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Sri Lanka: the name of the international airport on arrival from Moscow to Colombo

aeroport SHri-Lanki

Look for the government of Sri Lanka need in South Asia. This small island country is located on the eponymous island off the Southeast coast of the Indian subcontinent and is well known by his second name Ceylon.

In Sanskrit, the name of the country means "Blessed Land". The most famous in Sri Lanka, the airport is in Colombo.

International airports of arrival on the map of Sri Lanka

mezhdunarodnye vozdushnye gavani na karte strany

In Sri Lanka 21 the airport, 3 of which are international. The most famous airport in the country, Bandaranaike international. Its codes are: IATA CMB, ICAO - VCRI

Often called the Bandaranaike international airport in Colombo. This is due to the fact that Colombo is the closest to this air harbour, the largest settlement.

The airport itself is located in the small village of Katunayake. The international status he received in 1983. Distance from airport to Colombo is 35 km away and 10 km away is the port city of Negombo.

The airport of the country heart of ratmalana, also can be called Colombo. It is located in a suitable area of this city. Codes: IATA - RML, ICAO - VCCC. Unlike Bandaranaike, he takes a small number of international flights and is used primarily for internal communication with the capital and the local force.

The second largest international airport in the country Mattala Rajapaksa is located near the city of Hambantota. Inaugurated in 2013. Together with the international lines serves the domestic flights. Codes: IATA - HRI, ICAO - VCRI.

internacionalnyj aerovokzal ostrova Mattala Radzhapaksa

The airport Katukurunda Slaf Base - modern air Harbor, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country - Katukurunda. Codes: IATA - KTY ICAO - EPGI.

In the list of airports in the country also include:

  • two airports in Ampara - Ampara (ADP, VCCA) and Kondavattavan Tank (AFK, KAFK);
  • Castlereigh Reservoir (NUF, SKBO) in Hatton;
  • Mahaweli (KDY, KCOD) in Mahaweli;
  • Bentota River (BJT, SKBO) at the resort of Bentota;
  • Polgolla Reservoir (KDZ, TKPK) in Katugastota;
  • airport civil-military use Hingurakgoda (HIM, VTPH) in the province of Polonnaruwa;
  • Batticaloa (BTC, VCCB) in Batticaloa;
  • Wirawila (WRZ, VCCW) to Wirawila;
  • Kelaniya River (KEZ, FVKZ) in Kelaniya and others.

The infrastructure of the international airport terminal

The main stream of foreign tourists take the three international airport of Sri Lanka — Katunayake heart of ratmalana and Mattala Rajapaksa.


Well known to tourists under the more commonly known as Colombo airport was built by the British in 1940 and has gone through major reconstruction in 1983.

Air Harbor has 3 runways, a modern navigation system and 3 hotels for tourists.

zdanie Bandaranajke

It is here that accepts direct flights from Russia. Does the company Sri Lanka Airlines. Time for a direct flight from Moscow is 8,5 hours. Fly to Bandaranaike international airport it is possible not only from Moscow, but Kazan, Samara and other cities of the country.

Getting lost in the airport virtually impossible. It has a small size and a simple circuit device. Despite this, it's all very well thought out and done for the convenience of passengers. There are created accessible environment for people with disabilities, and the airport has:

  1. the Bank;
  2. duty-free;
  3. post office;
  4. exchanger;
  5. beauty salon;
  6. stores;
  7. Department ambulance and more.

To check installed 40 check-in counters. At the airport you can rent a car, book airport transfer, book hotel rooms and book travel tour. Leave your things in the storage room. To apply for a visa upon arrival in the country, at a special counter, which is located inside the terminal.

From the airport can be reachedalmost anywhere in the world. It served flights to India, Turkey, Pakistan, Japan, UAE and some other countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. At the airport 4 terminals:

  • serving international flights;
  • serving domestic flights;
  • cargo;
  • under construction.

The airport is the base for the airline Lankan cargo.

Heart of ratmalana

Ratmalana airport is the second most important air port of Sri Lanka. This airport dual use. It is based on the local force. The airport is close to mount Lavinia (this is one of the most popular resorts in the country). In spite of its importance and international status, heart of ratmalana mainly serves domestic flights.

terminal Ratmalana

The major airlines based in the heart of ratmalana, are Expo Aviation and AeroLanka. The airport is 12 km from Colombo, but not with the city's public transportation.

To reach ratmalana airport only by taxi or transfer that can be enjoyed in the hotels.

From Russia in the heart of ratmalana flying flights from Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Vladivostok and other cities. The airport serves flights from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In the terminal there is a waiting room. Next to the air harbour located a large number of hotels and guest houses.

Mattala Rajapaksa

The second international flight in the country. The name of air harbour received their location, it is located 30 km from Hambantota in the small town of Mattala. This is promising for the development of international tourism area of the country.

At the airport 's terminal 2: freight and passenger. The passenger terminal has three Lounges: a VIP, a VIP lounge and business lounge. The airport was built in the middle of the local shrouds. In his district, one can see a peacock or a Heron, but even Buffalo or elephant. Remote from civilization, the airport is no different variety of services. Transfer you need well before departure to Sri Lanka.

Nearest airport hotels and guest houses are at a distance of 15-17 km from the Bank in the terminal works only at the time of arrival of foreign flights. Around the clock work at the airport ATMs, you can find them at the exit of the terminal. There are at Mattala Rajapaksa also a restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

To buy a plane ticket to Sri Lanka, use this convenient search form. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

Travel tips

rekomendacii otdyhaushim

Arriving at Ceylon tourists should know that most of the population of Sri Lanka are believers. Not everybody likes being photographed. That means, getting off the plane, we should not immediately take up the camera. Before shooting, you need to ask him for permission to do so.

Transfer better before the flight. If this is not done, the order can be issued immediately upon arrival at the front Desk for a taxi.

In currency exchange offices airports the highest rate, and very hard to get small bills. Some part of money is better to exchange at banks at home.

To customs clearance is not caused unpleasant situations, you need to know the rules of import and export of goods in Sri Lanka:

  1. no fee in country 1 person can bring 2 bottles of wine or 1.5 litres of strong alcohol, a small (60 ml) bottle of perfume and toilet water (250 ml);
  2. smokers without duty can bring in 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars;
  3. the country banned the import of Indian and Pakistani currency, local money can bring no more than 5 thousand rupees.

To issue a visa to Sri Lanka via the Internet or on arrival at the airport. From the shape of the design determines its value. Visa, issued through the official website of the Sri Lankan Embassy, will cost tourists just cheaper.

All information about arrival and departure of flights and availability can be found on the electronic scoreboard airports. You can find it on the official sites.

How does the airport Bandaranaike in, you can watch this video: