United Arab Emirates: the Guggenheim Museum of Frank Gehry in Abu Dhabi

Muzej Guggenhajma v Abu-Dabi

The Guggenheim Museum is a world famous demonstration areaused for contemporary exhibitions and presentations of installations. In many halls, scattered in different parts of the world, the public appears to be the work of the masters of our time.

The interest not only of the art collections of the late XIX century up to the present moment, but also a futuristic building decorated in a special way.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

muzejnoe zdanie Solomona

Repository of modern art was founded due to the Solomon Guggenheim magnate, who in his later years discovered the beauty of philanthropy. The first Museum appeared in new York, and after the biggest branch was opened in Abu Dhabi.

The Arabs, as always, in a big way approached the issue, calling for the project the very best architects and collaborating with the most famous Western museums.

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For some time the government of Abu Dhabi decided to turn vibrant cultural capital, focusing a large-scale region devoted to the cultural and historical life. To do this, close the city was built artificial island of Saadiyat, where in addition to Golf courses, prestigious hotels, ports and luxury villas, a large area was reserved for concert halls, contemporary galleries, thematic museums, and other cultural objects.

The island, which is the sixth Guggenheim Museum (the first five in Berlin, new York, Venice, Bilbao and Las Vegas), covers an area of about 2.6 thousand hectares, and its length is 27 km and the Museum area, which will finally be completed by 2018, will be 45 thousand square meters, becoming the largest repository of art in the middle Eastern culture.

Saadiyat island is a short drive from Abu Dhabi with the mainland it connects two highways. You can reach it by taxi or bus No. 401, stop focusing on the Saadiyat Public Beach.

Who is the architect?

The Guggenheim Museum particularly stands out from other cultural structures, thanks to the futuristic form of the building. The engineering involved in the Frank Gehry – biggest talent of the present, stood at the origins of deconstruction. His brilliant projects are required well-known examples of architecture like the "Dancing house" in Prague, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and new York, the Museum of music in Seattle, housing the University of Massachusetts and many other examples of this style.


opisanie arhitektury

The Guggenheim Museum is both wonderful and amazing inside and out. On the idea of Frank Gehry, the building is its futuristic look to resemble the paintings of cubism, and in its form traced decaying volumes, friable surfaces, broken the use of traditional architectural elements.

Looking from the outside, it seems that giant cone-shaped (80 m) is adorned with an incredibly large parallelepipeds.

While Gary did not miss the local architectural tradition, like the classic wind tower and Bedouin tents. This unique approach has allowed us to combine two completely different cultures, harmoniously combining them together.

The walls of the Guggenheim Museum built a variety of stone and decorated with shades that allows you to select different rooms. Only here, there are four levels of Central galleries and two are detached at the sides, and for their lighting, use natural light.

Both buildings are unusual shapes designed for oversized projects, collected directly at the Museum and are not designed for moving in the other galleries of the world. In addition, it is planned to exhibit the collection of works from the middle Eastern culture.

What other museums there are in town?

Planning familiarity with the Guggenheim Museum, do not miss the opportunity to explore the museums on Saadiyat island and on the mainland.

The United Arab Emirates is not limited to the construction of one Museum. On the island also offer a variety of cultural objects of different subjects. Among them, especially known for the acclaimed Louvre project Jean Nouvel, the main building which is located in href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/chto-posmotret-v-parizhe/">Paris.

The opening of the Arab branch is planned for 2017. There will be a variety of archaeological exhibits, paintings and sculptures of the works from the Paris Louvre, as well as the original temporary exhibitions by local artists.

Other museums on the island of Saadiyat:

  1. A special place in the cultural life of Abu Dhabi is a Museum under the open sky – the heritage village, which is a unique memorial complex, where the traditional settlement countries in the Arab style. A walk through the territory of the ethnic village allows you to get acquainted with the culture of the Arabs, to see the houses and huts created from different materials, to visit a real Bazaar, to see objects from the past and learn about local crafts;
  2. Maritime Museum. The Museum building, designed by the talented renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, is located near the shore of the island and represents the relationship of land and sea. The future of the Museum is quite concise, without any decoration. The pavilion is easily recognizable by the asymmetrical arches and decorative cracks that resemble cliffs, rugged winds and waves;
  3. The national Museum named after Sheikh Zayed. To explore cultural heritage, history and traditions of Abu Dhabi reserved 19 pavilions, but more impressive is incredibly beautiful, literally floating, like the wing of a Falcon, the gallery, designed by renowned architects. This form of the Museum was not just a former President of the UAE was a strong fan of falconry and nature;
  4. ostalnye vystavki ostrova

  5. Center for the performing arts. The unique building of the Museum designed by British architect Zaha Hadid. The unusual design is futuristic and this makes it against the other buildings of the island;
  6. In a modern complex will host the Academy of drama, four theatres for exhibitions, concerts, operas and several classrooms with large enough capacity.

  7. A small private Museum with great collections of cars will be interesting to fans of expensive and rare models. Part of the collection was purchased from the owners, and the other part is made by order of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan al Nahyan.

Interesting facts

  • All the Museum objects of cultural Saadiyat island designed by winners of the Pritzker prize;
  • The buildings are designed not only to charm impressive form, but also on the ability to place as many objects inside museums;
  • Each machine in the collection of the automobile Museum of the Emirates are equipped with TV and refrigerator;
  • In the Maritime Museum features exhibition halls, located on the earth's surface and under water.

The Guggenheim Museum and other cultural sites of the island allow you to diversify an already exciting vacation resorts in the UAE.

Now, while the construction of a branch in Abu Dhabi is still in progress, you can see what is the Guggenheim Museum in new York, in this video: