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World map in Russian: where is the island of New Zealand?

Novaya Zelandiya na karte mira

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful and picturesque country with a unique pristine nature, offering travelers the vacation in their spaces.

In all its splendour is the thundering waterfalls and towering geysers, volcanic beaches and long lasting glaciers and lakes, spread over numerous large and small Islands.

New Zealand on the world map in Russian language

Karta Novoj Zelandii na russkom yazyke

Mysterious and unique New Zealand is considerably distant from other countries, but no less attractive for travelers.


Being isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand is surrounded by the Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean on all sides. The closest to it are Australia – 1700 kilometers, which is on the other side of the Tasman sea and the island of Caledonia and Fiji.

Within New Zealand there are about 700 island, most of which are uninhabited. The most populated two large Islands – North and South, each of which has unique terrain.

A large part of the country is mountains and hills of volcanic origin, but on the North island they are little less. But at its very centre lies the Volcanic plateau, from where douse the heat of active volcanoes, soar into the sky the fight geysers and mineral springs.

Often there is seismic activity. This is due to the fact that New Zealand is within the Pacific ring of fire.

Between different elevations spread deep and wide river, hidden many beautiful lakes of volcanic origin, which are so fond of visiting tourists.

Watch the video on the location of New Zealand on the globe:


The country is experiencing a subtropical Maritime climate. Here is never too hot or too cold. Summer in the country starts in January and lasts until the end of February, bringing joy to the temperature of +20-30 degrees. The South will be the journey, the warmer is the weather.

Most cool is considered to be July is the month when the daytime temperature drops to +8-10°C, in mountains – +3-6°C.

Even the weather did not prevent tourists coming here from Sep on April, to get a good tan.

How to get there?

The journey to New Zealand – no easy task, as the country is located on the outskirts of the globe, are available only for travelling on the plane to Auckland – one of several major cities.

A total of 20 airlines fly to the Islands, among which stands out Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways.

They all deliver with a stopover in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo.

Use this search form to find the ticket at an attractive price. Add information about the cities of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Information about the country

Informaciya o strane

Being the most ecologically clean place, New Zealand attracts not only lovers of exotic travel, but those who want to visit land's end – where was shot the famous trilogy "the Lord of the rings".


A bit of history

For many centuries the territory of the Islands was inhabited by the Polynesian Maori tribes and Maori, right up until arrived the expedition of Abel Tasman in 1642.

Europeans populated the island not immediately – it took them about 100 years, but these actions did not occur without bloodshed. Only the beginning of the XX century, thanks to Prime Minister Seddon and policy Maori-James Carroll, was able to reduce the number of contradictions to a minimum.


As a result of colonization and the development of the Western democratic trends, the country received the status of a Kingdom, New Zealand, the rulers of which to this day are sovereigns of the United Kingdom.

However, the real power is the Governor-General, who is appointed for 5 years he followed the work of Parliament and acts in accordance with the initiatives of the Prime Minister and, of course, Queen.

To be in this country for the purpose of tourism and visiting relatives or friends, residents of the Russian Federation need an entry visa.


New Zealand is the first country which declared itself a nuclear-free zone. In this country, any tourist can feel safe, because the population itself is very friendly and the crime rate is incredibly low.

Those travelers who plan to explore the nature of New Zealand, don't worry about poisonous snakes or dangerous animals – they're not at all.


nacionalnaya valuta

The monetary unit of New Zealand – the new Zealand dollar (1 dollar 100 cents). Currency exchange is possible in exchange offices, banks and airports. Banks usually work to 16:30, and exchangers from 20:00-21:00 hours.

Transport and communications

The country between the major cities run long-distance buses are rather expensive in contrast to the flights of small local companies. Tourists have the option to travel on buses, trolley buses, tickets for which can be purchased at kiosks.

In New Zealand are mobile operators Vodofon and Telecom – due to the mountainous landscape it is not everywhere. In addition, there are a lot of phones that are paid for with cards from newsstands.

Business and the real estate market

People in other countries have the opportunity to buy property in New Zealand for personal use, but it does not give them the right to permanent residence in its territory. Purchase costs account for about 4-6% of the cost.

In New Zealand it is highly developed animal husbandry and agriculture, and handicraft.

Foreigners who have permission to enter this country also get the opportunity to run your business.


When planning a trip to New Zealand, you can learn a few phrases in Maori – this will allow local residents to be more welcoming to tourists. Not difficult to remember phrases such as: Kia ora – hi! or Ka kite ano – see you soon!

The main resort town

Kurortnyj gorod Oklend

Being the capital but not the largest city of New Zealand, Wellington welcomes the tourists who decided to visit this wonderful country.

Far more popular than Wellington – Auckland – a city which is the main airport of the state and its main port, and the population is three times more than in the capital.

According to statistics Auckland is in the top ten best places to live. The uniqueness of this scenic spot also is that he built only one-story houses.

Other major tourist cities in New Zealand:

  • Napier;
  • Queenstown;
  • Dunedin;
  • Christchurch;
  • Hamilton;
  • Taupo.

Each of these cities is not only incredibly beautiful and exotic, but is also a place where most of the tourists will start to explore volcanic mountains , Ngaruhoe and Tongariro national Park, the fjords of Queenstown and lake Wanaka, numerous national parks and reservations – all that magnificent nature of New Zealand, which managed to keep intact.


A study of New Zealand should start with Auckland city, which contains most of the attractions.

Here is the highest structure in the southern hemisphere – Sky Tower tower. Its height is 328 metres and at the top there is a viewing platform.

Fans of the underwater world can have a look at Aquarium Kelly Tarleton's in Auckland, located near the shore of the ocean. It is in this wonderful place have implemented a unique idea, which after adopted many other aquariums – glass tunnels withsea creatures and slow-moving conveyor belt for visitors.

However, going to New Zealand, you need to understand that most of iconic places are natural landmarks:

  • Bay of Islands - the Most beautiful place in the North island, which includes many important attractions of the country;
  • dostoprimechatelnaya buhta

  • Maori village Tamaki – authentic village where you can learn more about the life and culture of the natives of New Zealand;
  • The valley of geysers Front – stunningly beautiful and simultaneously terrifying place, able to impress the geysers, thundering every half hour;
  • Kaikoura – a place in the South island where you can observe whales, sperm whales, seals and dolphins;
  • The village of Hobbiton – the most significant attraction of New Zealand is the most desirable place to visit;
  • Glacier Franz Josef is a unique miracle of nature, representing the ice tunnels;
  • Waitomo caves – interlacing tunnels filled with water under boat tour.

Finally, being in New Zealand, do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit luxury national parks – Fiordland, Paparoa, mount cook, Egmont, Kahurangi and Westland.

All the attractions of the country can be seen by visiting the tours. Travel agencies promise to show New Zealand and all its splendor in a short time.


Oddly enough, but on the Islands of New Zealand traditional cuisine is not fish, but meat and fried potatoes, steaks, and roast beef dishes, reminiscent of Anglo-Saxon cuisine. Despite the direct location next to the sea and the ocean, it's rare to find seafood.

The most popular and national, that can try any traveler is a fried or baked potatoes with a variety of products, prepared on open fire.


Base of hotels in New Zealand are very diverse. Customers can, according to tradition, choose overnight accommodation in hotels 3-5*, or to stay in the "lodges" – small houses located near water. Great places to stay are located in large cities and in small towns.

To choose the appropriate option to sleep will help you form a quick search. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


ekstremalnoe razvlechenie

New Zealand residents, one and all, fans of extreme entertainment, which, primarily, is the ropejumping. In any high place, such as, for example, tower Sky Tower or the Auckland bridge, there is a possibility to make a jump from a rope upside down.

Diving in this country is available all year round on the North island has many amazing places where there is good visibility.

Other popular activities in New Zealand:

  1. Hiking;
  2. Skydiving;
  3. Kayaking;
  4. Zorbing;
  5. Rafting;
  6. Diving;
  7. The ski sport.


According to tradition, the Souvenirs that travelers take away from the state copies of props from the movie "the Lord of the rings", and samples of folk art of the indigenous population, figurines, kiwi bird, medical cosmetics from unique plants of New Zealand.

Interesting facts

  • The tourist season in New Zealand lasts all year round.
  • Fully enjoy the beautiful nature, traveling by kayak.
  • The tap water is incredibly clean and safe.
  • On the streets it is customary to shake hands with everyone and ask about how things.
  • In shops is more often used English measure of weight.
  • Tipping in cafes only take in the major cities, in the provinces do not take.

This beautiful corner of the world ready to offer travelers an unforgettable adventure on the beautiful expanses of the unique nature of.