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Where is the city Kong - show the world map in Russian language

Gonkong na karte mira

Hong Kong is a dynamically growing "state" in the state, playing not the last role on the world stage. Ultra modern city has a special status and, despite the high concentration of modern buildings, highways and industrial facilities, is of particular interest to travelers.

Hong Kong on the world map

Gorod na karte mira

As a state and the capital of the eponymous district in China, Hong Kong has a special status for the PRC, although it is difficult to find anything Chinese except for numerous population.


Hong Kong or as it is called, Hong Kong located on the Kowloon Peninsula, several Islands (Hong Kong, Lantau, lamma, Cheung Chau) and he owns about 262 small Islands that are scattered across the China sea.

The largest island of Hong Kong, both in size and population, is considered Lantau.

Although most of it is still not surveyed because of the numerous mountains and hills, but the number of inhabitants on 1 sq. m. here is really impressive (from 1000 to 3000). A significant part of the region is the Kowloon Peninsula and the Northern shore of Hong Kong island.

Every year, Hong Kong recaptures the sea and more land, so the country is slightly increased in size. Today its area together with all adjacent Islands, is about 1104 square kilometers.


For Hong Kong typical subtropical climate with cool winterand hot, but humid in the summer.

In winter, the air warms up to +22°C, and at night the air cools to 10 degrees. In the summer the thermometer can display temperature to +33°C. the Period of typhoons lasts from may to September.


The main reason why Hong Kong managed to achieve such a high status and a chance to become an independent state located near the Dongjiang river, where the main sea trade route from Europe to China. On the other sides of Hong Kong, bordering the China sea.

How to get out of Russia?

There are a few simple ways to get to the Chinese Islands. Here regularly travel the planes of Aeroflot, who are in the airport on Lantau. Flight time is approximately 10 hours.

International airlines Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways offer regular flights with a stopover.

Planes docking in cities such as Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Beijing, Bangkok and Delhi. The flights are in international airport Chek lap Kok. The flight time depends on the chosen route.

Book plane tickets using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

City map in Russian

Osnovnye rajony na russkom yazyke

Hong Kong special administrative region of China. In the country he entered in the third Millennium BC and the first settlements began to appear only in the eleventh century of our era.

Hong Kong is easily found on the map of China – it is located in the South-East of the country on the border with Guangdong and Shenzhen. With the mainland it connects the Kowloon Peninsula.

Administrative division

In fact, Hong Kong is divided into four regions: the main island of Hong Kong, Kowloon Peninsula, New territories and some Islands.

Hong Kong island is the main centre, which adjoin each other, the ultra-modern skyscrapers, the legendary center of trade, the best beach area and incredibly luxurioushotels.

Overall, Hong Kong is moving an incredibly clean area, a lot of people and round-the-clock illumination.

Kowloon – the most populated area of Hong Kong, where you can find hundreds, if not thousands of different stores. The prices here are slightly lower than in the centre region, but the problem may be that almost all sellers do not speak any language other than his native Chinese.

District New territories appeared relatively recently – in 1989, when the British leased from China for more land. In this part of the miniature state, decided to come for those who wish to retire from Hong Kong too noisy civilization as possible. There are many scenic parks in the mountains and suburban areas, and relatively wild beaches.

Individual Islands represent a list of 260 sites, which include the famous Lantau, which is Hong Kong Disneyland, the airport and a large number of places that cause excitement among the surfers. Often tourists are attracted by the opportunity to try the freshest seafood in the form in which they can cook Chinese.

The main resort areas

Hong Kong is a wonderful place for tourism because there are private and wild coast, designated for active recreational opportunities and a variety of recreational areas for visitors.

On the main island (Hong Kong) has 12 beaches, most of which is located in the South-East of the land.

The most prestigious famous Repulse Bay, where you can not only sunbathe, but also to learn to sail, sailing to scuba dive. Here is the most clean beach, Turtle Cove, and the beautiful Shek O and Big Wave Bay.

There are resort areas on other Islands:

  • Lamma – there are only two beaches, but both are famous for clear water and surrounding greens;
  • New territory in the areas of Kunimune, Sikun and Tsuen WAN there are several municipal beaches.

On Lantau only 5 great beaches, each of which is a sandy beach with calm and clean water. The coast is protected from high waves due to the small islets, covering the harbour.


Svedeniya ob administrativnom centre

Hong Kong does not stop for a second life in this region goes on around the clock.


The first settlements discovered in the XI century and until the advent of the British, in place of the ultra-modern city has a miniature fishing village. When in the nineteenth century happened opium war, the British took possession of Hong Kong and part of the Islands, establishing a base here for the naval fleet. In 1842 between China and Britain signed a Treaty, by the decision which the region passed to great Britain.

The territory reluctantly settled people. This sent the exiles, but the situation changed during the war, China and Japan.

The battle has forced many residents to rush here, so the population has increased at the expense of refugees.

In subsequent years, the Hong Kong went to Japan, then returned to Britain, but in 1997 was transferred to China and turned into a special administrative region of the country.

The population

About 95% of Hong Kong residents – Chinese, as it is home to immigrants from Southeast Asia (Indians, Filipinos, Indonesians and Pakistanis). Most of the population inhabits the Kowloon and Hong Kong, but the statistics in this region occupied only one third of the territory, although there is a population of about 7 million people.


In economic terms, Hong Kong is developed quite thoroughly. There is a private industry, openly a lot of shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and tourist facilities. But most of the revenue the Treasury brings Maritime trade.


Hong Kong has its own metro station, walk around the city like taxis, buses and double-Decker trams, and ply between the Islands ferries.

Hong Kong is a unique region of China, a huge shopping area and great tourist destination for exotic holidays.

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