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Federation of Malaysia: sights Kuala Lumpur and other cities

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Malaysia has a rich cultural and historical heritage, marvelous natural sights, as well as a special exotic flavor in this country combines Asian and European styles.

All these features attract many travelers.

Malaysia is currently not in a backward third world country, as this state is well developed in economic terms. Malaysia is considered the most secure country among the countries of South-East Asia.

Tourism in this country is actively developing, providing travellers a beach holiday, a large number of monuments and attractions culture and history of the country, as well as the magnificent beauty and exotic nature.

Malaysia – where is it?

Federation of Malaysia – a country in South-East Asia and consisting of two parts into which it divides the South China sea.

The Western part of Malaysia or mainland is on the Malay Peninsula, adjacent to Thailand and Singapore. East Malaysia is located on the Northern part of the island of Borneo, on the border with Indonesia.

Mainland Malaysia has a predominantly mountainous terrain. It is formed due to the volcanic ridges, the length of which from North to South. Flat land is found only in coastal areas.

East Malaysia has the same mountainous terrain, but the volcanic ridges in this part of the country are located randomly and plains occupy smaller areas.

The highest point in the country is mount Kinabalu (4101 m), which is located in the Northern part of Sabah in the Crocker range.

Main religion of Malaysia is Islam, but the rules of conduct in the country are not as strict as in other Islamic countries. Tourists are allowed to behave as they used to, main thing is to fit into the limits of decency.

The most important restriction, which can feel a tourist in Malaysia is high prices for alcohol and tobacco. But on the Islands of Langkawi and Tioman mode is entered duty free, so alcohol and tobacco products here are much cheaper.

Malajziya - gde eto?

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur through the eyes of a traveler

What to see?

Kuala Lumpur

The main city of Malaysia was founded over 150 years ago. At first it was a small camp of tin miners. The camp was at the confluence of the two rivers Klang and Gombak, the waters of which were abundant deposits of tin and because of this was a gray-brown color. Translated from Malaysian Kuala Lumpur – "dirty river mouth".

Currently, Kuala Lumpur is a huge city that is incredibly beautiful. The city is almost buried in verdure and flowers. The newest skyscrapers is amazing combined with colonial and Islamic buildings.

The most popular attractions of the city are Merdeka Square, the building of Sultan Abdul Samadmosque Negara and Masjid Jamek, towers-skyscrapers, the Petronas twin towers, the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie Catholic Cathedral of St John, as well as the ancient Hindu temple of Sri Mariamman.

The town has a large number of museums: national Museum of Malaysia, national gallery of art, the Museum of Islamic art, Historical Museum, the Royal police Museum, and many others.

In the city a lot of greenery, parks contribute to this, such as, lake Park, Orchid Park, butterfly Park bird.

In the Park of orchids are about 3 thousand species of plants. The bird Park is considered the largest in Asia, it is home to almost 5 thousand strange birds. In the Park of butterflies, there are more than 6 thousand insects. The city has a zoo, a planetarium and an aquarium.

The Central area of Kuala Lumpur's Independence Square, home to the national monument. Near the Square is the Royal Palace and the Park.

Among the minor attractions you can highlight factory for the production of batikand craft center, Chinese temple, railway station and Parliament building.

Outside the city is the temple, Batu Caves, for which tourists have to climb 272 steps. Every year is celebrated the Hindu festival Thaipusam.

At a distance of 21 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur is Templers Park is a natural Park thatoccupies about 1,200 acres.

This Park is perfect for a relaxing holiday in the nature, and also for observing different species of animals and birds that live here.

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The island of Penang before 1786 was owned by the Sultan of Cahada. Later, the East India company established its trading posts.

Due to this, Penang island became the first land which began to possess the British on the territory of modern Malaysia. The island's capital, Georgetown, was founded by Englishman Francis light.

As the island possessed all the qualities of a potential of the resort, after a few decades, the Sarkis brothers founded their hotels.

The island has many ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples and national parks, caves and gorges. On the mountain, in whose honor was named the island there is an observation deck where you can enjoy the majestic nature.

The island's capital, George town is listed UNESCO world heritage site since 2008.

The island is the Snake Temple, the KEK Lok si or the "Temple of Thousand Buddhas" and Wat chaiya Mangkalaram, which houses the third largest Buddha statue.

Also on the island is the Church of St. George, which is located in George town, the temple of Sri Mariamman and its many statues of Indian deities, clan house Museum Khoo Kongsi.

Kota Kinabalu

The city of Kota Kinabalu is located on the Eastern coast of the island of Borneo. Kota Kinabalu – capital of Sabah. In a little town close but outside you can find a lot of interesting objects.

The most beautiful place in the city is its Central promenade, which is always crowded. Not far from it is the "Filipino market", where you can buy Souvenirs.

The city of Kota Kinabalu is normally used as a transit point for travel around the state.

The city combines Chinese, Malay and European culture, so there are enough colorful buildings which look very interesting.

The highest point in the city – Signal hill, it offers a magnificent panorama of Kota Kinabalu and its environs. Here you can see the tallest building of the city – tower Yayasan Sabah, which has the shape of a cylinder.

Atkinson clock tower is unique in that its construction was not used a single nail. This tower is the most ancient building in the state.

Outside the city is the Park Tenku Abdul Rahman, located on five Islands. Each of these Islands has white sandy beaches, lush green vegetation and coral reefs in the turquoise sea water.

There is also a mountain and the Kinabalu national Park, which are natural hot springs.

Worth a visit in the village of Tena, where the Maruts are the people who live according to ancient traditions. In this area there are many picturesque villages and small towns. In each of them you can find unique trait.

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Kuching is the capital of the largest state of the state of Sarawak. The state is otsrove. & nbsp Borneo. Kuching is located on the Western part of the state, on the banks of Sarawak river, at the distance of 32 kilometers from the sea.

The city has preserved the colonial style building, numerous churches, parks, and picturesque waterfront.

The main attraction of the city is believed to be the Palace of Astana, which is located on the Sarawak river.

This Palace was erected by order of Rajah Charles Brooke in honor of his wife, the Rani Margaret. Currently the Palace is the residence of the Governor of the state.

In honor of the Rani Margaret was built Fort Margherita, which is not far from the Palace. Now in the Fort is a Museum of police.

The courthouse is designed in the style of the peoples of Sarawak. Tower tower Square previously served as a prison, but it was later rebuilt and served as a place to hold balls.

The main mosque of Sarawak has a gold dome and is a great historical heritage.


Langkawi island can surprise you with its beaches of volcanic sand, caves in which are ancient drawings and inscriptions, magnificent hot springs, as well as farms, reptiles and aquarium.

On the island focused beach vacation. The beaches are clean and they have everything for a comfortable stay at sea. You can stay in one of the bungalows and be for some time the owner of your own beach.

The island has everything for entertainment, shopping and recreation. There are many cafes and restaurants.

In Langkawi you can visit the cable car, farm African Buffalo, a crocodile farm, and numerous fruitplantation.

The island has many waterfalls, which you can arrange a tour. On the beach offers the opportunity to do water sports. Or swim to the nearby Islands by hiring a boat.

The island is the entertainment, so you can always find something for everyone.

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Malaysia fascinates travelers from the very first minute, thanks to its magical and charming atmosphere. On the island, the conditions of eternal summer, so this is a great place for a relaxing holiday.

This incredible atmosphere help maintain frequent festivals and celebrations held in different parts of the country. In Malaysia you can fully experience the real Asia.