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The airport of Sharjah on the world map and the UAE where, in what country it is?

SHardzha - eto gde?

Sharjah is where, which country? The question that can be heard from tourists looking for a Paradise to relax. The city is among the seven Emirates of the UAE.

Unlike Dubai, Sharjah is more conservative religious mores. While on vacation in this Emirate will have to follow certain rules of conduct.

Sharjah on a detailed map of the world and the UAE in Russian language

emirat na karte mira i strany

Sharjah is the UAE 's only Emirate bordering the Persian and Oman Gulf.

At a distance of 12 km from the Sharjah is a modern and very popular resort in Dubai.

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Geographic coordinates for Sharjah:

  • 25°20.2422' North latitude;
  • 55°24.7236' East longitude.

Distance from other Emirates is around:

  1. Ajman - 9 km;
  2. Umm al Quwain is 33 km away;
  3. Of RAS al-Khaimah - 88 km;
  4. Fujairah - 120 km;
  5. Abu Dhabi - 170 km.

How to get out of Russia?

kak doletet iz RF?

The most convenient and fastest way to travel to Sharjah airfare. Direct flights to the resort daily perpetrated from Moscow airport "Domodedovo". From other cities of Russia to get to Sharjah only , Charter or transit flights.

Use this convenient search form for the purchase of a plane ticket. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Sharjah ahead of Moscow time by 1 hour. Flights between cities makes budget airline company Air Arabia.

Distance between Moscow and Sharjah in a straight line, is 3675 km the Average flight time 5.5 hours.

Sharjah airport is 15 km from the city centre. He has 1 passenger and 5 cargo terminal. Annually air Harbor serves about 12 million people. The terminal building is built in traditional Arabic style. In operation it was introduced in 1977.

sposoby dobratsya v aeroport

At the passenger terminal building is a bus stop, providing connections not only to the Sharjah and other cities. Most of the tourists prefer to move around the country in a rented car or taxi. Airport transfers can be arranged.

Information about the resort

Sharjah has many attractions. Very often you can hear how the city is called the cultural capital of the UAE.

General information

The city covers a small area, but it is constantly expanding. Occupied by the Sharjah area is about 250 km2. According to various estimates in the Emirate resides at 1.1-1.4 million people. This discrepancy in the data because this number includes visitors to the resort workers from neighbouring countries. Most of them are immigrants from India and Pakistan.

Locals communicate in the Arabic language. Other dialects are heard here as often as the official Arabic language. The heart of Sharjah is considered a resort town. It stretches along of coastline and is the most attractive in architectural terms.


istoricheskie dannye

According to archaeologists, the first people on the territory of the Emirate began to settle more than 120 thousand years ago.Mention of their compact settlements in historical sources date from the period 5000 years ago.

In the II century BC, the Greek geographer Ptolemy struck the territory of the Emirate on the map as Sarcoa.

Living on the coast of Oman and the Persian gulfs tribes were engaged in fishing and breeding of camels. The power of the Arab Caliphate was established on these lands in the seventh century. In the XVIII century, the territory came under the protectorate of Britain. Part of the UAE, the Emirate joined in 1977.


The best months for vacation in Sharjah is the period from September to March. The only downside to this time are the sandstorms. They occur rarely, but can rage at the resort 1-2 days. Come out during them dangerous and unpleasant.

The temperature overnight rarely drops below +10°C. during the Day he can warm up to +25°C. relative air humidity is 55-60%. Summer at the resort is very dry. The temperature is understood to +40°C.


Sharjah - a clean comfortable city with good infrastructure. In the Emirate of excellent roads, plenty of green recreational areas. To shop tourists are in the shops, of which there are countless.

The shopping street - al Wahda. Its length is 2 km, it focused shops selling products of famous brands. In the shopping arcade come for elegant clothes, shoes and good spirits.


Bedouin tent shaped like the huge shopping centre "Sahara". It will house more than 200 branded shops, leisure centre, children's attractions, cafes, restaurants and a cinema.

Cafes and restaurants - a special highlight of the city. In the menu, most of them presented dishes of Arabic cuisine. Often foreign tourists bought them cakes, dishes of lamb and coffee with sweets.

Food, seafood, can be found in restaurants and cafés by the sea.

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Public transport in Sharjah is under active development. The first public buses started to carry passengers in the city since 2008. They are engaged in the transport of people on the route "City Airport" and other long-distance flights. All bus transportation company Mowasalat runs.

obshestvennyj transport

The most common type of movement across the Emirate taxi. It can be stopped on the street without any problems or to order by phone. Pay the fare in cash will have. Fares at the resort are much lower than in other cities of the country.

Very convenient to reach from the city centre to its outskirts to metro. One of its branches connects Sharjah with Dubai.


Commodity prices in Sharjah a few lowerthan at other resorts. Do shopping here is no less fascinating than other areas of the country.

Among the most popular shopping areas of the city - markets:

  • Blue market. Him come in made by local craftsmen utensils of gold and silver, carpets and Oriental textiles. Russian tourists call this market "a train", and locals "gold". Associated these names with the architectural form of the market and its shopping malls. There is a market in the al Yarmouk;
  • Vegetable market Souk al-Jumaa. Located in the mountains along the road between Sharjah and Fujairah;
  • Arab Souk al Bahar. Him come for jewelry, snuff, Arabic perfumes, incense and thousands of other traditional Oriental goods. The Bazaar is located near the city's waterfront;
  • The Iranian market. Located on the shore of the Bay of Sharjah. Here you will find the best spices and incense.

There in the city and other markets, including fishing, Antiques, silver and others.

A significant event in the city is Ramadan. This Holy Muslim festival lasts for a month. At this time in Sharjah carry out Shopping festival.

Travel business

turisticheskaya sfera

Going on vacation to Sharjah, you need to know and remember a few very important things. In this Emirate operates dry law, which all persons everywhere and always adhered to strictly. Very strictly adhered to here and Sharia law, so before the trip to the resort should be well versed with the fact that you can do it, and that is categorically impossible.

Where to stay?

In Sharjah, to find hostels, becausethey are simply not. This is due to strict local customs. To live in one room of strangers is not easy.

Alternative hostels budget accommodation in the city - room for rent.

Very decent housing for relatively little money in the resort you can find in 3* and 4* hotels by the sea. The quality of their services is approximately on the same level. Most of them were built 25-30 years ago. Among the best hotels of the resort:

  1. Coral Beach Resort Villas 4*. The hotel has a very convenient location - it is 45 minutes drive from Dubai airport and 15 minutes from the air port to Sharjah. The hotel is a complex consisting of small villas, with private swimming pool, Parking, Internet available in all areas.
  2. Grand Hotel Sharjah 4*. The hotel is built in first line to the sea and just 8 km from the airports of Dubai and Sharjah. It has 220 rooms. Surrounded by the hotel gardens.
  3. Verona Resort 3*. Building in the Italian style. Located within walking distance from the sandy beaches of Sharjah and 5 minutes walk from the shopping centre of the resort.


In high season, places to stay in hotels it is better to book in advance. You can do this using this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

The natural landscape of the Emirate of Sharjah is very diverse, it includes mountain ranges and vast desert, and coastal areas.

The best beaches

For reviews of tourists, the beaches in Sharjah are clean and comfortable, with well-developed infrastructure. To distinguish from the total number one beach difficult. With minimal interruption from other stand:

  • Al-Corniche. Crowded beach, enjoying the same popularity among local residents and tourists. Located next to the famous city hotel "coral beach" and the Women's club. Is a secluded sandy area, sheltered from the noisy world palm trees. Entrance to the beach is free. At certain times of the year, local authorities close it due to cold underwater currents;
  • Al Khan. More relaxing place to stay. Its name the beach received from the village, which takes its beginning. It ends at the fence of the power plant al-Laie. The beach is equipped by all necessary for comfortable rest, is always in perfectly clean condition.

What to do?

chto delat?

Dry lawoperating in the Emirate, limits the range of entertainment on the resort, which was used by many foreign tourists. All day entertainment events are held beside the beach. This time visiting the museums and other attractions of the city.

Parents with children interesting to visit the amusement Park of al-Montazah.

The city's many parks, beach clubs, tour itineraries and other interesting places and activities. In the evening many tourists love to walk along the promenade of the resort, enjoying the warm sea air. The other part of tourists fills the cafes and restaurants.

Near the fountains of Sharjah can be seen in various street performances. They start from 18:30. Together with the sunset starts to boil life the night bazaars. Tourists who want to see more shows, can travel to neighboring Dubai.


A city called the cultural center of the UAE, has a long list of attractionsthat are worth visiting. Among them:

  1. Fort Of Sharjah Al Hisn. Old building surrounded by modern buildings in the city. The two-story building constructed of stone, coral and Adobe;
  2. The king Faisal mosque. Located on the area of al Ittihad. At the same time inside the mosque can be 15 thousand people. Allowed into the mosque of the Muslims only;
  3. Museums of Islamic civilization and calligraphy;
  4. Kalba is a fishing village with fish market in the vicinity of the city;
  5. Fountains Burj al Arab is a favorite place for celebrations for locals and tourists.

In the vast majority of hotels can arrange group or individual tour.

Other interesting things to know about Sharjah this video: