Emirates on the world map: where and what country is Dubai - photos

gde nahoditsya Dubaj?

Dubai attracts travelers from all over the world for its modern attractions and cultural features. Here you can spend time in the best way.

Before the trip, need to know more about Dubai and read the advice of experts that can be useful. Then the traveler will be prepared for the trip in the best way.

Dubai on the world map

Gorod na mirovoj karte

Should be familiar with the location of the city and its weather features to know where to go and what to take with you.

In what country is?

Many have heard about Dubai, but not everyone knows what this country. Dubai city is the largest in the United Arab Emirates and the third largest metropolis in the ranking of the most large high-tech cities in the world. This is the most important trading and financial centre. It is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, in the North-East of the country.

A bit of history

According to scientists, 7 000 years ago the area was covered with mangrove swamp, 5 500 thousand years ago there have been changes, the place was covered with sand. Big layer.

The first people settled here in the third Millennium BC. In the main lived in this place for the nomadic tribes.

Later it hunted pearling and fishing.

About urban settlement is mentioned only in 1799. Clan of the Bani Yas founded the city. In 1833, he managed to become independent, he has ceased to obey Abu Dhabi. In 1966, there was discovered oil deposits. After a few years began active oil production. The government very cleverly dispose of resources. This led to a rapid financial growth of the city. He turned into a large metropolis that attracts new professionals from different fields.


It is possible to describe the climate of this place as a very dry and hot. Almost no precipitation. Fog appears with Feb at may. There is also often sand storms.

pogodnye usloviya

The peculiarity of this place is that the air has very little oxygen. This may lead to certain difficulties for tourists. We should look closer at the seasons:

  • Summer is very hot. The air temperature reaches 35 degrees during the day, night does not fall below 32 degrees. The humidity increases a little, there is a sauna effect;
  • In autumn it is cool, the wind becomes a little stronger. The temperature drops to 30 degrees during the day, at night it is 29 degrees. Late autumn is the best time to visit the city when it comes to air temperature +27 ° C, the air becomes cooler;
  • Winter is also suitable for the trip. The air is cool: 25 degrees during the day and 23 degrees at night. The sun shines not as strong as in the summer. Periodically there are rains;
  • In spring , the temperature again begins to rise, it reaches 27 degrees by day and 25 degrees at night. Precipitation becomes less, the sun begins to Shine.

The water in the Bay cools down even in the winter. Throughout the year is kept at around 29 degrees, and sometimes higher.

This means that a beach vacation is possible even in winter. However, we must be prepared for rain and high waves.

General information

The area of the city is 4 114 square kilometers. At length the city stretches 134 kilometers, and a maximum width of 35 km.

The population - more than 2 million 137 thousand people. The bulk of the population (almost 85%) are immigrants. It's mostly immigrants from Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, South and Central Africa, India, as well as citizens of former CIS countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova.

Official languages - Arabic, Arabian dialect. Also often on the streets you can hear conversationson Indo-European, Hindi, Indian, Persian, and other less common languages.

The religion of Islam. Almost all the natives are Muslims, 15% of them are Shia and 85% Sunnis. The majority of migrants are Muslim - 55%, 25% are Hindus, 10% Christians and 5% Buddhists.

How to get there?

To reach the city by plane. From Moscow and St. Petersburg aircraft fly several times a week.

Guests staying at Dubai and on cruise ships. However, in this case care must be taken on a cruise visa.

To buy a plane ticket, you can use this simple search form. It is enough to enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

The tourism industry

turisticheskaya vetv

The traveler may also require information about areas of the city to determine the place of residence and recreation.

The main areas

The main areas include:

  1. Deira. This is the old financial center of the city. Now this is a very lively shopping district, which housed the markets and shops;
  2. Bur Dubai. It is the historic heart of Dubai. There are many attractions;
  3. Sheikh Zayed Road. The longest street of the city.
  4. Sheikh Zayed road is a business district where many international companies.

  5. Jumeirah. Densely populated area, houses are close to each other. This high-rise building on the Gulf coast, very close from the beach;
  6. Dubai Marina. Actively constructed, developing as a residential area. Situated around a man-made Bay. Here is one of the most prestigious marinas.

Attractions with photos

Impossible for tourists not to visit the following attractions:

  • Wild Wadi Water Park. One of the biggest in the world. Slides a huge amount, they are astonishingly varied. There are extreme slides, and slides for children;
  • Musical fountain - an incredibly beautiful sight. After dark, added light effects;
  • Aquarium. Here are many marine structures. The place will appeal to both children and adults;
  • Ski complex. If you want cool, you should visit this place. Here is a roller coaster with snow where you can skiing. Equipment available to rent;
  • Zoo. Collected a lot of animals. This is a huge, incredibly beautiful place, which will be interesting for the whole family;
  • Palm island is incredibly beautiful, artificially created earth in many different ways. One can see the Islands and viewing platforms;
  • Wonderland Park. Has a huge number of attractions. Fans of extreme sports should visit this place.
  • Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. There is a great observation deck. In the building there are restaurants, shops.

foto dostoprimechatelnogo zdaniya Burdzh-Halifa


In addition to the main attractions in the city's many markets and shopping centres where local products are sold, products. Shopping will also be of interest to travelers.

First of all I advise you to buy quality stuff:

  1. Souvenirs. Manufactured in various shapes that will remind you about the city;
  2. Cosmetics and perfumes, which are among the best in the world;
  3. Accessories and decoration. Large selection of jewelry, which are of the highest quality;
  4. Clothes. Fashionistas will love the selection of clothes. Represented brands both local producers and global brands;
  5. Sweets. Here a lot of them, even the pickiest tourist will find something for themselves.

Most popular shopping malls: Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Wafi Shopping Mall.

Travel tips

Travelers should remember a few important tips:

  • If you want to stay at the hotel with English speaking staff, you should stay at hotel three star. Hotels with a large number of stars suggest not Russian speaking staff. There's a problem, if the tourist does not speak in foreign languages;
  • To visit national restaurants and try the local cuisine;
  • You cannot miss the opportunity activerest. Should go to a ski resort and visit most of the attractions;
  • Clothing should be modest, not calling. Shoulders, stomach and back should not be open;
  • To photograph people on the street, mosques and temples is forbidden;
  • Is to take a warm sweater and jeans, because the night here is cool;
  • The whole family is recommended to go to the water Park, aquarium or zoo;
  • Most fresh products are presented in supermarkets, shopping malls.

Thus, the city presents a variety of entertainment, restaurants, dining, attractions, allowing you to make the stay as fun. To be here is possible both in summer and winter, because the United Arab Emirates offer a great climate, and there is plenty to do throughout the year.

And from this video you will learn the exact location of Dubai in the world: