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Singapore on the world map: where are you located and is the capital of what state?

Singapur na karte mira

Singapore on the world map is a small area of the state, has a pleasant warm climate and unusual nature. In the capital there are many amazing sights. Every year tourists in the country is increasing.

If you have to travel to Singapore, it is necessary to study the climatic features, overview and location of airports.

Singapore on the world map and Asia on the Russian language

gosudarstvo na atlase mira i Azii

To understand which part of the world, Singapore needs to carefully examine the world map.

It is a country or a city?

Some people seriously believe that Singapore is a city in China or the capital of some Asian countries, e.g. Malaysia, but in fact it is not so. It is an island nation in Southeast Asia.

The country's capital is the city of Singapore. The names of cities and countries, as seen, coincide.

State situated on 63 Islands, the largest of them is the capital. The largest island of the country also called Singapore. The area of the state barely exceeds 700 square kilometres.


Look for the state needs in the area of South-East Asia, a little South of Thailand, close to the equator. You can search for based on Malaysia - Singapore located to the South of the country.

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Experts say that the location of Singapore is very good - it is located on the water route from China to Europe, India and the Arab countries. This allows the state to actively cooperate with many countries, to develop the economy and to keep the leading positions on the political map.

With which countries it borders?

Who is on the border of Singapore - an interesting question, because the land border is missing, as is an island nation. The sea border is with Malaysia, Indonesia. In the South there are: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam. In the South-East of Singapore, bordered by the Philippines.

General information

Before you travel to this country need to see General information. They can be useful while traveling.

The internal arrange

The capital is the city of Singapore. The unit of currency is the Singapore dollar.

State system: parliamentary Republic. The Executive power belongs to the Cabinet of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister.

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Population: 5 million 781 thousand. State languages few:

  • English;
  • Malay;
  • Chinese;
  • Tamil.

In the country there are several religious destinations. Dominated by Buddhism, a little less than Christians and Muslims. Also present in Confucianism.

What sea or ocean is the country?

Of course, many travelers are concerned with the question whether the sea in Singapore. The state is bordered by the South China sea and three Straits: Johor, Singapore and Malacca. Thanks to the southern location of the sea water and the Straits is warm all year round, so the beaches here are incredibly well developed.


Dominated by monsoon tropical climate with highpercentage of humidity. Precipitation within a year is a lot. The country is located close to the equator, so the four seasons here. Instead, presents two seasons: dry and rainy. Summer and spring is dominated by dry season when rains are rare. Autumn and winter bring not only rain, but thunderstorms, strong gusty wind.

In dry periods, the moisture level may drop to 68% and in the rainy season to reach 90%. The temperature not falling below 23 degrees. In General, throughout the year mark the thermometer reaches 25 degrees. The water is not cooled even in the winter. Year-round water temperature is kept at around 27 degrees.

This allows residents and tourists to enjoy a beach holiday at different times of the year.

How to get there?

kak doletet?

Before the trip should understand how to get to Singapore from any city of Russia it can be done.

Time zone

The official time zone of this state is UTC +8. The difference with Moscow time is 5 hours. When Moscow is early morning, the people of Singapore are preparing for dinner.

The time difference with Vladivostok is 2 hours. Vladivostok is ahead of Singapore time. If in the Russian city afternoon, Singapore's only 10 o'clock in the morning.

How to get there from Moscow?

From the airports Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo flights to Singapore. Journey time is 10 hours. Carry out flights company:

  1. Singapore Airlines;
  2. Aeroflot;
  3. Qatar.

All planes arrive in the main airport country: Singapore Airport Changi.

Is it possible to fly from St. Petersburg?

To reach Singapore and from St. PETERSBURG. Flights are carried out regularly by companies:

  • Turkish Airlines;
  • Finnair;
  • Emirates Airlines;
  • Singapore Airlines.

Though not in all cases the flights direct. Transplants are in Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul. The flight takes 15 hours. The planes arrive in the main airport of the country, Changi, which is located in the capital.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur

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The flight from Malaysia's capital city is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Fly airline:

  1. Tigerair;
  2. Singapore Airlines;
  3. Jetstar Asia;
  4. Malindo Air.

The main airport of Kuala Lumpur provides flights to Singapore. Planes arrive at the airport terminal Singapore Changi Airport.

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Air gate

In this state there are several airports. Should carefully study their location.


The country presents 9 airports. International of them are:

  • Changi Airport. Located in the capital receives a large number of aircraft from different countries;
  • Seletar. One of the oldest international airports in the country. Located near the capital;
  • Paya Lebar. Operates flights mainly from countries of Europe, South-East Asia. Located on the main island.

shema aeroportov

The remaining six terminals have the status of military. Civilian flights in them are not implemented.

Book a plane ticket, or ask the price, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

How to get from the airport to the center and to the Sentosa?

To get to the center of the city by metro. The fare is absolutely free, it will take less than five minutes. Can be reached by bus, the fare also will not have to pay. Travel time will be twenty minutes. If you walk, the centre can be reached in thirty minutes. Here also there are taxi.

To get to Sentosa island a bit longer to do this, you should also take the subway. The fare to be paid. Travel time will be twenty minutes.

If a tourist is in a hurry, you can walk on foot - path to amazing Islands will take more than an hour.

Singapore is a wonderful country, where a nice warm climate allows you to enjoy a beach holiday all year round. This "city of the future" has much to offer vacationers. It is not surprising that this destination is becoming more popular.

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