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The best resorts of China to the beaches: where to relax in Hainan and yellow sea?

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China is famous not only for its rich and ancient history. China is the many sandy Islands and picturesque sea. Holiday in China is popular due to the pleasant climate and wide variety of beach resorts. Here you can choose a holiday destination that will appeal to any tourist.

Where to relax?

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Tourist centers of the Republic

  1. Luoyang city, situated on the river Loch, before our time has preserved the most ancient monuments of Chinese history and culture. Luoyang is the center of Buddhism of China. Outside the city take a trip to the Longmen caves, numerous churches and towers. The old Shaolin monastery where martial artists will demonstrate the ancient knowledge for every tourist.
  2. The city annually holds the world famous festivals of peonies, which are a symbol of happiness and trust.

  3. Tibet is like a parallel world, in which harmony reigns and discipline. Many tourists try to get into this particular province of China, enjoy the nature, almost untouched by civilization. Solar Tibetan city of Lhasa, or "city of the gods", includes two parts – Chinese and Tibetan.

    The city is located high in the mountains, beside him is the ancient temple Potala – home of the great Dalai Lama. The temple bears the proud title of the main Buddhist shrines.

  4. Beijing is the Northern capital of the Republic of China. Sights and monuments in this city are real wonders of the world, mainly due to its uniqueness and magnificence.

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    Ancient city-Yan temple is the birthplace of many dynasties, it was built according to the principles of Feng Shui. Here are stored ancient monuments, among which the legendary Temple of Heaven, Great wall and Summer Palace.

  5. Ancient Chinese customs are stored in the city of Tianjin, which is over six centuries. Here is preserved palaces and temples, which told the history of China until modern times. The city has a famous Park, which lies eleven small Islands. This Park is very valuable to local residents, so they try to protect him.
  6. The city has another attraction – the longest pedestrian street in the state Hepinglu, it is the largest market in the province.

  7. Shanghai is a city of hairdressers. It is famous for its monuments. One of them is the Oriental pearl TV tower, which is visible from all sides of the city. In Shanghai stored 13 ancient monuments which are under protection of the authorities.

Stay on the Yellow sea

  • Beidaihe is 280 km away from Beijing, on the shores of Bohai Bay in the Yellow sea. This is the most popular place for tourists. This marine area is famous for its white beaches, warm climate, evergreen parks and multiple forms of entertainment.
  • Dalian – international entertainment and resort China, evergreen city, surrounded by the sea. It is located in the North-West of the country, on the shore of the Yellow sea. The city has preserved many monuments of history and culture.
  • Sandy beaches and blue sea, green parks and shady alleys, its ancient monuments and natural mineral springs – that's what tourists like the resort of Dalian.

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  • Yantai – the city where history combines Chinese and European architecture. At different times this town was owned by the Germans and the British, which significantly influenced the local architecture. Currently, the city has a good tourist infrastructure, it is home to almost 3.5 million.
  • Wyhi – another well-known resort on the Yellow sea. Currently the city is actively developing tourism, and culture. Initial Vichy was a small village, which for 20 years has grown into a major city with a population of 2 million inhabitants.

    In the city, and there are many sandy beaches that draw travelers for its cleanliness and accessibility.

The best beach places

  • Isle Qingdao or "green island" -the most picturesque and famous beach resort in China. Tourists from all countries come here to enjoy the local landscapes. Also, the island of Taiwan, the whole country is famous for its beer, Tsingtao brewed here since time immemorial.
  • Island with white sandy beaches, Sanya, rich the lush greens of the jungle and mirror-like sea water. All year round countless number of travellers. The most popular place on the island – mountain of the Deer, the top of which is considered sacred.

Outside of the tourist center is the ancient Buddha temple, which houses a statue of the goddess Guanyin, made of real gold and precious stones. The weight of the statue is equal to one hundred and forty kilograms.

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South China: where to go?

The most popular resort in southern China – Hong Kong. However, the city never entered into the lists of the most popular beach resorts of China, its territory is nearly 40 public beaches, and more than fifty private ones. All the beaches are protected from marine predators, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Central Hong Kong island has 12 beaches. The most popular here, Repulse Bay. On the beach you can rent a boat to explore the coastal cliffs or learn to sail, go scuba diving, and then order a batch of fresh mussels at a local restaurant.

Bay, near the beach, not able to pass large ships, so here you can find only small boats and yachts. The harbour is protected from strong winds and waves by many small islets. Also, swimming in the beach area completely safe for children.

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Turtle Cove – the most clean beach of Hong Kong. Water, both in coastal and in the deep, almost transparent. The bottom of the sloping beach, the sand is fine and the waves here are extremely rare. The beach proved to be excellent for families with children.

Other less popular beaches like Shrek O and big Wave Bay are practically next door and is ideal for surfing.

Hainan Island

Hainan island lies in the southern part of China. The name can be interpreted as the "island of the South seas".

On the island the climate is quite warm, and any industrial enterprises are totally absent, therefore, resort on Hainan island is recognized as one of the most popular places on the planet.

The air is clean and healing, the sea water has a heavenly hue, and the vegetation is so vivid and rich, as if descended from the paintings of the talented landscape painter. There were registered the highest life expectancy among all provinces of China. The island is home to about 7 million people.

Holiday in Hainan in the following video:

The island is surrounded by the South China sea. The average temperature of the air ranges from 23°C to 26 °C. The hottest month is July, this month, the air is heated to +35 °C. the coldest month is January and the temperature drops only to +22 °C.

Swimming in the sea is not forbidden all year round, because the water changes its temperature slightly.

Tourists arrive on the island at any time of year, especially appreciated the mild climate in the winter months. The sun on the island shines almost the entire year, approximately 300 days, the remaining days of his hide clouds.

The capital of the island Hainan – Haikou. The route, the mileage of which 370 km and connects the capital with the South of the island – a popular resort in Sanya. The capital earned the nickname from the locals – "coconut city". It is here that evergreen hills and mountains covered by rain clouds and the white sandy beach is washed by crystal blue water.

The ski slopes of this country

  • Yabuli is the largest ski resort of China, located on the North of the country, in the province of Manchuria.

    The tourist season lasts almost all year round, from late November to late March. In the summer months, tourists will have more fun riding the toboggan (toboggan run sled with a curved nose).

    The Yabuli resort offers the tourist trails of different difficulty levels and lengths, on the territory there are five lifts. For those who want diversity, the resort offers cross-country skiing, trampolines for jumping and freestyle.

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  • Fans of snowboarding will surely enjoy a vacation at a resort in the Area, because this place is the birthplace of the sport. However, slopes for downhill skiing are also provided. In the Area there are special tracks for beginners and experienced athletes. The children will also do, for example, to ride a snowmobile on a specially equipped track.
  • Resort Silin or the Eastern Alps is considered the most modern and well equipped base for a winter holiday. Trail connecting the resort with the city of Chengdu isproblems to get to the place of rest, so Xiling is so fond of tourists. Breathtaking nature surrounding the ski resort are comfortable and a variety of trails – a real delight for fans of active winter recreation.