bay Netaniy has its own, but is not equipped, the beach.

Residence 3*

The hotel is located in the center of Netanya. The hotel has 96 rooms. Part of their standard equipment includes:

  • refrigerator;
  • Hairdryer;
  • TV;
  • phone;
  • safe;
  • air conditioning.

The hotel has a kosher dining room, Parking for cars of hotel guests, as well as a synagogue and a hall for holding business conferences. You can order the services of a nanny.

In the price included Breakfast and dinner. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, sports and children's playgrounds. The nearest airport is 40 km away. Free Internet available in the lobby.

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