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World map in Russian - Israel: where is the Dead sea?

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The dead sea is a unique hypercalemia pond, at the mention of which immediately come to mind a variety of facts with the prefix "most". It is the most salty lake in the world, the most low-lying relative to sea level, as well as the most beneficial for our health.

Map of the Dead sea in Russian language

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Being a Spa and health resort, landmark and attraction, the Dead sea is of particular interest. Come to him to cure a lot of ailments, to stretch out on the water at full length and not to drown and also to make a vivid photo of this unusual place.


His appearance, the Dead sea owes a huge depression in the earth's crust, beginning in the South of Turkey and ending in Zimbabwe. Here, at the bottom of the Syrian-African rift, was formed lake, where every day the waters of the Jordan and several smaller rivers.

For many thousands of years the geographical position of the Dead sea has varied. This occurred as a result of earthquakes, drying or decrease of the water.

Once this lake had access even to the Mediterranean, but a volcanic eruption had blocked the Strait. Today, the salt pond is located in Western Asia on the East of the Judean desert.

Dead sea washes the shores of Jordan and Israel, and on both coasts you can find a lot of resorts.


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Because of the geological situation of the Dead sea had a rather complex history, its topography is very interesting. The shores of salt lakes are located at 420 meters below the World ocean level, being the lowest point on Earth.

The dead sea consists of two basinsconnected by an isthmus, which appeared here in 1977. The depth of the Northern basin, which is popular among tourists, is 369 metres, and in some places reaches 780 metres. The width of the water area of about 1 km length 76 km. In the southern part of the lake the water level is small, because there is constantly the extraction of useful gifts.

The Dead sea is continuously formed salt crystals, which then turn into salt pillars. Among them the most famous mountain Gray were once simple salt plug at the bottom of the lake. The mountain was formed by intense underground pressure, whereby the thickness of the salt embossed on the surface. Over time, because of the rain it formed an unusual cave.

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In the Dead sea area is the continuous high temperature (38-40°C), but the chance is quite unlikely. Such benefits arose due to the low location and the extremely high evaporation of water.

As a result of these unique features, there is formed a layer of "protective filter", so to be in the sun for up to 8 hours.

While the region has low humidity and falls a small amount of precipitation.

When to go to relax?

Due to the unique climate, relax at the Dead sea all year round, as this resort is not as hot as in other regions of Israel and Jordan. Holiday season here lasts from March by November, but even in January the water temperature does not fall below the level of 20 degrees.

Most comfortable here in April or late October, but it is worth considering that the cost of the holidays can get much more expensive. The hottest months are poorly suited for vacation – July and August.

The dead sea on the map of Israel

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Many travelers Dead sea, primarily associated with Israel and its health resorts, where they treat even that is beyond medicine.

  • Those who choosestay at the Dead sea, you can go to one of the public beaches, of which there are about ten. The most popular places for a beach holiday located in Ein Bokek – a resort town on the shore of the lake. The city itself is a huge recreation complex, which will help to get rid of all diseases, starting with the skin and ending with the cosmetic procedures.
  • In addition to therapeutic recreation in Ein Bokek there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with unique flora and fauna the Dead sea or explore the sights.

  • Another significant resort Dead sea – hamei Zohar, considered the best place for a beach holiday. Here are the cleanest public beaches, wild areas, and there is the coast, separately for men or women. The territory of each coastal zone equipped with tents, showers, changing rooms and toilets.

Pay a visit to the beaches of the Dead sea:

  1. Potassium is a well – equipped area for relaxation and swimming;
  2. Bianchini – clean and well maintained beach with tents, toilets and lawns;
  3. Neve Midbar, modern beach, with plenty of mud underfoot;
  4. Anot Zakim beach that has a pool and rides.

Nature a variety of beaches. Here you can find a coast of Golden sand, gravel or green lawn that goes directly to the sea.

The pros and cons of vacation

A visit to the Dead sea has a lot of advantages, the opportunity to improve their health and to receive impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

By itself, the water in the lake is reminiscent of vegetable oil, so it does not completely immersed in it, pushing swimmers to the surface. This allows you to relax and get pleasure from the stay in an unusual place. Such properties are unique – very unlikely to experience this anywhere else in other resorts.

The waters of the Dead sea have a high concentration of minerals and salts, and the local mud is believed to be curative and is being sold as a unique makeup. Even a simple stay in a lake will contribute to the improvement and rejuvenation of the body.

By the way, in the resorts and cosmetic products from miracle mud is cheap, but if you want it you can dial right on the beach – she will have the same healing properties as the purchase option.

The disadvantages include the fact that to be in the Dead sea can not be longer than 20 minutes, otherwise the body becomes dehydrated, which amid the heat will lead to dangerous consequences.

Thus, the Dead sea is an incredibly popular destination for those who wish to combine business with pleasure – have a good time, ozdorovit the body.