What to see in Abu Dhabi: photos, description and map of attractions

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Over the past few decades the UAE has built a modern and comfortable hotels, mosques and homes, beauty and luxury which is difficult for anyone to match. A special beauty of its architectural forms, stands out in Abu Dhabi.

The capital of the country located on the island, the shores of which are washed by the Persian Gulf. On the mainland it connects three of the unique design of the bridge.

Abu Dhabi on the map

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Emirates is considered one of the richest countries in the world. Recently the territory of the state was almost uninhabited desert.

The sale of oil has made this country one of the richest in the world and turned the desert into a blooming oasis.

To the construction site of Abu Dhabi, according to local legend, gave people a Gazelle. She searched the water and went to clean the freshwater source.

The island, which is the capital of the UAE, is located in the South-Eastern part of the Gulf. From the mainland it is separated by just 250 metres away. This evergreen oasis of lush tropical vegetation, the coast of which is surrounded by eucalyptus and palm trees.

Locate on a map of Abu Dhabi, maybe the majority of the inhabitants of the planet. This is the city which perform crucial for the global economy of the sale of oil. It is believed that the capital of the Emirates the hottest weather in the world. In summer , the temperature in it rises above 50°C. the Rains are in this area are extremely rare. The streets of the city decorated with many emerald lawns and shrubs ornamental plants. Everyone coming to the country's capital tourists noted their purity.

To reach Abu Dhabi you can a plane. Near the town built a modern international airport. It has the largest in the UAE seaport.

Attractions - photos and description

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Abu Dhabi is the UAE capital and the Emirate, which occupies 80% of the country. Here is concentrated the largest number of attractions. A huge number of buildings constructed in the city, are unique structures.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is an archipelago, which includes more than 200 Islands. And one of the attractions of the capital are date palms.

In a city with a population of just over 900 thousand people planted more than 40 million of these wonderful plants.


One of the most interesting monuments of Abu Dhabi is associated with the history of the city. It is 50 rock tombs, the facades of which are decorated with reliefs of animals. Their appearance relates to the period of Foundation of the city. Archaeologists made excavations in this area indicate that the first settlements in these places could be over 4 thousand years ago. The official date of the founding of the capital of the UAE is considered to be 1761.

Unforgettable impression about the city is its main square. It was called al Ittihad. Getting to this wonderful place starting to feel like a very small person. Wander through the area is among the six sculptures of giants. It's world famous creations, which are one of the landmarks of the city. They are all made of white stone. Each sculpture represents one of the Arabic values:

  • The military spirit is glorified with two sculptures - a Gun and a Watchtower;
  • Body care is devoted to the sculpture of the Vessel with rose water;
  • Sculpture Dalla is dedicated to the traditions of the Arabs to drink coffee;
  • Bachurina recalls the passion of the Arabs to smoke flavored tobacco;
  • Aristocratic attitude towards food represents the sculpture of the Hood.

To create these sculptures has been used only expensive varieties of stone. They all have a backlight, which makes objects unusually beautiful during twilight.

Religious buildings

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The population of the UAE is very faithful. Traditional religion here is Islam. Annually, the capital of the Emirate attracts millions of pilgrims from all over the world. They all want to visit the Grand mosque in the Middle East, which can be called one of the modern wonders of the world. It was opened to the faithful in 2007. The mosque built in honor of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan Zayed. It is a modern building impresses with its scale and grandeur.

The construction of the mosque spent more than $ 600 million. Its architectural shape is surprisingly graceful.

The building is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Of the tower structure is decorated with 80 domes. The diameter of the largest of them is equal to 32.7 meters. At the corners of the building are four minarets. Their height is 107 meters. In the structure of the object involved the best architects, builders and materials suppliers from around the world.

The decoration of the mosque were used expensive materials. Among them:

  1. Marble manual polishing;
  2. Best ceramics;
  3. Gold of the highest order;
  4. Precious and semi-precious stones.

They went on to finish not only the interior of the mosque, but the outer elements of the structure. Marble slabs and gold coated surface 1096 of the colon, which are located in the courtyard of the mosque. The walls and ceilings of the mosque, you may notice blotches, pearls, lapis lazuli, opal and amethyst. Color mosaic is decorated with 17 000 square meters of courtyard of the mosque. Surrounding the construction of artificial canals and lake, the decorations of which were used by the dark tile.

Not less interesting for tourists might be the mosque. They are not as ambitious, but unable to win the heart of anyone. To the southwest of jahili Fort , one can find a small size mosque. Its history is closely connected with the construction of the local fortress Sheikh Zayed the First. It happened in the 19th century. The building is fully retained its historical basis.

Mosques in Abu Dhabi have almost all the parts of the city. They attract the attention of tourists for its architecture. Among the most graceful possible to note the mosque of Al Samha.

Architectural objects

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Abu Dhabi is striking in its beauty and luxury for any visitor to the city tourist. The city is decorated with 90 unique in their design and architectural design of the fountain. Some of them are located on the city's waterfront known as the Corniche. It is a Park area with a length of 10 km is located the fountains in Dallas, Flying swans and the Volcano.

All the fountains are illuminated and dusk is close to many fountains that adorn the city, discos and other entertainment events.

The most unusual building in Abu Dhabi is the Leaning Tower. Its height is 160 meters. The building is located in the city center and has a tilt angle of more famous leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. He is 18 degrees.

The original architectural appearance is of the building of the headquarters of the company Aldar. This huge skyscraper-shaped disk standing on edge. Building construction consists of steel, concrete and glass. In 2008, it was recognized at the Spanish international conference on architecture building with the best futuristic design. Similar modern buildings, affecting their unusual shapes and scales in Abu Dhabi quite a lot.

To the unique constructions of the capital are its bridges. One of them, Sheikh Zayed, recalls the shape of the dunes, the height of the peaks of which reach 60 meters. It was built in 2004. The author of the project of British architect Zaha Hadid. Design night lights were invented by world renowned designer Rogier van der Heide. At dusk a panorama of this bridge looks like a fabulous Mirage.


One of the most interesting museums in Abu Dhabi is heritage village. It is located in an oasis and is a Museum under the open sky. Here you can read the Arabic traditions and way of life, to drink coffee, cooked on the fire according to old recipes, or relax, hiding from the sun under a canopy on a traditional bed, dressed in goat skins.

In the village before the local crafts. Products of the ancient masters you can buy in the souvenir shops of the Museum. Wishing to learn how to make clay pots or goat yarn can get free lesson from the Arab masters.

The origin of the country and its cultural traditions can be found in the national Museum of Manarat al Saadiyat. In Arabic it means "place of initiation". The area of the exhibition complex is 15.4 thousand square meters.

Four exhibition galleries dedicated to the history of the island of Saadiyat. In exhibition design is widely used modern multimedia technologies.

The shape of the pyramid is the national automobile Museum. It showcases 200 cars that belong to the property of SheikhHamad Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan. The cost of this car collection valued by experts in 180 million dollars.

Gardens and parks


  • Park for luxury and very expensive cars built on Yas island. This is the world of Ferrari. In the Park you can get acquainted with all the advances and innovation of Italian industry. The Park area is 2.5 thousand hectares and is fully dedicated to attractions and entertainment.
  • In 2013 in Abu Dhabi was opened Yas WaterWorld, which was the most impressive in the world. It covers an area of 15 hectares and has a design in Arabic style.
  • The most beautiful square of the city is the Khalifa Park. It is in close proximity to the international airport, built in the capital and covers an area of half a million square meters. Its creation had spent more than $ 50 million. Thanks to the green plants growing in the Park, the heat in the city it is possible to reduce by 1.5-2°C.
  • Another green oasis in the city — Capitalskill Park. It is located in the city centre and has well-equipped playgrounds. Here you can relax beside the pools and to drink coffee brewed in Arabic, in cafes and restaurants.
  • Eiffel tower from flowers, along with dozens of other similar compositions can be found in the garden of Eden. The air in this Park is laced with aromas of various plants and their flowers.

Natural objects

A special attraction for tourists in Abu Dhabi have its beaches. There is nothing more tempting than the desire to plunge into the heat in the cool waters of the Arabian Gulf.

  1. City beach has a special zone, sports and family.
  2. If you want to visit the wild beaches go to the island of Bahrain.
  3. The sand color of platinum can be found on the al Raha beach.
  4. Striking in its splendor Yas Beach. This beach is recognized as one of the best in the world.

Also notable and visiting natural sites worth noting:

  • National Park Eastern Mangroves Lagoon. There are heat resistant to mangroves. They rise above the surface of the salty water. In their thickets can be found Flamingo, black Heron and other birds. They hunt in these places for octopuses and crabs;
  • The Liwa Oasis. This place is famous for being the biggest piece of land with lush vegetation in the desert of RUB al Khali;
  • The Liwa oasis is the main share of agricultural production of the country.

  • Natural Park "green Mubazzarah". It is located in al ain among the rocky mountains. Here you can find hot springs and camel rides.

Where else to go?

Kuda shodit na ostrove Saadiyat?

Abu Dhabi- a city of luxury, full of all kinds of entertainment. Just walking around the city can leave the most lasting impression with its modern architecture. Here all most-most, indicating the greatness of the country and its wealth.

The self-guided tour

The best place for tours of the city is Saadiyat island. This is a huge entertainment area which has branches world-famous cultural centers in different countries of the world. Among them, the Louvre Museum, New York Guggenheim. There is also a center for applied arts and the Maritime Museum.

With a limited time of stay in Abu Dhabi it is better to wander on the Corniche road. This is the largest Park in the Middle East, with amazing coloured fountains.

You can not go past the fish market of the capital or travel to the island of Sir Bani Jaz. It is a natural area with the status of the reserve.

Another option walking alone can be a visit to al ain. In this oasis located the old Arab FORTS. Here is the tomb of Healy. Ice skating in the desert can be in the Fan city, in the Northern part of al ain, you can walk through the Park or admire the sea and ocean inhabitants.

Active guests can spend their stay in the UAE capital on a fascinating hunt for crabs or go on Safari across the desert on camels.

What to see with kids?

A family holiday in the UAE is paid a huge impact. The largest amusement Park in the world is in Abu Dhabi.

In all areas of the city organized playgrounds with a variety of entertainment attractions.

It is always interesting to visit with the children zoo, it is the largest in the middle East and is located on the mountain Jebel Hafeet. Here you can get acquainted with more than 180 species living on the planet of animals and birds. They all live in huge aviaries. At the zoo there is a Playgroundpicnic.

Thirty rides, causing delight children of all ages, can be found in the Park Hili Fun City.

Watch video about the construction of the grandest buildings in the world in Abu Dhabi: