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Angola on the world map: where, sights, weather, photos

Angola na karte mira

Angola is considered to be traditionally friendly Russian state. Search Angola on the world map need in southern Africa. The state is part of a small group of countries that officially banned Islam. Despite the fact that it is in Africa, every tenth resident Chinese.

Angola on the world map and Africa in Russian

strana na mirovom i afrikanskom atlase

One of the attractions of the country is the Namib desert. Most of the territory of Angola is a plateau.

The most attractive part of Angola is the Atlantic ocean. Most foreigners come to relax on its beaches surrounded by tropical forests.

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Geographic location: where is the Republic?

Angola can be called the"heart" of Africa. Look in the center of the continent. It has a southern border with Namibia, North-East and East of the Congo with Zambia. The Atlantic ocean bathes Angola in the West. In the depths of the country there are deposits of various minerals. It produces gas, oil and diamonds. Despite this, half of the population lives below the poverty line.

The ocean is in the lowlands. It rests on the Angolan plateau, there is the highest mountain - Moko. The height of 2620 meters. Tropical forests and fields of savannas occupy 40% of the country.

Major rivers: Zambezi, Kwanza, Congo, Cunene, Okavango, Chiloango. Rivers of the Western slopes drain into the Atlantic ocean. Rivers of the Northern slopes flow into the Congo, and South to the desert of the Kalahari.

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How to get there?

From Russia it is impossible to get to Angola by plane direct flight. Transit flights like across the different countries of Europe:

  • France (Paris).
  • England (London);
  • Portugal (Lisbon);
  • Switzerland (Brussels).

Through the African country to get to Angola from:

  1. Congo (Brazzaville, Kinshasa);
  2. Zimbabwe (Harare);
  3. Namibia (Windhoek).

From Moscow to Angola only done 2 flights in a month, they make a stopover in Malta.

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A plane ticket can be found with this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Lubango airport is located just 4 km from the city. To book a taxi in advance need to find it in the airport on arrival is impossible. To get from the airport to the city, you can only transfer hotels.

Time zone

In Angola there is no summer time. Standard country time zone - UTC/GMT+1. The time difference with Moscow is 2 hours.

Visa for Russians

For Russians there is no visa-free entry into the country. Even for transit visits to Angola are required to issue approval to enter the country documents. This can be done at the Embassy or at the consulates of Angola. The cost of tourist visas for Russians is $ 100 (about 5900 rubles). In the matter of registration of$ 200 (≈11800 RUB.). A transit visa will cost$ 30 (≈1800 RUB).

In Russia to issue travel documents to Angola in the following locations:

  • Embassy address: Moscow, the street, 6;
  • the Consulate at the address: St.-Petersburg, Shpalernaya street, 36.

In order to enter the consular section of Angola in the Russian Federation do not require pre-registration. To submit documents through a third party. the Term of consideration of documents does not exceed 5 working days. Given a tourist visa to Russians for 30 days.

One of the main requirementsto be met by required for visa documents, is the validity of the passport. It needs to be not less than 90 days.

The Russian Embassy in Angola is located at the address: the Republic of Angola, Luanda, p-n, Miramar, St. Houari Boumediene, building 170, p. O. 3141.

Photos and information about the country

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Angola can be called a Christian country. The majority of its citizens profess this religion. The country is a member of COMESA, the United Nations and the African Union.

The history of the state

The long period of its history Angola was a Portuguese colony. From its colonial dependence she managed to get only in 1975. There is information about that in the VI century on the territory of modern Angola lived tribes of Bushmen and Bantu.

Still the country is inhabited by various tribes, which are of interest for tourists.

The old world discovered Angola in 1482, when its banks went Maritime expedition of the Portuguese, led by Diogo Kahn. Until the mid-nineteenth century, their main activity in Angola was the slave trade. They plundered the country and were engaged in its development. Historians say that 300 years of colonization, the Portuguese sold into slavery more than 5 million people in the country.

To get rid of colonial rule Angola has been the result of long years of struggle. After independence the country for 27 years was in a state of civil war. Currently, the Republic of Angola is a presidential Republic.

General information

Many wonder what language is spoken in the country - the official language in Angola is considered to be Portuguese. The country is 1,247 million km2. The population is slightly more than 29 million people.

The country is divided into 18 provinces, which consist of municipalities. The largest province of the country, Lunda Norte (223 thousand km2), the population of Luanda (6.5 million people).

The population of the country consists of three main ethnic groups: ovimbundu, North mbundu and the Congo. The white population consists mostly of Portuguese. The official currency of the state of Kwanzaa.

Climate and weather

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On the territory of the country you can see different natural landscapes. It is divided geographically into three zonesthat determine the climate of the country. Two main areas — the Atlantic coast and the Angolan plateau. They are separated by a transition zone. It consists of a large number of terraces.

The climate of the southern part of the country — subtropical trade winds. It is characterized by dry, cool winters and hot summers with lots of rain. The average annual temperature in this region of the country is in the range 21-23 degrees Celsius. In the winter it can drop below 16 degrees.

The Northern part of the country refers to the area of monsoon winds. It is a region with a tropical climate, it has plenty of rain, they come here much more often than in the South. The rainy season lasts in the area from October to March.

The air temperature in the North below the South by 3-5 degrees Celsius.

Located in this part of the country the desert night, observed sudden changes in temperature. The temperature can drop at night to 0 degrees.

The capital and major cities

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The state capital, Luanda. It is the most expensive city in the world. Most Angolans live in the capital. The population of Luanda is more than 2.3 million people. The city is built near the confluence of the Kwanza river to the Atlantic ocean. On all sides it is surrounded by Savannah, which have retained their original flora.

All other cities are much smaller. In the list of major settlements:

  1. Benguela (513 thousand persons);
  2. Huambo (325 thousand people);
  3. Luanda (222 thousand).

National holidays

The main national holiday — Day of national hero, he is 17 September, and dedicatedthe memory of Antonio Agostinho Neto. Under his leadership, the country was freed from colonial rule.

Together with the world Angola celebrates the January 1 New year, March 8 and may 1.

Every year on the fourth of January the country celebrates the Day of the victims of colonial repression.

In February the number 4 country celebrates the day of the beginning of the armed struggle. In may 25 numbers in Angola are celebrating Africa Day. In November in the country 2 numbers is the Day of commemoration of the dead, and 11 - national independence Day. Christmas in the country is officially celebrated on December 25.

During the rituals in honor of the wedding, birth, harvest, hunting, and other important events in Angola used ceremonial masks. They are made from a single piece of wood with the addition of vegetable fibers in the form of human heads, they have elongated foreheads, wide lips and narrow eyes. This is one of the most popular Souvenirs in the country.


The unique nature is the main attraction of the country. Most tourists travel to Angola because of its tropical forests, savannas and beaches of the Atlantic ocean.

The rest of the country

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One of the exotic destinations of tourism are ethnographic tours. They are exploring the lifestyle of local tribal people. Many of them still live life in the tradition of the stone age. Such tours can be attributed to the category of ecotourism. Among the popular tourist destinations in Angola - Hiking deep into the desert.

Infrastructure of the beaches in the country are still poorly developed. Their length is 1600 km. to Attract tourists, the beaches of Angola, its picturesque scenery. Most Angolan beaches are wild, they are surrounded by a tropical forest filled with different animals and exotic birds. The rich underwater world of the ocean can please fans of diving.

The most amazing scenery in the country can be found in Namibe. In the area of Angola is a junction of sea, desert and savanna. This area is perfect for hunting. In the Angolan Savannah you can hunt African animals.


Mass poverty of the population and the long years of Portuguese colonization has influenced its cuisine. A distinctive feature of the national tradition of cooking is mixing large amount of ingredients in one dish.

In the Angolan table there are always local fruits: pineapple, guava, bananas and more. In remote from the coast towns prepare various dishes of corn, beans and rice. National dishes of these places are jerky and Muamba — fried chicken.

In cities and towns located on the coast serves a variety of seafood. The most common dish of the place — grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves. Among the exotic Angolan dishes: cuttlefish cooked in its own ink. Compare with this dish for its originality can telapia, fried in palm oil.

All dishes of meat and fish served hot sauce Piri-Piri, and the quality of drinks the people of the country love to drink local beer and wine.

The sights and nature

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The country has few attractions. The main monuments are concentrated in Luanda. The main feature of the capital of Angola are paved mosaic sidewalks.

Once in Angola it is impossible not to visit the city of Benguela. It is a well-preserved Fort, built by the Portuguese during the colonization. The building belongs to the 16th century. Such structures were built to protect the shores of the country has experienced over its history a number of different wars. Inspection of the Fort in these places can be combined with sea fishing. It is in these places is excellent.

A great national treasure are its parks. The most famous of them is the Kissama. It is located in Bengo. This place is about 70 km from Luanda in the North-Western part of the country. One side of the Park overlooks the ocean. The coastal line is 120 km.

In the Park, the area is 9,9 thousand km2, we can find the area of tropical forests, fields, and Savannah. In the Park you can find elephants, red buffaloes and even black sable.

In addition to the Park Kissama among tourists is popular for the following national parks:

  • Porto Alexandre;
  • Kwanza-Sul;
  • Milando and others.

For healing, miraculous healing water, tourists come in the County Bibala.

Water have a rejuvenating effect - they have an ideal for the human body balance of minerals.

Best hotels

Most hotels in the country are located in Luanda. One of the most luxurious and expensive hotels - EPIC SANA Luanda. The hotel has a great location - it is located just 2 km fromthe centre of the city. There is everything for a comfortable rest: 5 restaurants, an indoor and an outdoor pool. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and Internet.

To book a room in this or any other hotel of Angola you can, if you use the handy search form. You just need to specify the name of the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Most of the country's hotels are not as luxurious and are small family-type hotels. They do not have a high level of service. Despite this, the cost of living are high, even by European standards. Of hotels may be noted:

  1. five-star - Hotel de Convenções de Talatona HCTA Talatona Convention Hotel and Talamone;
  2. four - Mil Cidades Aparthotel in Benguela, Chik-Chik Namibe in Namibe, Tropico in Luanda;
  3. three-star Ibis Styles Iu Luanda to Cacuaco, Mariuska in Luanda, Panguila Hotel in Pangale.

A lot of interesting about Angola you learn from this video: