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Where is Cambodia on the world map: tour in this country from Pattaya

Kambodzha na karte mira

Cambodia is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists. Despite the fact that it is quite a poor country, the unique sights of the country and the improving infrastructure makes Cambodia one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Cambodia on the world map it is easy to find, because it is adjacent to popular resorts.

Cambodia on the world map and Asia on the Russian language

Strana na mirovom atlase

Cambodia is small in population and area is a tropical country located on the Asian continent.

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Where it is located and with which countries it borders?

Cambodia is situated in the region of Southeast Asia in the southern part of the Indochina Peninsula on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand.

Neighbors of Cambodia are three States:

  • Thailand in the West;
  • Laos in the North;
  • Vietnam in the East.

General information about the country

Since 1993, Cambodia restored the monarchy, but the king has no power and is limited by Parliament. Political system Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy.

obshaya informaciya

The population of the country — nearly 16 million people, of which about 90% Khmer, and in addition the country is also home separate nation mountain Khmer, Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The official language of Cambodia is Khmer. The vast majority of Cambodians are Buddhist (95%).

The capital and largest city of Cambodia — Phnom Penh, whose population exceeds 2.3 million people.

The total area of the country — about 180 km2.


The climate in Cambodia is tropical monsoon, divided into two seasons: dry (November to April) and wet (may — October). A particularly large amount of rainfall in September and October, at this time the lakes and rivers of Cambodia overflow their banks and many roads in the province blurs.

The dry season features the most comfortable for Europeans weather: the average temperature is from 20 to 24°C and almost no precipitation. With the beginning of spring the temperature rises, and April gets too hot.

In the summer months the average temperature falls slightly because of the abundance of strong, but short-term rains, but high humidity brings serious discomfort. The optimal time to visit Cambodia is from November to February, when practically no rainfall and the temperatures are relatively comfortable not only beaches but also for excursions into the jungle, which is the Angkor Wat.

The entrance to the Russians

vezd dlya grazhdan Rossii

Border and passport control in Cambodia, as a rule, is not difficulties for the Russians. At the same time, communication between Russia and the Kingdom not yet established, so getting to Cambodia will have with transfers.

Do I need a permit?

To visit Cambodia as well as for transit traffic through the territory of the country need a visa. Nevertheless, this rule has an exception: between Thailand and Cambodia signed an agreement under which tourists can visit with a neighbouring country on her visa. Thus encouraged a trip from Thailand to Cambodia and Vice versa.

In all other cases, for passport control, you need a visa permit in Cambodia.

What kind of visa is required?

There are several types of visasCambodia:

  1. Tourist visa valid for 1 month;
  2. Business visa, validity — from 3 to 12 months;
  3. Retirement visa for 12 months to qualify for the receipt of citizens of the RF aged over 50.

Visa to Cambodia can be issued in three ways:

  • In the standard wayby contacting the Embassy, Consulate or visa center;
  • On arrival at the airport (Phnom Penh or Siem Reap);
  • Through the Internet is issued an electronic visa (e-visa), valid for 3 months.

How to get?

For obtaining a visa at the Consulate is required to submit the following:

  1. Passport;
  2. 3 photos 4×6 or 3×4 cm;
  3. Filled in the questionnaire.

kak oformit?

Cost of service fee — $ 30.

Visa on arrival is issued at the airports of Phnom Penh or Siem reap, the fee is 30 (travel for a month) and $ 40 (3 months) to $ 300 (business visa). To obtain the necessary passport photograph (standard requirements), passport. May also require medical records, but it can miss without it.

The cost of e-visa is $ 35, for receiving you also need:

  • To provide a scanned picture of a standard sample;
  • To fill in the questionnaire on the Internet website of the Embassy of Cambodia.

Any of the types of visas can be extended, in the territory of Cambodia and contact the Immigration service of the country. The fee for the visa extension will cost $ 45.

How to get there?

Cambodia is quite difficult for Russians country on the Asian continent. To get into Cambodia, you will have to first get to neighbouring Vietnam or Thailand.

From Russia

Direct flights from Russia to Cambodia there, so tourists have to fly instead. The most optimal are indirect flights in Bangkok (Thailand), which are of the largest Russian cities:

  1. Moscow;
  2. Saint-Petersburg;
  3. Novosibirsk;
  4. Of Yekaterinburg;
  5. Of Kazan;
  6. Irkutsk;
  7. Khabarovsk;
  8. Vladivostok.

Also in Cambodia you can fly with a stopover in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam), Seoul (South Korea) and other options direct.

polety iz Moskvy

The flight from Bangkok to Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap) will cost additionally in the amount of approximately $ 80, from Ho Chi Minh city — $ 90.

Travel time from Moscow to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh city will be about 9-10 hours, a flight from Bangkok to cities in Cambodia will take about an hour.

Besides, we must note that the time difference is 4 hours in winter and 3 in summer. Thus, in order to get to Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville or Siem Reap will be gone almost all day, even if you choose the best connecting flights with a minimum of time spent in airports.

From Thailand

There are several ways to get to Cambodia from Thailand. The fastest option is to use local airlines. The flights are operated from Bangkok to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, but the prices bite, 1 ticket will cost about $ 80.

Much more cheaper ways to get on the local train lines or use the bus. From Pattaya go to the special tour buses organized by local agencies, the cost will be about $ 20 to Siem reap or 10 dollars to the border. However, the cheapest and fun ways to get to the Cambodian border or the cities of Cambodia is to travel independently with transfers at the border.

From Bangkok to the border town Aranyaprathet is reachable by bus (5 hours) or by train (the cheapest way, travel time — 5 hours 30 minutes). In Aranyaprathet, you can go through passport control to cross the border and then already be in the Cambodian town of Poipet, from where a bus of interest in Cambodia.

To Siem reap from Poipet can be reached by public buses ($9), a taxi ($30-50) or the most extreme way — the pickups of local residents, the journey will cost 5-7 dollars.

From Pattaya to the border with Cambodia at the Aranyaprathet also buses and mini-bus services (ticket price — about $ 9).

From Vietnam

kak dobratsya iz Vetnama?

From Vietnam to Cambodia is the easiest way to fly on the plane. Flights from Ho Chi Minh city to Phnom Penh fly daily, the ticket price will be $ 100-150.

The most popular way is to take a bus, the ticketwill cost about $ 10-15, journey time approximately 9 hours. Also from Ho Chi Minh city to Phnom Penh can be reached by night train, the ticket price which is around $ 18.

However, the most exciting and exotic way to reach Cambodia from Vietnam is to go by boat on the Mekong river. Water as flights depart from Ho Chi Minh city and the Vietnamese border town of Chau Doc. Flights from Ho Chi Minh city, as a rule, the tour, their value will cost about $ 45 per person.

From Caudata ticket will cost about $ 38, and the journey to Phnom Penh takes about 5 hours.

A plane ticket you can purchase right now. In this search form, enter city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.


Besides, in order to see the amazing Angkor Wat or take a walk through the streets of Phnom Penh does not have to go purposefully to Cambodia. It is possible to take a tour to this country, resting on first-class resorts of neighbouring Vietnam or Thailand.

From Pattaya

Excursions from Pattaya last 2 or 3 days. The two-day tour includes a visit to Tonle SAP lake, dinner at the restaurant of Siem reap, where tourists demonstrates the Apsara dance and overnight at the hotel in the city. The next day, tourists will visit Angkor and its magnificent temples:

  • Angkor Wat;
  • Baiona;
  • TA Prohm, where the film "Lara Croft: tomb raider";
  • Terrace of the leper king.

ekskursii iz Pattaji

After the trip to Angkor bus extends back to Pattaya.

A three-day trip to Cambodia except Angkor and Tonlesap includes a visit to Phnom kulen national Park and a tour of Siem reap visit the temples and museums.

From Nha Trang

The trip from Nha Trang to the main treasure of Cambodia Angkor harder because Siem Reap is located in the Western part of the country quite far from the border with Vietnam. So to get to Siem reap tourists in Nha Trang is usually necessary to use air transportation, and to fly from Nha Trang to Siem Reap will have a stopover in Ho Chi Minh city.

The two day tour only includes a flight to Siem reap, sightseeing of temple complex and the same day flight to Ho Chi Minh city, overnight there and next morning flight to Nha Trang. In the three-day tours are also given time attractions of Siem reap.

The four-day tour includes two days exploring Siem reap and Angkor, and one day in Phnom Penh. All excursions where transport is the plane, the individual.

Also in Siem Reap are the bus tour from Nha Trang, they come out cheaper than the tour using the flight. But at the same time the way by bus from Nha Trang to Siem reap very long, so this tour is better to go only the most seasoned travelers without children.

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