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North Korea on the world map: sights, visa for a holiday

severnaya koreya na karte mira

North Korea, or DPRK, is one of the most secretive and exotic countries in the world. Here continues the era of state socialism and remains faith in the victory of communism throughout the world.

To get to North Korea is not an easy task for any tourist. Nevertheless, even this state is gradually opening up to the world, and to find North Korea on the world map is easy.

North Korea on the world map and Asia on the Russian language

gosudarstvo na atlase mira na russkom yazyke

In recent years the number of foreign tourists who visited the country, hundreds of thousands. And although most of them are residents of China, tourists from Western countries and Russia will gradually discover this "nature of socialism."

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North Korea was formed in 1948 as a result of the collapse of the unified Korean state and the subsequent war with South Korea. The state capital is the city of Pyongyang.

The location of North Korea: the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula in the far East of the Asian continent.

Who is on the border?

North Korea borders three countries:

  • with South Korea;
  • with China;
  • the Primorye territory of the Russian Federation (the border runs along the Tumen river).

Climate weather by months

klimaticheskie usloviya po mesyacam

In North Korea clearly distinguished all four seasons. The winter is long and cold, lasting from December to March, and summers are short (June-September) and rainy because of the monsoon, which brings moist air from the Pacific ocean. The most pleasant holiday season - autumn. Though she is rather short, but warm and nedodelka.

Averages temperatures during the year, the following:

  • January: in the afternoon -3°C, and in the night -6°C;
  • February: -1°C night -4°C;
  • March: in the afternoon +6°C, at +3°C;
  • April: in the afternoon +13°C, at night +8°C;
  • May: day +17°C, night 12°C;
  • June: day +21°C, at night +17°C;
  • July: day 25°C at +21°C;
  • August: day +24°C at night +22°C;
  • September: in the afternoon +20°C, night 18°C;
  • October: in the afternoon +13°C, tonight +11°C;
  • November: in the afternoon +5°C at +3°C;
  • December: in the afternoon -2°C night -3°C.

Entry into the country

Entry to Korea for foreigners is very limited and possible only in tourist groups or individual tours with a personal guide.

For residents of some countries, such as South Korea or USA, enter the country virtually closed.

Do I need a visa?

vizovyj rezhim

The government of North Korea Russian side proposed the gradual abolition of visas for short-term (up to 2 months) for visits. But so far this has not happened and the Russians still want to get a visa permit from the authorities of North Korea.

In order to obtain a visa for the DPRK, it is necessary to contact the Embassy (in Moscow) or Consulate (Vladivostok, Khabarovsk) and provide:

  1. completed visa application form;
  2. photo 3,5×4,5 cm;
  3. passport;
  4. a certificate from the employer.

In addition, you should pay the visa fee, the cost of which ranges from 10 to 60 dollars. You should know that the trip to North Korea almost always permitted only as part of organized tourist groups, so the visa is issued through a travel Agency.

More recently, in the North of the country has a free economic zone of Rason, located on the border with China and Khasansky district in Primorskyregion.

During the trip to the Rason area without visiting other regions of North Korea visa permission to the Russians is not required.

How to get out of Russia?

Russian tourists to enter the territory of the DPRK, either as part of organized tourist groups or individual tours with a personal guide. Travel agencies selling tours in the DPRK must have accreditation by the North Korean government. Group in the country is constantly accompanied by two local guides.

To travel to North Korea possible flight or train.

Flights Vladivostok — Pyongyang carried out twice a week from the international airport Knevichi. Flight time is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

A plane ticket can be found with this search form. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

The through car from Moscow to Pyongyang is part of a train Moscow — Vladivostok. The carriage is formed 1-2 times a week. Further, the car clings to the train Ussuriisk — Tumangan.

After passing the border control in Hassan (requires permission of the Border service of the Russian Federation), the train passes the state border between the North and falls into the territory of the Free economic zone Rason. The movement of aliens on the station Tumangan by train is prohibited, however, the movement on the territory of the economic zone is not forbidden in the presence of the North Korean guides.

Stay in the DPRK

kak otdohnut v KNDR?

Despite the strict socialist regime, North Korea can rest on the sea in Free economic zone of Rason, and to visit historical and natural attractions of this country.


Formed the opinionthat in North Korea there is almost nothing to see except the socialist architecture of Pyongyang.

In spite of everything, this country has a complex historical and natural attractions.

  • Located in Pyongyang Kumsusan memorial Palace — mausoleum where the ashes of former heads of state, Kim In-sung and Kim Jong In.
  • The ancient capital of unified Korea's city Kaesong has a complex of historical buildings and monuments, listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Visit Casona one of the mandatory programs when traveling of foreigners in North Korea, in particular, this allowed the entry of South Korean citizens.

    Of most interest are the Academy of Sungkyunkwan Confucian, the Kaesong Namdaemun gate, the ruins of the Palace of Manwoldae, cheomseongdae Observatory, and other monuments of the era of Cortex — medieval state on the territory of the Korean Peninsula.

  • The Ryugyong hotel in Pyongyang is a new symbol of the capital of North Korea due to its height and unusual shape, resembling the top of a mountain. The tallest building in North Korea has 105 floors, rising up to 330 metres.

    dostoprimechatelnaya gostinica Rugen

    The construction lasted for more than 20 years, the building completed, but not commissioned. Rügen — hotel with the most floors in the world. The name of the hotel was due to the previous name of the capital of the DPRK Pyongyang.

  • The complex of Goguryeo tombs inscribed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The complex consists of 63 individual tombs, whose walls are decorated with paintings.
  • The tomb was created in the early feudal period in VI-VII centuries of our era. Located in North Korea's capital Pyongyang and Nampho.

  • The 170-meter Monument to the Juche idea is located in North Korea's capital Pyongyang. On top of the monument is a torch, under which is an observation deck. By paying the sum of about 5 euros, you can admire the panorama of Pyongyang from a great height.
  • Diamond mountains kymgansan are particularly beautiful landscape and unusual composition — the mountains are almost entirely composed of granite. Gem of the mountains kymgansan is considered a 100-foot waterfall of the Nine dragons..

Where better in North or South Korea?

All the indications are that South Korea have achieved much greater success than North Korea after the collapse of the United States.

Now South Korea is one of the richest and most innovative countries in the world that takes tourists from all over the Earth. Here is a much better economic situation and an elementary lot more freedom, including to foreigners.

But, at the same time, for tourists, North Korea might be more interesting to your exotic, as the South Korean city, in General, little different from Japanese or Chinese cities.Frozen in time, North Korea is perhaps the most exotic country in the world to visit in which, comparable to the feat.

Interesting facts - what not to do?

North Korea — hard totalitarian state, therefore, leisure and tourism in this country is bound by the rules dictated by the North Korean government.

interesnaya informaciya

Street crime in North Korea are almost there, however, tourists will have to endure the constant presence of a local guide, which is put in charge of North Korean intelligence agencies. Recommendations and instructions in these guides is required to perform without question, however, when establishing a trust relationship with them, you can go beyond the mandatory programs.

In General, foreign tourists are not recommended to contact with the locals. However, with the gradual softening of manners in this country, the Koreans themselves may be interested in and talk to the traveler. A pleasant surprise for the Russians is the fact that many people in DPRK know Russian language.

Prohibited any photos of the military and major infrastructure projects (bridges, ports, power plants). When photographing local people should ask permission from them and a guide.

On the territory of the DPRK is no global Internet, mobile phone reception is available only one local operator.

Earlier in the country it was impossible to import mobile phones, now tourists may bring cell phones, but their use must install a local SIM card. Local Internet "on-Site" only contains articles of scientific and technical nature.

Despite the apparent rigor, any foreign tourist on a trip to North Korea has much more freedom than the locals, which greatly restricted in their rights:

  1. residents of the capital are forbidden to keep dogs at home;
  2. there are only a few hairstylesthey are allowed to carry, also developed a dress code for men and women;
  3. North Korea is the most militarized country in the world, spending a third of the budget for the army;
  4. the official ideology of Juche (relying on his strength) is mandatory for all residents.

In order to leave the country, North Koreans must obtain permission from the government. Even as a tourist the people of the DPRK are allowed to go only to China, the workers exit visas open only to China and the Russian Federation. Because of the closed exit from the country, every year several thousand North Koreans illegally cross the border with South Korea and become refugees.

Some more strange facts about North Korea in this video: