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What can you bring from Sri Lanka of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz SHri-Lanki?

Returning from travel, you always want to bring a piece of the country with a commemorative sale reminded about the rest.

From such exotic countries as Sri Lanka, wish to bring something authentic made in this area.

Of course, Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, but in addition there is what to buy a souvenir, and family and friends as an unusual souvenir. What to choose from the variety of products offered?

Souvenirs from Sri Lanka: what to bring?


Each country has its own national alcoholic beverage that you must try for every tourist. Sri Lanka is Arrak.

This picturesque national drink made from the juice of the flowers of coconut palms with the addition of various herbs. Beverage called palm wine, coconut vodka, a local vodka and rum.

Arrak compare with rum and whiskey, but he has a soft taste. From this alcoholic beverage there is no hangover. Drink it neat with ice or in cocktails, adding coke or soda.

You can also bring a bottle of red rum Calypso, which is made from cane sugar, burnt caramel, and color is added to the juice of the red banana, which is considered a very healing product.

The drink has bright sweet taste. Drink it mixing with sodas, lemon juice, and add in coffee.


The country is famous for its Ayurvedic beauty productsmade from natural ingredients according to ancient recipes of Ayurveda. With them you can bring essential and coconut oil with healing and rejuvenating properties.

You can also buy a natural cream, toothpaste plant origin. Especially popular toothpaste with red pepper, which not only perfectly whitens teeth, heals gums, but also has the spicy flavor of hot pepper and cinnamon.

A very popular Ayurvedic shampoos and lotions, hair oil and massage, sandalwood soap, facial masks, which will give the beauty and prolong youth.

Suveniry iz SHri-Lanki: kosmetika


As cosmetics, Sri Lankan medicine based on the use of the gifts of nature. Healthy available to buy:

  • tincture of cinnamon, which helps with headache and tooth pain, relieves itching from mosquito bites;
  • on the basis of the liquid from the shells provides funds for the treatment of gastric diseases;
  • red pineapples make remedies for weight loss;
  • red oil based on the medicinal plants helps in diseases of the joints.

You can buy natural cough syrups, medicinal teas and tinctures, cures snoring, baldness, dandruff, which is made of herbs and spices.

Foods and spices

Compulsory purchase in Sri Lanka is famous for tea, distinguished by its aroma and mild flavor. As Souvenirs you can bring tea in an interesting package: in bags, in a beautiful box, unusual packaging, for example, in the figures of the coconut.

You can buy tea with natural additives such as cinnamon, vanilla, passion fruit.

Of the products you can bring cashew nuts, Buffalo cheese, and of course, exotic fruits. You can surprise your friends with red bananas, Papua, mangostine, lychee, rambutan, drinking coconut and pineapple.

Sri Lanka is famous worldwide for its aromatic spices and herbs, which is very wide: cardamom, curry leaves, saffron, nutmeg, ginger, and the famous Ceylon cinnamon.

As gifts and Souvenirs you can bring sets of spices, which will help you to feel the taste and aroma of the national cuisine.

Suveniry iz SHri-Lanki: produkty i specii

Clothes and shoes

In Sri Lanka, you can buy clothes made from natural cotton, silk, and batik. A silk sew blouses, dresses, skirts, scarves, stoles. Made from soft high-quality cotton t-shirts, t-shirts, clothes for home and leisure.

Batik is a painting on fabric. Fabric paint for bright shirts, sundresses, dresses. Very popular, pareo and national dress(saris and sarongs), hand-painted.

In Sri Lanka doing high-quality leather, so you can purchase yourself or as a gift sandals made of genuine leather.


Souvenirs of Sri Lanka is presented in a very large range, and you can always choose something imbued with the spirit of this exotic country.

Precious stones and jewelry with them. Especially famous Sri Lankan sapphires. You can buy jewelry with them, or buy the raw stone.

Pictures of batikdepicting beautiful landscapes, flowers, intricate patterns.

Buddha statuesmade of various materials, the interior will add exotic color and will bring good luck to the owner.

Figures of the elephant, which is considered a sacred animal, carved from wood or bone. Especially prized figurines from ebony.

Products made of natural leather. Mainly used Buffalo leather. Sew bags, belts, wallets, covers for documents.

Painted wooden masks, which have a mysterious power. Masks are carved of tropical wood and hand-painted. Masks to protect from evil spirits and negative energy, attract good luck and wealth, participate in the healing rituals.

Each mask its magic function, which will tell the seller. You can buy a mask with a specific value or as bright authentic souvenir.

Drums are part of the religious rites of Sri Lankans, so they sell them as a souvenir.

Unusual souvenir will be paper products that are made from elephant excrement. From a paper make notepads, albums, frames, and figurines made of papier-mache.

Suveniry iz SHri-Lanki: vsyakaya vsyachina

What can you buy at present?

Choosing gifts of travel, you can buy more of everything, and you can each pick an individual souvenirthat will appeal to a specific person.


The man who loves style in clothing, you can bring the factory products, for example, jeans or t-shirt famous brand.

Every man will appreciate a gift from him to the national alcoholic beverage. In Sri Lanka it is Arrak and red rum, which is popular not only among tourists but also among locals.

Music lovers can bring a ritual drum or disk with ethnic music.

A useful gift will be the product of genuine leather. It could be a belt, purse or wallet, made in the ethnic style.

Original gift will become a national men's apparel sarong, worn by the locals, wrapping it around your waist. Sarongs are presented in different colors and decorated with Oriental ornaments.

The sarong can be worn at a theme party or just to wear at home, surprising the guests.

The girl

Each representative of the fairer sex will remain indifferent to jewelry, so as a gift you can bring a piece of jewelry with natural precious stones: sapphires, emeralds, rubies.

Stone you can pick up your zodiac sign or has had a positive impact on health.

CHto mozhno kupit v podarok devushke?

As a gift you can bring products and natural silk. This noble material will suit the taste of every woman, regardless of age. This can be a silk blouse, a scarf with Oriental ornaments, a summer scarf, and linen.

Every housewife will appreciate, as a gift, unusual tableware and kitchenware, made in the ethnic style of cinnamon wood, coconut shell and horns of a Buffalo.

The girl felt like a resident of the exotic countries, you can give her a bright Sari, hand-painted.

For the needle nice and useful gift would be a slim, elegant high quality laceand cloth of linen and batik.

A useful gift will be the natural cosmetics, which has different properties.

Home decoration can be a Sri Lankan textiles. You can buy linens, towels, bedspreads, curtains and pillows made from natural fabrics.


Sri Lankan child can bring a variety of figurines made of wood and bones of animals.

Also the child will be happy crafts from a coconut. It can be different animals, as well as handbags, lamps and jewelry boxes.

Local children played with toys made of clay and papier-mâché, hand painted in bright colors. Such figures will be a great gift for children.

Any product as a gift, bought in Sri Lanka, will notjust a great memory about the trip, but also an exotic piece of furniture or an original gift.

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