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Best resorts Sri Lanka: map which to choose and description of popular

opisanie kurortov SHri-Lanki

If you ask an inexperienced person: "what do you associate With Sri Lanka?", the answer will probably be only puzzled silence. If you add that in the past the island was called Ceylon, will be named local tea.

But not everyone knows that this tropical island Paradise with a beautiful tropical climate, Golden beaches, clear sea water and exotic nature.

The resorts of Sri Lanka on the map

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Since Sri Lanka is an island that practically all of the resorts are located on the coast of the Indian ocean. City in the center of the country is interesting primarily for its cultural and historical heritage.

Where are the most popular?

The most popular tourist resort place located on the West coast of the island close to the two main cities of Sri Lanka: the official capital with the unpronounceable name Sri jayawardenapura-Kotte and the actual capital city of Colombo. The reason for this is the proximity to the Colombo Bandaranaike international airport, receiving overseas flights.

The main resorts in this direction, and the whole of Sri Lanka are Hikkaduwa and Bentota.

In addition, interest:

  1. Negombo;
  2. Beruwela;
  3. Ambalangoda.

The South of the island

The southern part of the island — a solid tourist zonein which are located many resorts. As in the Metropolitan area on the West coast, the resort season here lasts from October at may, and summer is the rainy season, during which heavy seas of the ocean.

The tourist infrastructure in this area is less developed than in the West. At the same time, the southern coast of Sri Lanka is the best place for budget travelers and surfers. The main resorts in the South include:

  • Tangalle;
  • Dikwella;
  • Weligama;
  • The habaraduwa;
  • Mirissa.

East coast

plyazhi vostochnogo poberezhya

East coast can boast such a large number and variety of resorts. But it has one big plus. Despite the modest size of the island, South-West and North-East coast are situated in different climatic zones. And if the South and the West, the high season lasts from October to may, in the North-East all the way around. From may to October, the annual dry season, most suitable for swimming and relaxing on the beach. There are two important Spa town:

  1. Trincomalee;
  2. Batticaloa.

Best resorts

It is difficult to say what resort Sri Lanka best. But it is possible to try in one trip to visit several of them, especially short distances quite allow it. To move independent tourist as you can with roads and trains — the railroad passes through all the resorts in the South-West.

In the North-East you can fly with local airlines, especially since the price of the tickets does not "bite".

Description cities

On set of factors among many resorts of Sri Lanka are the following cities:

  • Hikkaduwa is located about 100 kilometres South of Colombo. The most popular resort in Sri Lanka offers hotels for every taste and wallet, clean beaches and interesting leisure. The tourist infrastructure is quite developed. City beach is known for the fact that it swim sea turtles which you can feed from hand. For divers of great interest are the local coral reef and sunken ships;
  • Bentota — the second most popular resort on the island. Located 65 kilometers from Colombo. Has a reputation as the most romantic resort in Sri Lanka — the city is often visited by the couple during the honeymoon;
  • Unawatuna attracted by low prices and proximity to a major city of Galle, which you can visit for sightseeing attractions. Unawatuna is the best place for swimming in Sri Lanka;
  • Mirissa is a verya quiet place with empty beaches in the style of "bounty". It is a small tourist town where almost no locals. The tourism infrastructure is rather underdeveloped. One of the amenities of the resort — boat ride to blue whales;
  • Tangalle is another quiet resort without the crowds. The ocean here is pretty rough, but the beaches are very beautiful and deserted. You can pass them a few miles and not to meet any vacationer;
  • Trincomalee on the North East coast attracts more arid calm of the ocean, quiet beaches and interesting symbiosis of cultures.

In Trincomalee combines Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim traditions have left their mark in the local architecture.

Which one to choose?

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All the resorts of Sri Lanka offer roughly similar natural conditions. All the beaches in the country sandy, and the ocean is about the same on the coast. However, the farther from the capital, the cleaner the water is. So the choice of the resort depends on other factors.

If you're going on holiday to Sri Lanka in the summer — then welcome to the Trincomalee or Batticaloa. Winter preferred South-Western direction. Wishing a quiet, private stay fit Tangalle, where tourists not so much. Divers will prefer the beach, which is considered the unofficial capital of the island diving and surfing are best suited Weligama or Mirissa.

Youth tourism

Sri Lanka's hard to call a "happening" place. Most of the tourists coming here for the peace and quiet, generously provided by local resorts. For lovers of the night life will be interesting the following cities:

  1. Hikkaduwais perhaps the most youth resort of Sri Lanka. In addition to numerous excursions like diving and surfing, there is also nightlife in the discos, so not typical for Sri Lanka;
  2. Unawatuna is a small town on the South coast, popular among young people thanks to low prices. Night life, in contrast to most Sri Lankan resorts are also present;
  3. Arugam Bay or Pottuvil — great resorts for surfers.

Where to travel with children?

Tourism Sri Lanka — a peaceful, restful place and is absolutely safe in terms of crime. We only need to consider the fact that the children bathing in the open ocean more dangerous than in the sea.

For kids preferred the pools at local hotels, although in Sri Lanka there are few places with calm waters.

Beach jungle beach and city beach in Unawatuna is located on the edge of the Bay and because of this strong wave in the ocean is present.

In Batticola on the East coast the ocean is calmer and the beaches are in coves.
If bathing a baby is not planned, it will fit almost any resort.

Kuda poehat otdyhat s rebenkom?

Travel tips

When visiting Sri Lanka has its own secrets and tricks. In their implementation there is nothing difficult, so it is recommended to execute them.

  • In the summer we go to the North-East, in winter — on the South-West. Or, conversely, if you want to save money on your holiday.
  • Visit cultural attractions. Sri Lanka is not only Golden beaches and the ocean, but an ancient country with a rich culture. Excursion to the former capital of Ceylon, Kandy, walk around the old city of Colombo or a trip to Sigiriya the Palace of the king Kasyapa nice variety to your holiday.
  • Thoroughly wash any fruit and only drink bought water. Sri Lanka is a tropical country with a hot climate, any infection could spoil your vacation.

  • Try the local cuisine, which will be especially to the liking of vegetarians and sweet lovers. To taste the culinary delights, it is desirable in institutions oriented to local residents. But be careful — the food can be very spicy!
  • As in any other developing countries, the tourist should master the art of haggling, which is especially useful when you visit the markets and private shops. Often the price tags on goods in such places just yet.
  • You should be careful when relaxing under the coconut trees. Drop walnut weighing 2-3 kilograms is a common reason for accidents.
  • Every month on the full moon day is celebrated polya, during which banned the sale of alcohol in public places.
  • Bring toilet paper, its presence will help you out when you visit public places and excursions. Sri Lanka is a country of Indian culture in which the use of this accessory is not common.

Watch the video on the resorts of Sri Lanka:

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