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The sights of China: Macau, Harbin and other

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China is located in Eastern Asia, to the East the country is washed by the Pacific ocean and on the North it borders with Mongolia. In the northeast resembles a border with Russia and North Korea.

China is the third largest country by area, ahead of him only to Russia and Canada.

China is a very interesting and attractive tourist destination, each year gaining more and more popularity.

What to see?


The main city of China is its capital Beijing to the great. It is a modern dynamically developing megapolis, where resides about 10 million people.

But this does not prevent him to remain a cultural treasure of the world level. There are a variety of attractions.

The most important among them is the Palace Museum. It is a complex of ancient palaces, which is widely known under the name "Forbidden city". In the Palace at different periods lived more than 20 emperors, and for five centuries it was banned.

With each new generation, the complex became more lush and luxurious. And next to him the South gate widely spread over the enormous Tiananmen square is the largest square in the world.

Its scale is impressive: you can easily place a million people! It is here that the population listened to the Imperial decrees, Mao Zedong announced to her about the formation of the Republic.

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Another attraction of Beijing is located in the southern quarters of the city. It's a beautiful ancient temple complex – the Temple of Heaven Park.

It's filled with mysteries and ancient mysteries, there are special places, which are referred to as "Stone Triple Echo" and "Wall of Sound Return".

In the northwestern part of Beijing is the summer Palace of the Emperor, which is called the summer Palace. Its magnificent old gallery of length 727 metres makes an indelible impression. It is decorated with amazing paintings, and importantly, each figure is unique and not repeated.

Be sure to visit the Peking Opera. This bright incredible mix of circus, theatre, a bustling carnival and acrobatic performances!

80 km to the North of Beijing is the restored part of the great wall of China - the main symbol of China. It is a great Monument to the patience, will and courage of the Chinese, it was erected many years and her length of about 6 thousand km.

Landmark of Guangzhou - Baiyun mountain, China

Hong Kong

This modern, dynamic business and cultural center. Once in it, make sure to climb to Victoria peak, from there you'll find one of the most stunning views. Among the places where you can go is very much interesting.

Definitely worth a visit the Botanical gardens, space Museum, Museum of ancient history and the center of Chinese culture.

Despite the ultra-modern look of the city, it has managed to preserve pristine pieces of nature, it is SAI-kun - fishing village, which has preserved the life and wild nature. Come here for Hiking and Cycling.


Everyone who visits Harbin, have to walk the Avenue Junyan. Both sides of which are surrounded by buildings and constructions of different styles, are dominated by a strictly European architectural direction.

These magnificent buildings have historical value, it affects their uniqueness and interesting architectural solutions. The most interesting building here – the building is a bookstore in the late Baroque style.

In the Northern part of the Avenue stands the magnificent pagoda Canjun – the name translates as "fighting the flood", is located close to the Central square Cancun and Stalin Park, and closer to the Eastern part of the Church of Hagia Sophia.

Harbin is also known for its parks. For example, Park "Window to Europe and Asia" attracts a large number of European and Asian architectural structures in the form of reduced copies, executed with stunning precision. Here you can not only take great pictures, but to see the world without having to travel outside of Harbin.

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This city has long been popular with tourists and there are a huge number of unique places to visit. For example Port Arthur, with its numerous monuments.

Also would be nice to admire a unique natural scenery. It will be interesting to visit the Ice valley, it is a real sanctuary where you can enjoy nature and interesting types of wildlife.

Still, be sure to visit the international seafarers ' club. There are several great restaurants and Banquet halls. Dalian is the ideal place for vacation in the Northern part of China.


This town has many interesting attractions. One of the chief is St. Paul's Cathedral, or rather its ruins. It was built in 1602, 1835, the Cathedral was badly destroyed by a huge fire, is the best preserved facade of the building.

The most picturesque natural place on the Peninsula is the Colina da Guia, mountain, reachable by cable carand then on foot, enjoy the surroundings, walk to the lighthouse.

Gambling lovers will find here something fun to taste, this horse racing and Greyhound racing.


The main attraction of the city is the West lakeformed on the site of the Gulf in the middle of the 10th century.

On the North rises the mountain Gushan, the slopes of which is decorated with ancient architectural ensembles, book store, Verlange, beautiful Park named after sun Yat-sen, where the building of the Palace of the Qing dynasty.

The lake is an artificial dam, named in honor of the poets of ancient China. Their length of about three kilometers.

In the mountains nearby ancient Buddhist temple, which is called Linyanti, and cliff Filipin with many Buddha images, the magnificent Baochu pagoda and unusual pagoda Suhata, which consists of thirteen tiers.

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It is a large industrial center, but despite this well-preserved historical buildings.

Nanjing is widely known ancient monuments of the Ming dynasty, such as the ruins of the Imperial Palace, also quite well-preserved mausoleum of the ruler Hongwu. Here you can visit the grave of Admiral Zheng he.

The Nanjing city wall of this period have been preserved quite well and is also an interesting object.

To the East of Minsk graves are located buildings belonging to the period of the Republic of China, is a majestic, sun Yat-sen mausoleum and monument to the fallen soldiers of the Republicwho died during the Northern campaign, and the liberation of Shanghai from the Japanese invaders. The main construction of the memorial on the right is the pagoda Ling.


It's a special city, before he was one of the four capitals. Because of this, it preserved many historical sites. It took away the Great silk Road.

The main Museum attraction, famous all over the world is the terracotta army. Also be sure to visit the small and big Wild Goose pagoda. This temple complexes of unparalleled beauty.

In addition to historical and architectural objects, be sure to visit the hot springs Grazini. It is a natural reserve, due to its beauty of he was very much loved by the emperors of different dynasties.

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This is a fairly young and modern city, but there is something to see to tourists. National Museum – the main attraction of Taipei. Here collected approximately 720 thousand specimens of Chinese art.

A significant portion of unique items were removed in 1949 from the Imperial Palace of the Forbidden city in Beijing.

Also of interest is the memorial hall of sun Yat-sen, which is dedicated to the revolutionary founder of the Republic of China. This building was built in the spirit of traditional Chinese Palace architecture.

For shoppers there is a huge number of shops and markets, many of them work even at night.


The main attraction of the city is Red mountain, with an altitude of 910 m, its steep slopes create a special impression.

It will be interesting to visit the Museum of the silk road. It presents an extensive exhibition on the subjects of trade and history.

Urumqi is a city with unique national cuisine, for lovers of shopping and entertainment here you will also find many interesting and attractive.


The city is known for a large number of national parks and outdoor complexes. The most interesting is a set of Wuhou memorial temple, the PalaceSinyangwe (widely known under the name "Palace of the black goat") and the ancient monastery Baoguosi.

Among the popular tourist spots in Chengdu it should be noted the Sichuan Museum and the house Museum of the poet Du Fu.

In the vicinity of the city is unique, the only one on the planet-breeding pandas. This reserve is included in the list of the best projects dealing with the preservation of rare animals and the protection of the environment.

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In China, every tourist will find entertainment to your taste. It is rich in historical and cultural programs, temple complexes, monasteries and Imperial palaces.

Lovers of exotic Chinese dishes also will not remain without attention. Also in China there is a huge amount of natural parks and reserves that will appeal to fans of active rest and Hiking.