What country is Abu Dhabi- where it is on the world map?

gde nahoditsya Abu-Dabi?

Overall Abu Dhabi can be described as fast-growing, luxury and refined Oriental capital. However, life is much calmer and slower than in some other cities of the country. Artificial irrigation allows him to wallow in the green areas, so it is often called "the garden city".

Abu Dhabi on the world map

Gorod na karte mira

The city is recognized as the biggest political, industrial, cultural and commercial center of the state.

Where, in what country is?

Location Abu Dhabi is the island in the North-East of the Persian Gulf, located near the mainland. They are connected to each other by three bridges.

Abu Dhabi for the last forty years is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and directly of the Emirate.

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The date of Foundation of Abu Dhabi in the country is 1761, although according to archaeological research, people lived in this area since the third Millennium BC.

According to legend, one day the hunters chased the Gazelle, which led them to the source of fresh water. After that, they let her go, while they themselves founded a settlement called Abu Dhabi, which means "father of Gazelle". It was a Fort and a lot of huts, and its inhabitants until the mid-twentieth century lived, industrial fishing, and mining pearls.

The first ruler of Abu Dhabi was Ziyad bin ISA Nahyan. He established a dynasty that ruled and now. The prosperity of the village began in the late nineteenth century, when Sheikh Shakhbut Ben Ziyad seriously pay attention to the pearling, expanded the settlement and turned it into an important trading center, trading this valuable stone.

A turning point in the history of the city was 1958, when near him found huge deposits of oil. Its production has allowed Abu Dhabi for thirty years become a huge modern metropolis with beautiful architecture, as well as the capital of the entire United States.


klimaticheskie usloviya

Abu Dhabi refers to the hottest tropical cities of the world. In the summer the temperature averages around thirty-five degrees, sometimes it may rise up to fifty. Very little precipitation. The situation slightly smooths out the fact that the city is located on the island and richly landscaped. In the winter months, the weather changes somewhat in the direction of cooling, so Abu Dhabi it is recommended to visit in OctoberApril.

How to get there?

Direct flight to international airport of Abu Dhabi, you can fly only from Moscow. Flight duration is around five hours. Some other cities you can get to the capital of the United Arab Emirates connecting flights with a stopover in Istanbul, Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Helsinki and Doha.

Is it possible to flight with transfers in a particular paragraph should be read in travel agencies or at the airport of the city.

Buy a plane ticket using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Information about the city

Now Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful and richest capitals of the world with elegant skyscrapers, comfortable hotels, modern highways and shopping centers.


The country is developing the infrastructure of Abu Dhabi at the highest level. In the eponymous Emirate is concentrated ninety-five percent of oil produced in the state.

Thanks to oil production, in the improvement of the city a lot of money invested.


The population

The population of Abu Dhabi is approaching one million people. However, only twenty percent are indigenous people, and eighty-falls on immigrants, mostly on foreign workers.


Abu Dhabi is considered a very affluent and safe city, even at night, despite the huge numbers of immigrants of various nationalities. They know the laws of the country and act like its worthy residents. Because, at the slightest violation they will be immediately evicted outside the state.

In addition, the Abu Dhabi police conducts his professional activities at a very high level. But, as this Arab city, before your trip, familiarize yourself with the principles and basic norms of behavior in order not to cause the creation of unpleasant situation.


transportnaya dostupnost

In the city there are buses, but they are not very convenient for tourists. They have too much distance between stops, which are mostly near schools, hospitals and other public institutions. Moreover, most of them are not air conditioned.

In Abu Dhabi more convenient to travel by taxiwhich can be booked in advance to take a special Park or just stop in the street. Those who have international driving license can rent a car. It is better to use the services of European companies, a higher level of service.


First Abu Dhabi is famous for its many chic markets. The most popular of them is Hamdan Souk, located in the city center and is divided into Old and New. It will also be interesting visiting Iranian bitch and the Afghan Bazaar.

Here you can find great Persian rugs and bedspreads, a large number of jewelry, silver coffee pots, chests with spices or Lebanese sweets and many other exotic things.

In addition to the markets the city has many large shopping malls (Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Dalma Mall and other) in which it is possible not only to shop but also to visit the cinemas, ice rinks, bowling and cafes.


The tourist business in Abu Dhabi is on the highest level. In comfortable hotels accept visitors with great hospitality and ensure them a relaxing stay and great service. Beaches provided with everything you need to with all the amenities to pass the time. Here you can also play sports or go to a restaurant or night club.

Tour areas

Abu Dhabi is a relatively young city, so there are practically no ancient monuments of architecture and history. The most interesting and frequently visited tourist areas include:

  • Central square al-Ittihad with six symbols of the Arab world, in the form of large white stone sculpture. You can also visit the fruit market;
  • The Corniche, where a large number of the most beautiful and original skyscrapers, hotels, fountains and shopping centers of the city. Guests can relax on the beach or explore the marine shipyard;
  • Mazdar – city of the future. It is a new construction area with the eco-system and fantastic facilities;
  • Ekskursionnyj rajon Mazdar

  • Artificially created Yas island. Located at the Ferrari World is the world's largest indoor entertainment center. You can visit the huge number of rides, shops with Souvenirs and branded products, Ferrari, authentic Italian restaurants. It also hosts a race of Formula 1;
  • Saadiyat island (island of happiness) is an artificial island built in the Gulf. This Paradise is divided into seven districts, where you can see the branches of the most famous museums in the world, to get to the beach area with a length of 9 kilometers, to play Golf, to enjoy nature and much more interesting.
  • The heritage villagewhich showcases the lifestyle of the locals until such time as Abu Dhabi became one of the richest cities in the world. Preserved huts made of bamboo and tarpaulins, wool-goats, wells, and camel stalls. It is best to come here on Fridays, when there is a market of exotic Souvenirs and Eastern sweets, and organized performances with national dances and songs.

What to see?

In Abu Dhabi to celebrate the ancient cultural heritage, but the modern sights of the country will win any.

  1. The Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque (the White Mosque). This is one of the world's biggest mosques, to build which was used white marble, and to perform the inlay of precious and semi-precious stones.

    The buildingsurrounded by artificial ponds, and its territory is a swimming pool. Interior space is no less luxurious. It is decorated with Golden chandeliers, a magnificent white marble columns and sinks and polished stone floors with the largest carpet in the world. The mosque can include not only Muslims, but everyone.

  2. You need to remember that women should be hidden under clothing all parts of the body, even the ankles and toes.

  3. The Palace of al-Husn is the white Fort, which was built at the source of fresh water for protection. It also housed the residence of the Sheikh. He is now part of the Museum complex and the Centre of documentation and research. In his book Fund includes two million books. With two thousand and seventh year the Palace is opened for visits to all comers.
  4. Flower Park Al Ain Paradise. This extraordinary Park, which collected more than ten million colors, covers an area of twenty one square meter. For this he was listed in the Guinness Book of records. Visiting it, you can see three thousand flower baskets, which collected flowers from all over the world. Of them have beautiful figures and compositions.
  5. chto posmotret v parke cvetov?

  6. Zoos In Abu Dhabi. In zoos Wildlife Centre Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Zoo you can see tigers, lions, leopards, Panthers, gorillas, chimpanzees and many more animals. All of them are well maintained and spotless in appearance. And the conditions of their detention are well thought out and most suited to those in which they are in the wild.
  7. Water Park. Arriving in Abu Dhabi, you need to visit the local water Park. Its area is fifteen hectares occupied forty-five water rides. Four of them are quite unique, and can no longer be seen anywhere in the world.
  8. Falcon hospital. Falconry is pretty fun, the specifics and rules that can be found in the Falcon hospital. Here you can get acquainted not only with hunters, but with amazing birds.

Travel tips

Like most Arab towns, the inhabitants of Abu Dhabi adhere to the rules that dictates religion and culture. The same is required of the guests. So before you go, you need to get acquainted with a number of recommendationsthat will help to stay without any problems:

  • You need to check the calendar of national and religious holidays. At this time does not work most of the institutions, suspends manufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages;
  • When traveling around town you should always have at itself the documentsproving the identity. The police quite often check them out, especially in areas with large concentrations of people (shopping malls, square, etc.);
  • As the city lasts all year round high temperatures should drink plenty of water, but not from questionable taps on the street, and store-bought. It is recommended to use sunglasses and creams, as well as hats. Not standing out on the street from eleven to fourteen hours;
  • It is advisable to swim under the supervision of a local instructorwho knows the coast;
  • When visiting a mosque or any home you need to remove your shoes;
  • You cannot go to public places and sit behind the wheel of a car drunkand to drink alcohol on the street. This can result in not only a heavy fine but also by imprisonment.
  • The same applies to cursing, threats and thrown in the wrong place garbage.

  • Purchasing jewelry it is advisable to carry out stores known as the market merchants can impose counterfeit or shoddy products;
  • In any restaurant it is not necessary to leave a tip, they are already included in the bill. In a cafe or bar, you can leave them in the amount of not more than fifteen percent of the amount spent;
  • Outfits for the trip don't have to be bright and open;
  • Markets, shops and restaurants in the local etiquette is all you need to take your right hand, it is necessary to give money;
  • If the sellers or the locals offer a Cup of coffee, you can not abandon it. It is perceived as a sign of disrespect to the local people.

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