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How and how much to fly to Israel (tel Aviv, Eilat) from Moscow and SPb?

Skolko letet do Izrailya?

Israel – the Holy land, where flock of visitors and tourists from all over the world. Reasons to visit Israel quite a lot. Someone coming here to relax, someone to visit religious shrines, and even fly here for treatment.

Its independence the country gained in 1948, but during this short period of time, the people of Israel built an attractive country with a high economic level.

Israel is bordered by the Dead sea and the Mediterranean, here the hot climate, which attracts many tourists.

Flights to Israel does not take much time. The country has many international airports. In tel Aviv, two of them - "SDE Dov", "Ben-Gurion", in Eilat airport Ovda and Haifa airport of the same name.

Most tourists select airport located in the capital of the country.

How long is the flight (time and distance)?

From Moscow to Israel, the plane flies an average of about 4 hours. During this period of time, the plane covers the distance in 2 thousand 646 km time difference between countries is 1 hour. In Moscow for an hour more.

From St. Petersburg (SPb) to Israel aircraft flies on average for 4.5 hours. During this time the aircraft flies 3 128 thousand km the time Difference is 1 hour. In St. Petersburg for an hour more.

To tel Aviv from Moscow the plane flies for 3.5 hours. From Peter flight will take a little more time - 5 hours. Distance – 2918 km To Eilat from Moscow can be reached in 4.5 hours. The aircraft flies 2 thousand 918 km in that time.

From Petersburg the plane through a distance of 3 thousand 396 miles in 6 hours.

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How to fly?

Direct flights from Moscow to tel Aviv are daily from Domodedovo airport. The plane lands at the international airport "Ben Gurion".

To get to Eilat you can only Charter flights, they land at the airport "Ovda".

From St. Petersburg direct flights to tel Aviv are also run daily. In Eilat can be reached only with transfers.

With transfers from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to Israel can be accessed through the following cities:

With a transfer flight to Israel takes from 8 to 26 hours.

The planes are what airlines fly to Israel?

Every day from Russia to Israel runs for about 5 flights. Direct flights only from Moscow and St. Petersburg with arrival at the airports in Eilat and tel Aviv.

Flights to Israel perform the following airlines:

  • Aeroflot – Russian airlines;
  • EL AL – Israel airlines;
  • Arkia Israeli airline;
  • Israir is an Israeli airline;
  • Belavia – Belarusian airlines;
  • Turkish Airlines – Turkish airlines;
  • Air Baltic – Baltic airlines;
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines – Royal Jordanian airlines.

Samolety kakih aviakompanij letaut v Izrail?

Search for cheap flights

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The main airports

Airport Ben Gurion is a key feature of the country. It is located in the center of the country, close to Jaffa. From the capital of Israel the airport is located 15 km from Jerusalem, 40 km away.

The airport complex is served by two terminals-one for low-cost international and domestic flights, the second serves only international.

The airport is equipped with modern appliances. For waiting there the Internet works, room for children, shops, restaurants, cafes, rooms for disabled guests, Luggage storage etc.

The Ovda airport is located 60 km from the resort town of Eilat. There is land different types of aircraft.

It is planned to return the airport to the subordination of the Israeli air force, however, it will be done after the construction of the new terminal Timan.

The existing airport has the form of a military facility. Inside the complex there are no cash machines and shops. In the airport lobby has a small waiting room where you can eat. The airport has only a duty-free shop.

If you are planning to go on vacation in Israel, you need to remember that in the summer months here are extremely hot.

In addition, it is necessary to consider that in Israel the pilgrims from all over the world on religious holidays. At such times, come to the sites is impossible.

Peak season is July-December, February through November, ticket prices are falling rapidly. A flight with a connection lasts a long time, but the tickets for such flights are cheaper.