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Detailed map of China in Russian cities and provinces

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China is a country ideally suited for tourism. It is in this country coexist peaceful rural landscapes and huge skyscrapers of metropolis.

China can rightly be considered a country of contrasts: the nature here is so different that it is like a completely different planet. The wild and barren desert give way to an infinitely high mountain slopes. The country impresses with its size, so the trip to China will be able to satisfy the need for knowledge and travel.

The location of the state

China or people's Republic of China located in East Asia. It is considered the most densely populated state on the planet and occupies the second place in the world in terms of their land, sharing it with Canada. Neighbors China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Mongolia and Myanmar.

In Eastern and South-Eastern part of the power is adjacent to Yellow, Philippine, East China and South China sea, the country is nearly 3.5 thousand small and large Islands.

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The landscape of China in different regions is very different: the South-West is the mountains of Tibet, the North-West lies the flat and hilly terrain, the Western part of the country is the Great plain of China, North-East and South – hills and stone wasteland. Only in the South-East of China, you can see the thick forests of the subtropics.

Administrative division

The territory of the people's Republic of China has three levels of administrative division: provinces, districts, municipalities. In turn, provinces are divided into Autonomous districts and cities.

China includes 22 provinces, cities under Federal jurisdiction, there are three – Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

In the country there are five Autonomous regions, major population of which are ethnic minorities. The city of Federal subordination, and the province includes 31 Autonomous Okrug, 321 city and 2046 areas.

The major centers of the Republic

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Harbin – one of the largest educational and financial districts of the Republic of China. The city is located in Heilongjiang province and occupies the position of the capital.

Harbin was founded by Russian explorers only in 1898, it was originally intended as a station Transmanchurian railway. In our time in the oldest areas, you can see details inherent in the Siberian architecture.

Harbin is home to almost 4 million inhabitants.

The city is the largest in the far East, the Christian Hagia Sophia, designed in the Byzantine style. He takes the place of one of the most important monuments of the history of the state. The Cathedral was restored in 1997, then changed its name to Harbin Palace architecture.

Here is a Buddhist temple Silesi, which is a sacred place of pilgrimage in Northern China, was built in 1920 of the last century.

Harbin na karte Kitaya

Russian tourists will surely enjoy Russian historical monuments, preserved in Harbin. One of them is the tourist center of Volga manor.

All the buildings here are made in ancient Russian style, there are hotels, a small village, souvenir shops, business centers, cafes and restaurants which serve both Russian and Chinese national dishes, baths, saunas, swimming pools and so on.

Near shop "Pushkin", where you can learn the history of relations between Russia and China.

The city is Harbin's aquarium, which is popular among locals and tourists. Here you can watch various species of flora and fauna of the Arctic. Also, for everyone here are performances with the participation of polar bears, belugas and sea lions.

In the city is loved by tourists on a Sunny island, washed by the waters of the Songhua river. This eternally green island is known as the place to stay with family in the countryside.

In the winter months, the city hosts the festival "Snow and ice", which involves ice sculptors, arrived here from different parts of the world.

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During the festival runs for almost two thousand ice sculptures, the best of which put up in a local Park and Sun island.

The beer festival is another popular event, which attracts brewers and connoisseurs of intoxicating drink from many countries.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is located on the shores of the Indian ocean. The city is divided into four parts: the Peninsula Kowlon, Hong Kong island, New Territory and Distant Islands.

Hong Kong is the place of the large-scale industrial, commercial and economic district. Also, the city has magnificent nature reserves, parks and gardens, ancient temples, monasteries and shrines.

Here along historic villages, rural churches, farm animal and graceful bays with wide sand beaches.

In Hong Kong practically all of the state trade, so the city has a countless variety of shops. Travellers who arrived here to participate in local festivals, to taste dishes of international and national cuisine. Almost all entertainment places are open 24 hours a day.

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