What sea or ocean is Dubai and the Emirates in the UAE, name and photo

kakoe more v Dubae?

Dubai is an amazing city where modern infrastructure blends with Eastern traditions. Thanks to the excellent conditions for relaxation, hot climate and beautiful coastline, come here all year round.

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Dubai – one of the first cities in the UAE, which has become an attractive destination for tourist trips.

First visited it in order to go shopping, but soon the local beaches and a rapidly developing infrastructure has turned it into a first class resort.

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More recently, on the spot where now stands Dubai was just a small settlement of pearl trading. On the site of the legendary skyscrapers were one-storey houses, a modest mosque was the almost complete lack of infrastructure.

Rapid growth began when it was discovered oil deposits. Since then it has grown considerably and has become one of the most developed cities in the world and the capital of the Emirate – one of seven small States located in the United Arab Emirates.

Themselves the United Arab Emirates is located between Asia and Africa in the lower part of the Arabian Peninsula and Dubai – at the North-East of the country. On the one hand, the city borders the Bay, and on the other with several Emirates, particularly Sharjah.

General information with photos

Dubai occupies an area of 4 114 km2, and its most part – a solid plain, covered with sand. Despite the aridity and lack of opportunities for dense vegetation cover, here grow date palms, acacia and oranges, tangerines, as well as in the city you can find manicured lawns and other vegetation.

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On the territory of Dubai due to the aridity is not to find the natural reservoirs, but because of the ambitions of the local population, recently, the city had implemented an ambitious project – water channel "Dubai Creek".

In just three years here have been upgraded the new waterway, which has become a natural attraction.

Initially, the water utility of the Dubai Creek was a natural lagoon with a length of 14 km. He went deeper into the city, separating it into two halves – Deira and Bur Dubai.

In 1960 began the modernization of the canal – was carried out work on its expansion and deepening, which allowed large ships to enter the Bay, and smaller – run between the new business district of Business Bay and Old town. On both banks of the lagoon began to build shops, cafes and markets, and later the pond became home to flamingos.

Every year Dubai is growing and developing as its infrastructure. For a small period of time there appeared new districts, among which there can be identified 4 major:

  • Bur Dubai – the historical part of the city with plenty of attractions;
  • Deira – the old densely populated area with an Oriental flavor;
  • Jumeirah – elite district in the heart of Dubai;
  • Dubai Marina – the most exclusive part of the city in the distance from the center.

If earlier profit of Dubai brought only oil, now this city became one of the richest in the world, has become a leading tourist and financial area of the country. Every year there are new records, especially the construction and expansion of infrastructure.

For a short period of time in Dubai arose:

  1. The highest skyscrapers;
  2. Artificial island in the shape of a palm;
  3. The only hotel with seven stars;
  4. Unique ski slope in the desert;
  5. Private underground.

By itself, Dubai is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world. On the territory of Dubai do not exist many types of taxes, therefore, actively trade and special events – exhibitions, conferences and seminars.


What is the sea in Dubai?

kakoj vodoem omyvaet gorod?

Getting ahead of the question "what sea is Dubai", it is worth noting that Dubai is on the Persian Gulf at the height of 5 meters above sea level.

Sea or ocean water?

From the point of view of geography, United Arab Emirates and bathed by the Gulf, and the sea and the ocean.

There are two coasts, one bordering the Gulf of Oman, and the second from Persian.

Most of the cities and resorts, including Dubai, come to the waters of the Gulf first, and he, in turn, is part of the Arabian sea – pond pertaining to internal waters of the Indian ocean.

To the Persian Gulf (it persistently call the "Arabian Gulf") is fully out of the coast of the Emirate of Fujairah, as well as several resort towns located in Sharjah. This region has a large size, and with the Gulf of Oman connects it to a small Strait of Hormuz.

It is worth noting that the Dubai shoreline is washed by only one Bay, whose name is Persian. The total length of coastline is about 70 km. from Dubai to the Gulf of Oman "" back from the UAE, it can be argued that the vacation was by the sea and ocean.

The Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf has impressive size, and its waters washed not only the coast of Dubai, but also the territory of Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. While the Bay has a relatively small depth, the maximum point on the bottom is 102 meters from the surface.

Length of the reservoir is 900 km and its width is 320 km. On the chemical composition of this region more resembles a sea than the Gulf of Oman.

Persidskij zaliv na karte

On the Gulf coast are the best beaches of Dubai:

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence;
  • Sunset Beach;
  • Kite Beach;
  • Jumeirah Open Beach.

Also on the Gulf coast built beach parks, in which tourists spend almost all their time. The most famous and popular parks are: Al Mamzar and Jumeirah Beach.

A great addition to a beach holiday in Dubai – diving clubs, is designed both for the novice and Pro, as well as water parks – the biggest in the middle East.

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Interesting facts

  • All indigenous people in Dubai are very rich people;
  • Wedding husband wife should give 7 kg of gold;
  • Compared to other cities in Dubai manners a little more loose;
  • In the Holy holiday of Ramadan , even tourists are not allowed to drink water until sunset;
  • About 90% of residents – immigrants from Iran, Pakistan and India;
  • For women in the metro has special carriages, and in restaurants – with tables;
  • Only the rich UAE residents can afford several wives;
  • Tourists are not allowed into the countryif in the passport there is a visa of Israel;
  • The height of Burj Khalifa – 828 meters, and the number of rooms – 166;
  • The schools are very cool, so you should wear clothes with long sleeve;
  • The legendary Jumeirah mosque is depicted on the banknote of 500 dirhams;
  • 4 km from the coast is the archipelago of the World Islands, repeating the continents;
  • The best way to travel around the city – taxis for girls – with a pink roof;
  • In the UAE it is impossible to photograph military and government buildings;
  • Girls are forbidden to wear immodest clothing.

See this video of the area of the Persian Gulf in Dubai: