Photos and description of attractions in UAE: Dubai, Fujairah and other

Dostoprimechatelnosti OAE

United Arab Emirates is a wonderful countrythat you must visit. Luxury and wealth, strict laws and cultural traditions, desert landscapes and the sea, the white mosque and huge skyscrapers.

More and more people choose to holiday in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This unique country attracts year-round warm climate, proximity to the sea, a unique infrastructure and identity.

UAE – a country of oil sheiks, the world's tallest skyscrapers and grandiose construction projects.

UAE - where is it?

United Arab Emirates located on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is washed by the Omani and Persian gulfs. Neighbours UAE are Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.

Like most countries in the region, the UAE is a desert country with few oases and camels. So it was for many centuries, until the twentieth century, the UAE has not found oil reserves. After that, everything changed.

A desert oasis turned into an ultramodern metropolis with the highest on Earth skyscrapers. UAE nationals are the owners of huge fortunes.

Now in the UAE are immigrants from other countries, and the inhabitants are either in leadership positions.

It is worth saying that the Emirati people show true hospitality, because the country does not depend on the money tourists, unlike many of its neighbors – Egypt, Jordan.

The Muslim religion practiced in UAE for centuries, has left a huge imprint on many areas of life. On the relationship between people in General and against women in particular, norms of behavior, clothing and more.

The influence of the "Western world" have already penetrated a little and is a closed space, but the tradition is still very strong. So, if you are going to UAE, check out some of the rulesthat will help you not to get into an awkward situation, and sometimes in jail.

OAE - gde eto?

What is forbidden in the UAE?

Those who don't want to think about the consequences in the resorts of Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt will be surprised about the strict laws and restrictions in UAE.

First of all you need to remember to respect the customs, religion and culture of the peoplethat take you at a party.

Muslims pray 5 times a day and not only in the mosque, and wherever they find the appointed hour. No need to stand close to the praying personto look at him, to laugh, to remove the camera.

During Ramadan you can not eat and drink in public places. You may be denied even in the restaurant or in the cafe, if the user strictly observes the religious tradition.

If you are offered coffee or tea – do not give up. Otherwise, the owner will be offended, for that is the custom. At the entrance to the house or to the mosque, it is customary to remove your shoes.

Particularly strict rules are in clothing:

  • men are forbidden to walk in shorts and a t-shirt;
  • women should not have to open the back, legs, and the stomach. Do not wear short skirts, shorts, dresses with a sweetheart neckline, clothes made of translucent fabric;

You can not make a comment, if you go with a tour group or are near the hotel. But if you are alone in the city, the local police or surely you would indicate inappropriate or not even be allowed anywhere.

Particularly strictly enforced dress code in mosques. After two verbal warnings followed by monetary penalties.

On the beach you will calmly, but at the public beach it is better to comply with local laws. Women sunbathing Topless or Nude can get a prison sentence.

CHto zapresheno v OAE?

Romance in public places is not allowed. The most that lovers can afford – is to hold hands.

You cannot refer to women on the street, especially flirting with them. Everywhere there are zones "for women only", where men are forbidden to enter. For example, the cars in transport or in cafes, on the beach.

Fans of alcohol should be very careful, because in the UAE – the "dry law". Can't drink on the plane, you cannot be "drunk" in public places. Violators are punishable by imprisonment, deportation or a fine of $ 5,000.

On the street is not accepted to talk loudly (even by phone), to swear, to fight,take pictures of other people and mosques. In case of violation can be achieved not only fine, but also jail or life-long expulsion from the country.

What to see?

All the major attractions in UAE are mainly in the cities. It is luxury hotels, skyscrapers, shopping malls, entertainment venues. Let's see what interesting can be seen in the Emirates.


Dubai , an economic miracle of the UAE. Here, less than half a century, was built a huge infrastructure that affects not only its size but the level of service and comfort.

In the United Arab Emirates don't do anything halfway. The huge size of the buildings, huge construction projects, the shocking wealth and luxury.

A favorite place for tourists are the Golden sandy beaches of Dubai. They are well equipped, there are even special houses with air conditioning for respite from the sweltering heat.

On the beach you can enjoy water sports and fly over artificially created Islands, the contours of the map of the world or the palm trees.

The complex of Burj Khalifa, 828 metres high, became the tallest building in the world. At 163 floors are residential apartments, hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, a nightclub, and even the most highly placed of the mosque.

In the complex there are several viewing platforms where you can rise anyone. Nearby is a beautiful fountain.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Dubai

One of the first construction of wonders Dubai - hotel-sail Burj al Arab. This 7-star hotel complex that is already talking about an unprecedented level of comfort for guests.

Jumeirah mosque – a magnificent temple Dubai, where permitted to go away. Made of pink Sandstone, it is striking in its beauty not only during the day but also at night, thanks to its beautiful lighting.

"Dubai Mall" - a huge shopping centre, where you can buy truly everything. There are even vending machines... what do you think? Gold bars!

In the building there is a large aquarium where you can see the underwater world or swim with sharks.

In Dubai, many water parks, theme parks, attractions, an indoor ski resort. Dubai will not let anyone get bored.

Holiday in Dubai with a tourist's eyes


The youngest Emirate in the UAE, the only one located on the shore of the Indian ocean (Gulf of Oman). Is famous for its natural wealth: mountains, waterfalls, healing springs, palm groves.

Here, there are so many skyscrapers like in Dubai, they come here, those who want to relax from the noisy city and enjoy nature, peace, beach relaxation and SPA-procedures.

As attractions you can visit several FORTS the period of Portuguese colonization in the UAE Friday market, great mosque of al-Bitiya.

There are a lot of mineral springs, who treat problems with the joints. Also, it is unusual for this area things: waterfalls and bullfights.

RAS Al Khaimah

In his place was the ancient city of Julfar, known throughout the middle East pearling. There are many attractions.

As in the territory of the Emirate are deposits of natural resources, here is a developed industrial and construction production. Tourism is a rapidly growing phase.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Ras El Hajma

Also, as in the adjoining areas here you can relax on sandy beaches, climbing or walking on a desert and mountainous terrain, to plunge into the healing springs.

Old houses, historical FORTS, museums and markets, shopping malls will help tourists to spend time and money.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi- the capital of UAE, with more than 5,000 years of history. It's a business, political, commercial, and entertainment center of the country.

The height of skyscrapers it is slightly inferior to Dubai, but it is decorated with many parks, wide avenues, covered with greenery. The nature of the Emirate favored by year-round bloom, which gives this city a unique appearance.

Many mosques do not allow to forget that Abu Dhabi's Eastern city. One of the most beautiful mosques in the world – White Sheikh Zayed mosque, impressive for its size and splendor. She deserves to see her and spend a few hours.

The oldest building in the city is the White Fort. It's a fortress that protects the source of drinking water, the opening of which started the history of Abu Dhabi.

Now it is almost invisible behind tall buildings. Here is the archive and an interesting Museum.

In the city you can relax on the beautiful beaches that belong to the most popular global hotel chains. Enjoy water sports, stroll along the promenade, enjoying the spectacular views.

Abu Dhabi has its own leaning tower, which has already entered the Guinness Book of records with a slope in18 degrees. This skyscraper with a height of 160 meters is a Hyatt hotel and office space.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Abu Dabi


Not far from Dubai lies the Emirate of Sharjah, it was with him began the pilgrimage tourism in the UAE.

And now there are a lot of hotels, they are cheaper than Dubai that captivates visitors, especially because all the way to Dubai just a few minutes by taxi.

In Sharjah, close to shopping and not only in the modern Megamall. Here are many bazaars where you can buy interesting things to remember about the United Arab Emirates.

For example, the Gold market will astonish you with the abundance of the precious metal and relatively low prices.

Sharjah is considered the cultural and Museum centre of the country. Archaeological, Maritime, Science Museum, Islamic Museum – will be an interesting addition to a beach holiday.

The king Faisal mosque is second in size of the White mosque in Abu Dhabi, but it is no less beautiful. Here you can see an interesting monument in the form of an open book of Quran and the 100-meter fountain, symbolizing the fountain of oil – the basis of prosperity of the UAE.

In contrast to the more liberal Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in Sharjah must strictly adhere to the norms of morality. No alcohol, open clothes, free expressions of feelings.

Dostoprimechatelnosti SHardzha

The Arab Emirates are considered a fairly expensive country, but it is worth the visit. The splendor and luxury of the cities side by side with an ancient and distinctive culture of desert nomads.

Unforgettable nature will bring new sensations and pleasure from the contemplation of this wonderful region. Shopping and entertainment for every taste will not leave anyone bored.

Talking about the UAE can be a lot, a description of each sight will take about one hour, but better to just come and see with your own eyes.