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Do I need a visa to Sri Lanka for Russians: getting online and cost

nuzhna li viza na SHri-Lanku?

Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for a beach and active tourism. Coast of the island, washed by the waters of the Indian ocean, is considered one of the best in Asia.

The country has plenty of interesting places for Hiking, as well as a variety of attractions available at any time of the year. And before the trip is to find out whether you need a visa for Sri Lanka.

Entry to Sri Lanka

vezd na ostrov

Being one of the most attractive countries in terms of tourism, Sri Lanka takes its space for many tourists, including Russians.

Before getting to this island, you should be familiar with some nuances and subtleties of preparation for this journey.

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Requirements for crossing the border

Before heading to the resort, it is important to know the main requirements for entry. Observing, them you can easily get unforgettable impressions of the country and its tourism opportunities. First and foremost, you must have a passport. An important point is that the end of this document should be not less than six months from the time of his departure from Russia.

Other important requirements include:

  • the presence of the return ticket with the exact date;
  • confirmation of consistency (checks, Bank statement).

It should be noted that on arrival in the country will have to fill in a migration card, which should contain the future place of accommodation (hotel, guest house or Villa, house, relatives, friends).

kakie trebovaniya nuzhno sobludat?

It is better in advance to prepare such information by printing it on letterhead or making a screenshot on the phone. Usually to the Consulate or upon arrival these details may not be necessary, but better safe taking them.

Do I need a visa for Russians?

More and more Russians seeking to visit the country. Recently to get on this island has become much easier thanks to simplified visa requirements. The people of Russia, regardless of length of stay at local resorts, must apply for permission to enter, creating an online application and receiving an electronic authorization (ETA).

If the length of stay on the island not exceeding 30 days, visa can be issued immediately upon arrival. This procedure is the same as in other tourist countries. Guests must fill in a migration card and then pay the visa fee in the specified amount.

Immediately after the verification of documents and receipt of payment, will bear the appropriate stamp in the passport.

What are the different types?

kakie vidy sushestvuut?

Since the purpose of the visit to Ceylon can be not only tourism, but also jobs, training or visiting relatives, for different situations there are different types of visas:

  1. The most popular type of visa – ETA. It is convenient because it gives you the opportunity to visit the country for three months. Permission to enter get online on a special website or in a travel Agency.

    The purpose of the trip can serve as tourism, transit or a business visit. It should be noted that a visa is prohibited from engaging in commercial activities in the country.

  2. Quite interesting variant of visa to Sri Lanka for seniors – persons 55 years of age. This type of permit is called "my dream House".

    It is intended for those who has a considerable amount of money, because one of the main conditions will be – Deposit in Bank for $ 15,000. At the same time, every month need to top up this account for $ 1,500. This visa is issued for a period of two years, and thenextended.

  3. If the main purpose of the trip to Sri Lanka – education, on a student visa should take care in advance. Applicants are advised to contact the Embassy at least 1.5 months before the trip. If you have previously violations during their stay in the country, then followed by denial.
  4. For those who wish to work in Sri Lanka, there is a professional visa is a document authorizing to stay in the country for 5 years. Thus, it is necessary each month to the account to make $ 2000 for myself and 1000 for each family member living in the country.

    Further professional visa you can extend at the immigration office. To approved it, it is necessary to provide the data changes to comply with the law and the tax laws of the country.

  5. In Sri Lanka for residents of Russia provides visa for your stay – a document that allows you to live in the country 5 years. Its open to those who are willing to Deposit in the Bank $ 250,000, thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of this country.
  6. For each family member living in the country, will have to contribute another $ 35,000.

  7. Working immigrants from Russia, whose main activity occurs in Ceylon, have the opportunity to arrange a working visa. It is issued in cases where the employer submits a number of documents and the application to immigration Department in Colombo. But before to move to the country, will have to apply for a visa and obtain the approval of the Embassy of the state.

Duration and cost

skolko dejstvuet i stoit?

If we talk about expiration dates of visas, their duration will entirely depend on the document type. In the case of a small stay in the country, it is possible to obtain ETA (3 months) and visa on arrival (30 days). This category is quite fast – usually within 2-3 working days.

Other types of permits are issued for a long period. For 1 year you can get a student visa and labor, and for up to 5 years - accommodation and professional. It is important that the visa expiry date of the passport more than 5 years and 6 months.

The cost will also vary by type of visa:

  • ETA – from 30 to 61$;
  • on arrival – 35$;
  • registration through a travel Agency or airline – up to $ 45.

Children up to 12 years old on a trip to Sri Lanka will cost free. Also, tourists will not have to pay for a transit visa, which is valid for 2 days.

Obtaining visa permission

Thanks to the simplified procedure of visa and loyalty of Sri Lanka in relation to the Russian tourists to obtain a visa to this country quite simply. The timing of the review will not take much time, and a positive result will be guaranteed in the case of competent and proper paperwork.

Ways to design

The easiest and most popular way to get a visa for Sri Lanka is to go to the ETA website and fill out a form. Mandatory rule is to fill in a questionnaire required only on the English language.

The electronic form is filled before departure, and it consists of four simple steps.

varianty oformleniya

Prospective travelers need to fill in each itemmarked with * using Latin alphabet and then to pay for the service using a credit or debit card and wait for confirmation on the visa.

E-mail to a notification assigning an individual registration number. After this you should contact the Embassy where USCIS will clarify the next steps.

If it is not possible to obtain ETA, you can contact:

  1. in the tourist company;
  2. in the Embassy or Consulate;
  3. in the Visa centre;
  4. in the migration Department in Colombo (if you have an invitation from a resident of Ceylon);
  5. on arrival.

Other categories of visas are made in the Embassy in one of the major cities of Russia only in a personal meeting or at the migration Department in Colombo.

Required documents

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka must be prepared basic package of documents. First and foremost, you will need a passport with validity not less than six months after the end of the trip. If you need a tourist visa ETA, then this list should be added the tickets to both sides, and confirming purpose of visit.

For a visa long term will require two color photographs, passport, and visa application form href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/elektronnyj-bilet-na-samolet-kak-polzovatsya/">tickets stamped with a date invitation from the host person, a letter from travel companies and insurance.

To obtain a retirement visa you will need to add:

  • confirmation of viability;
  • pension certificate;
  • confirmation of reliability;
  • photocopy pages of the passport.

If there is a desire to leave the country, the amount deposited into the Bank account, you can withdraw at any time and take her home.

komplekt dokumentov

List of documents for obtaining student visa:

  1. recommendation letter from the Ministry of education;
  2. confirmation letter from the University;
  3. printed request from the University;
  4. recommendation letter from high Commission;
  5. confirmation of financial viability ($1500 per year).

Such kind of visa allows you to leave the country within a year. Then it can be extended on the spot, turning to the immigration office located in Colombo.

For work visa you need a letter from the employer, and if you have your own company, in this case should provide a certificate from the Board of investors, a letter of recommendation from the Ministry and copies of all completed pages of the passport.

For longer stays must pass a medical examination and submit the results, and make a package of 6 photos and 4 applications, as well as detailed information about educational and professional qualifications. Based on these data, the visa is issued.

Visa for children in Sri Lanka – standard procedure. If the child is already 16 years old, then it needs the full package of documents:

  • Russian passport;
  • passport;
  • consent of the other parent.

If the child is not yet 16 years old, in this case, the children noted in the parents ' passport.

Important details

vazhnye nuansy

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you must carefully consider all the details and then this journey will be one of the memorable and will bring a lot of positive emotions.

In what cases can refuse?

No matter how slight, did not seem to register and obtain a visa for Sri Lanka, should be a responsible approach to this process. If it is correct to fill in the questionnaire and collect all the documents and to provide reliable data, then no problems should arise.

The main causes of failure:

  1. the discrepancy between the stated requirements;
  2. insufficient number of provided documents;
  3. incorrect information;
  4. violation of visa rules.

Failure can serve as well as the lack of a return ticket for a specific date, as well as a small number of living.

Contact visa application centres and Sri Lankan embassies in Russia

  • Moscow – St. Schepkin, 24.

    Reception time: from 10 to 16 hours.

  • Saint Petersburg – 17th line, 60.

    Reception hours: from 11 to 18 hours.

We encourage you to watch the video instructions for visa to Sri Lanka online: