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The sights of Cambodia with pictures and description: Angkor Wat

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For a long time Cambodia was virtually closed not only for tourists but for foreigners. Heavy fate of the country in the XX century, the dictatorship of the Khmer Rouge unleashed genocide in the country, and the invasion of neighboring States made a visit of Cambodia is extremely dangerous.

After the civil war, the country began to develop tourism. Every year, it attracts nearly 5 million people, the majority of tourists visit the unique deserted city-temple of Angkor in Cambodia. Sightseeing with a photo and description you will find here.

The map attractions of Cambodia in the Russian language

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The main attraction of Cambodia, which attracts millions of tourists, is the abandoned city of Angkor, which houses the main masterpieces of Khmer architecture, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. But apart from the famous temples of Angkor, Cambodia has something to see and do.

Angkor Wat where they filmed "Lara Croft"?

Gigantic in its dimensions Angkor Wat is the main asset of Cambodia and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The temple of Angkor Wat is part of the Angkor abandoned capital of the Khmer Empire, a Grand medieval town that have survived numerous temples.

Angkor Wat — the most famous part of the city, Hindu temple in honor of the God Vishnu built of Sandstone and tuff in the XII century by king Suryavarman II.

hramovyj kompleks Angkor Vat

Angkor Wat was built in the classic period of Khmer architecture and is a masterpiece and example of the style. The Church was opened by Europeans in the mid-nineteenth century after 400 years after it was abandoned.

The area of the entire archaeological complex of Angkor is more than 400 km2, the Park is home to many forgotten and abandoned temples such as Angkor Thom, Bayon, Pre Cana monastery, Bakong, Banter-This iconic pools of the East baray, Pre, Non-Pean, and many other masterpieces.

A wide range of audiences the temples of Angkor in the movie "Lara Croft: tomb raider" which was filmed at the temple of TA Prohm. After filming the locals jokingly renamed the complex to the temple of Angelina Jolie.

What to see in Phnom Penh?

The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh is a large and bustling city with a population of more than 1 million 300 thousand people. The city was built in the XIX century, and a century later it was moved to the capital from Angkor, so Phnom Penh is full of historical attractions.

Royal Palace of Phnom Penh, built in the mid-nineteenth century after the return of the city its capital status. The Palace is made in the classic Buddhist style, to visit open 7 of the 9 pavilions of the Palace, and in the closed to visit the premises is still home to the Royal family.

chto posetit v Pnompene?

The silver pagoda is a complex of Royal Palace Phnom Penh. The second name of the pagoda is the temple of the emerald Buddha. His first name pagoda was for the fact that its floor is lined with 500-pound plates of silver, and for the second statue of Buddha, made of green crystal.

There is in the pagoda and the statue of the Golden Buddha, made of 90 kilograms of the precious metal and decorated with diamonds.

The Buddhist monastery of Wat Phnom was founded in the XIV century the city's founding. In fact, it is from the monastery and the history of the capital of Cambodia.

The monastery, which is considered the main Church of the country, is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhist believers and tourists who want to join this world religion. Impressive staircase leading to the temple, decorated with sculptures of warriors, lions and serpents. Wat Phnom is especially beautiful at night, as at this time of day it is illuminated with special lights.

Interesting objects Sihanoukville

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In Sihanoukville tourists mainly come to relax on its beautiful beaches and swim in the sea. A city is not as rich as Sihanoukville was founded only in 50-ies of XX century as a port city.

The main man-made attraction of Sihanoukville is the sculpture "Golden lions", located in the city centre and inside the road junctions. Despite the fact that the composition was installed quite recently, "Golden lions" managed to catch the fancy of tourists became the main symbol of the city.

Other places of interest located in the suburbs of Sihanoukville are natural attractions, such as kbal 9 kilometers from the city, monkey island Khon Rong or a huge national Park of Ream, where you can get acquainted with the wildlife of Cambodia.

Guide to Siem Reap

The city has several names: Siem Reap, Siem reap, Siem reap. And its name means "Siam defeated". For a long time Siem Reap was only a fishing village until, during the French colonization did not become the tourist capital of Cambodia due to the proximity to the complexes of Angkor.

Recovering from the reign of the Khmer Rouge, Siem Reap is now the major tourist centre of Cambodia and the gateway to the Angkor complexes. However, the city is something to see.

  • Angkor national Museum tells about the history and culture of the Khmer, who created a unique civilization of the Khmer Empire. A large part of the exhibits were found during archaeological excavations in the Angkor. The Museum consists of 8 halls, each one dedicated to a certain aspect of the civilization of the Khmers.
  • ekskursii po Siem Rip

  • Cambodia cultural village — theme Park, acquainting the tourists with the customs and mores of the ordinary people of Cambodia. The Park consists of 11 villages, each of which represents a separate nation, living in the country. In addition to viewing the exhibits you can observe different ceremonies and performances, including the famous national dance of the Apsaras.
  • Buddhist pagodas of Wat Bo and Wat Kesararam, located in the city, of course, not as impressive as the temples of Angkor, but will introduce a Buddhist history of the Khmer Rouge. Wat Bo is the oldest Buddhist temple in the city, founded in the XV century.

Udong and Battambang

Other cities of Cambodia are not very popular, although the reason for this probably is their distance from the main tourist routes and inaccessibility are not the most advanced in terms of country roads.

The exception is another former capital city of Cambodia, Udong, located near Phnom Penh and included in the UNESCO world Heritage list. The main attractions are the ruins of the temple Vihear Pre At Rose, destroyed by the Khmer Rouge, and the Royal Hill of Wealth, where according to legend buried in the Royal Treasury. The Vipassana centre at Udong attracts people from all over the world who want to touch the mysteries of Eastern meditation.

The second largest city Battambang impress travelers with a huge statue of the legendary local hero Bambang Craneage and dignified colonial architecture. In Kep you should definitely visit the Cave temple, the road to which is guarded by apes, and the altar of live bats.

What else to do in the country - photo and description

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The list of attractions of Cambodia is not confined to Hindu and Buddhist temples.


The main natural attraction in the country is Tonle SAP lake, located in the center of the country and often referred to as the interior Cambodian sea. To reach the lake is easiest from Siem reap feature Tonlesap are local residents, living in a floating village of boat houses.

You can also admire the stone Buddhist temple, built on stilts. The Tonle SAP lake are connected by a Strait with the largest river on the Indochinese Peninsula with the Mekong, which is also a unique natural object of Cambodia and surrounding countries.

To admire this river giant is easiest in Phnom Penh on the Mekong riverbank.

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Unusual places

Neobychnyj Koh Ker

Not many people know that not only in Egyptbut also in Cambodia have their own pyramid. Abandoned city-temple of Koh ker is situated away from the main attractions of Angkor, so to go in this city will, most likely, on their own.

The main attraction of Koh ker is a death pyramid Prasat Prang, which is part of the temple complex of Prasang Thom.36-meter high pyramid is one of the main monuments of the Khmer Empire, and the abandoned city of Koh ker, located in the jungle, impressive in its loneliness and ancient buildings.

What to visit on your own?

A sad landmark of Phnom Penh is a Museum complex consisting of the Museum of genocide Tol Sleng and the killing Fields at Choeung Ek.

Tol Sleng — the former prison, through which during the reign of the Khmer Rouge were about 140 thousand people, destroyed on the Fields of death. The Museum complex has captured the memory of the victims of this mass crime and serves as a reminder to future generations about the barbarism of the XX century.

Travel tips

Cambodia is not the most developed and richest country in Southeast Asia, moreover, there still remain scars of the civil war and the dictatorship of the Khmer Rouge. Therefore, Cambodia should comply with certain precautions.

  1. Journey to the province carries some risk, since since the Khmer Rouge regime in the hands of the population remains a large number of firearms, and many forests are mined.
  2. The main tourist areas and the capital of Cambodia is almost safe, but it is better not to walk alone after sunset.

    rekomendacii puteshestvennikam

  3. In Cambodia, common theft, especially pocket, so you should follow certain precautions: do not leave valuables and Luggage unattended, be careful to behave in places of a mass congestion of people, not to "leak" large amounts of money and jewelry.
  4. The country banned the photographing stations, airports, military facilities. Violations of these rules may lead to explanations with not the most pleasant Cambodian police. When photographing in the temples, you should ask permission from the local clergy.
  5. In Cambodia you can relax, almost not exchanging currency. The American dollar is accepted everywhere, in all institutions of the country: shops, hotels, museums and cafes. Prices are usually listed in dollars.

    The local currency is the Riel will come in handy when trips to market and when shopping at small street vendors, so that you can exchange a small amount at a national Cambodian currency. Bank cards are only accepted in major hotels and banks, ATMs, virtually no, especially in the provinces, so it is necessary to have at itself cash.

  6. Shops and markets open early, around 6 am and usually closed at 17:00, so Cambodia should not proceed with purchases and set it aside for the evening.
  7. Like any other cuisine from South East Asia, the national cuisine of Cambodia differs a wide range of applicable products (even insects) and sharpness. Therefore, when buying street food and orders in the cafe is better to clarify the meal and to prepare for the fact that almost any food will be extremely spicy.

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