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Holiday in Cambodia by the sea: photo of beaches, resorts and map in Russian

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Cambodia is a fabulous place for travelers who prefer exclusively beach tourism.

Extensive clean beach with soft white sand and azure waters of the Gulf, as well as a great opportunity to retire in the most beautiful environment, one of the main reasons to travel to this country. The beaches of Cambodia will leave the most vivid impressions of the rest.

Holiday in Cambodia

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Every year the Southeast Asian country attracts more and more tourists into its vastness. If earlier it included only in guided tour of the historic and cultural route "Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand," then soon the country began to attract more and its wild beaches.

What sea or ocean is the country?

Itself the Kingdom of Cambodia is located in Indochina Peninsula, so its shores are washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. In this area all year round the water temperature does not fall below +21°C, allowing tourists to enjoy beach and outdoor activities.

He belongs to the Gulf of Thailand South China sea – they come together in the South-East of the country.

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The holiday season

Thanks to the wonderful weather, holiday in Cambodia is possible at any time of the year, but the most favorable climate is observed in the period from late September to may. At this time is clear and warm weather – air temperature is not heated above +27-30°C.

At the same time, the lack of strong winds and heavy rains do not hinder tourists to relax, enjoying the great opportunities that come in the high season.

Map with resorts on the Russian language - where better to go?

kurorty Sianukvilya na atlase na russkom yazyke

The most popular and prosperous seaside in Cambodia is in Sihanoukville – the most rapidly developing resort. Its name is derived from the name of the ruler of the country, Sihanouk and adding the prefix "Ville", taken from the French language.

Sihanoukville is located in a favorable area is 230 kilometers from the capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh. Its coast is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, and previously, there was a deep-water port, used by the French.

In our days, this area of the country known to the entire planet and gorgeous beaches with well-developed infrastructure and extensive opportunities for active and extreme tourism.

Themselves beaches in Sihanoukville are very long coastline with fine as dust sand, plenty of lounge chairs and a café that allows you to choose a small secluded area, enjoying a pleasant holiday surrounded by Cambodian exotic. The local beaches are washed by warm and transparent waters where you can swim and diving or snorkeling.

Throughout the year in Sihanoukville observed wonderful weather. Unlike other resorts in the country, in this part Sunny and hot, and the air temperature often exceeds +30°C by day and +20 at night. In the rainy season, when across the country there are tropical storms accompanied by high humidity, such weather conditions are not so noticeable.

The beautiful beaches of Cambodia are not only on the mainland. It is a little sail from the coast and then you can meet a fifty-two small, but incredibly beautiful and well-maintained Islandsbelonging to Cambodia.

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They are not inferior in its attractiveness to the beaches of Sihanoukville, and the most popular of these allow you to dip into peaceful atmosphere.

Tourists choose to holiday coast Islands:

  • Co-Russa is a small part of land, covered with thickets of bamboo and hidden bungalows;
  • Koh Rong – an exotic island is a seaside with clean beaches and lots of fun for two;
  • Koh-Thmei – remote from civilization, the island is covered with mango trees, allows the crowds to stay the night in bungalows;
  • Ko-tan – a true Paradise for tourists, surrounded by various exotic trees, as well asrich underwater world.

The Cambodia coast is so diverse that every beach here is perfect for any type of holiday. Those who prefer noisy parties, prestigious hotels, clubs and cafes, will find them at Sihanoukville.

Romantics, honeymooners and those who wish to escape to peace and quiet, can choose small Islands located in the Gulf of Thailand. Each of them has a small area and is perfect for secluded relaxation.

The beach area

Fans of beach holidays, going on vacation to Cambodia, choose the coast of Sihanoukville. Besides the fact that the beaches here perfect for relaxing at any time of the day, they also have a gentle entrance into the sea, ideal for families with children. That is why this part of the country is considered to be the best for beach tourism.

Best beaches - photos

Fans soak up the sun, listening to the sound of the waves will be in awe of the best beaches in Cambodia. They are amazingly beautiful, and the coast has everything for a perfect holiday.

luchshie beregovye territorii

Compared with neighboring Thailand's beaches, Cambodia is less developed but also less noisy, so they can easily compete with them.

The first in the ranking of the best beaches is Occheuteal is the most popular and longest beach of Cambodia. He has a very narrow strip, lined with parasols and sun loungers. Located on the coast, you can all day enjoy the hot sun and the beautiful fiery sunsets or dine in the cafes with local cuisine.

Remarkably, Occheuteal divided into two parts, so every tourist will find on the coast a place to stay based on their preferences. The first half of the beach is a place where there is everything, including bungalows, restaurants and hotels, and the second – a wild shore, where you can be surrounded by nature alone.

In the following list, the beach Otres – a picturesque beach, the species of which resemble fairy Paradise. Their share of the popularity he earned among young people, as in this part of Sihanoukville, you can save a little on tourism. Hotels, restaurants, and fun activities on the coast, as well as sun loungers, bars and extreme entertainment can all be found in this part of the country.

foto poberezhya Otres

On the coast of Otres beach you can enjoy sunbathing, and if you suddenly get tired to relax and do nothing, in this case, there is a large variety of water transport, allowing easy access to neighbouring Islands.

Here you can rent paddle boats, kayaks or a boat and take a diving school.

The pearl of Sihanoukville – Victoria – luxurious coast, which became a center not only for beach, but a night's rest. In this part of the resort has many hotels, shops and clubs, casinos and discos. Here you can find a lot of fellow citizens who choose to relax in Cambodia. The vast choice, fans of a comfortable and carefree holiday will be delighted by this beach.

The following beaches are also included in the list of the best:

  1. Serendipity – no less pleased than Victoria. Life on this side of the river is boiling due to the large number of tourists, cafes, clubs, shops and restaurants, bungalows and hotels. Those who wish to relax in peace and comfort, it is better to avoid this place;
  2. Lazy beach – this island resort geared exclusively for a beach holiday and total relaxation. Here you can sit on the sand, ivory, swim in the clear waters or go diving. As a place to stay overnight on the island there are comfortable bungalows.

Finally, the ranking of the best beaches complete the coast called Sokha. This cozy and cute the beach stretches for about 1,5 km narrow coastal strip. More "piece" private and belongs to hotel, so it is maximally equipped for beach recreation and swimming, but there are well maintained wild area where it can relax anyone. It is worth noting that this beach is considered the cleanest.

Coastal areas for vacation with the kids

Most tourists who choose family trip to Cambodia, I prefer the hotels which have private beaches. This gives you the ability to not worry about the availability of infrastructure, and the lack of mud and merchants.

  • The most popular beach for families with children – independence – coast belongs to the hotel of the same name. Its length is about two kilometers, and it is the coast ofwhite sand, lapped by clear water.

    plyazhnye zony dlya detej

    On the large beach there is sun loungers, benches, souvenir shops and bars, and a selection of cafes with local and European cuisine.

  • In the evenings the tourists prefer to gather on the pontoon, where they open up breathtaking views of the sunset.

  • Slightly less noisy, but the same attractive beach Paradise is a snow – white piece of the coast, remote from the General hustle and bustle.

    Here you can hide from the scorching rays of the sun in the gazebo or relax on the benches and enjoy the magnificent views of the sea. On the coast there is only one hotel, ready to offer tourists with children very well-maintained and comfortable bed in the peace and quiet.

  • The Islands also have their own corners of Paradise for young tourists, especially popular long Set – uncrowded island, designed for privacy. At night one can observe an amazing sight – the glow of the water, which is obtained at the expense of marine life.

Travel tips

Aside from beaches Sihanoukville is valuable because it houses the most iconic sights of the country. If the trip is planned with children, you can visit the Park of Ream. It is a wild forest and several large Islands, among which it is possible to travel by boat.

For walks available:

  1. Bamboo island;
  2. The old pier;
  3. National Park Phnom Bokor.

Fans of the national cuisine is a must try Khmer dishes. They are not like other world cuisines, so leave an exceptional impression.

It is worth noting that the beaches of Cambodia, as the country itself, is not suitable for a self catering holiday. On the coast it is forbidden to stay overnight in hotels or bungalows, and in this case the price of the holiday will already be much higher.

We encourage you to watch the video about the Cambodian beaches: