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Metro map of Hong Kong on the map: opening hours and cost

karta metro Gonkonga

Hong Kong is a huge city in China, which has many attractions. The best way to move around the city for tourists is the metro. The fare is low. You can save time, quickly getting from one end of town to the other.

Metro map of Hong Kong in Russian

Hong-Kong metro , modern, comfortable. However, it has certain difficulties for tourists. Before his visit is to learn more about it.

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Features of the Hong Kong metro

Opisanie gonkongskogo metropolitena

Metro consists of eleven linesand over 150 stations. The first line was opened in 1979. After the completion of the first two lines, the creation of the metro has accelerated several times. Built line station very quickly. In a few decades managed to build a metro that covers almost the entire country.

Some may seem very large and difficult, but actually maps the metro is in English.

Benchmarks and scoreboards are located almost everywhere. Difficulties arise because of the outputs. A lot of them and they are created for the convenience of the population. Locals are well oriented, you know which suits them more, where you need to go. A tourist there is a real confusion.

Experts advise to carefully study the map of the metro and special attention is paid to outputs. Then move around the city will be much easier.

On the platforms on each side are shown, in what direction the train is moving. In the diagram you can see the subsidiary characters:

  1. Grey shaded station where the train comes;
  2. Black marked station, where is at the moment the traveler;
  3. Colored station talking about where the train will depart.

Opening hours

The time of day - from early morning to late evening. Starts underground at 6 a.m. and ends at 1am.

The cost

The ticket price for the fare might vary. It all depends on the route and distance. A one-way ticket in the city can cost from 4 to 26 Hong Kong dollars.

Map Oktopus

oplata udobnym sposobom Oktopus

To pay the fare in the subway in various ways. The most common and convenient payment method is a card octopus. It is used by local residents, it is recommended to acquire tourists.

What is it?

This card is electronic. She placed the money then and paid the fare. The map is so handy that you can use it to pay not only the subway fare, but the lunch in the cafe. Use the map since 1997.

How to buy?

Octopus card for adults costs 150 Hong Kong dollars.

For children there is also a map, its cost is 70 Hong Kong dollars.

To purchase this card it is possible for each station. You can go to the information Desk and buy a card. The metro staff explain in detail how to use the card.

How to use it?

The use of the card very simple. Need to bring the card to the terminal. After performed payment the terminal will be taken amount and the card balance. When you travel on the subway this map is applied to the input and output.

To use the card throughout Hong Kong: in public transport, in shops, in cafes. This is a very convenient thing that you will need a tourist.

Here is a video description cards the octopus:

Travel tips

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you need to followa few rules:

  • The trains and stations you can not smoke, eat or drink;
  • Litter in the metro is forbidden - the penalty;
  • A night to be in the subway is unsafe. It is recommended that tourists night to return to the hotel;
  • In the crowd you can not lose vigilance. Tourist in metro should monitor their bags.

Following these rules, tourist will avoid fines and unpleasant situations.