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Suvarnabhumi airport: diagram, photos of the hotel and how to get there from Bangkok?

aeroport Bangkoka Suvarnabhumi

In 2006, the Thai capital, built a new airport with a complex and beautiful name, Suvarnabhumi, Thai language is translated as "Golden land". Thais call the airport "the airport of a Thousand Smiles".

Initially, the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport was intended to replace the old don Muang, but a large flow of tourists has provided both airports.

Accessibility Suvarnabhumi

transportnye vozmozhnosti

By architect Helmut Jahn was built in Thailand, the world's largest airport of glass and steel. Its length is over 3 km away is the highest control tower.

Tourists are striking transparent roof of the terminal, allowing to monitor the aircraft.

Harmoniously managed to combine modern design with elements of traditional Thai culture. The airport building is a striking example of modern architecture. One of the largest air Harbor of South-East Asia and the largest airport of Thailand has seven floors, two runways, performs domestic and international flights.


Suvarnabhumi airport is located in the province of Samut Prakan, the district of Bang Phli, the Tambon, Rachathevi, to the East of the Thai capital of Bangkok, 25 km from the city centre and two meters above the sea level.

How to get to the airport from Bangkok and Pattaya?

kak doehat iz stolicy?

From Bangkok airport can be reached by Aeroexpress, bus, taxi.

Aeroexpress runs from 6am to 12 midnight:

  • From stop Makkasan: the duration of the trip 15 minutes and the train runs every half hour without stopping, the cost is 90 baht;
  • From the stop Phayathai: duration of trip 30 minutes, the train runs every 15 minutes and operates six stops, cost from 15 to 45 baht.

There are buses №549, 550, 551, 552, 552A, 553, 554, 555, 558, 559: cost from 24 to 35 baht.

The taxi cost is 300-500 baht.

From Pattaya to the airport can be reached by bus and taxi. Bus No. 389 take you to the airport for 2 hours, the cost is 134 baht.

Transport to the resorts

In order to get to your resort, you need to go down to the first floorwhere there are bus stops and taxis. On the ground floor there is a cafe, medical center, toilets.

  1. If you ordered the transfer, then, after passport control, you have to go down to the first floor of the airport where the bus stops.
  2. Representatives of tourist companies usually meet their guests with signs at the exit from the customs control zone.

    transportnye uslugi

  3. Buses depart from the transportation center located 3 km from the airport and you can get there by free buses, departing from the 1st floor of the airport.
  4. Minibuses to Bangkok and other nearby towns leave from stops situated on the ground floor of the airport. Their cost depending on the distance will be 20 to 45 baht.
  5. Taxi to hire for a few people, the cost from 200 to 550 baht. Landing in a taxi is on the first floor near exits 6 and 7. A trip to town can take 30 to 40 minutes depending on traffic.
  6. Custom limousines can deliver to the city for 500-2000 baht.
  7. You can take the car hirerental Desk is located on the 2nd floor at stand number 8.
  8. Railway Express will take you to Bangkok. Station Expresslocated on the ground floor.

Travelers choose very different destinations, so in Bangkok took care of practically all the popular resorts.

  • On Phuket and Samui can be reached by plane from any airport of Bangkok, by bus, by car.
  • On Cha Am and Hua hin without problems can be reached by plane, bus or car.
  • In Pattaya you will deliver a rental car or direct bus.
  • In Chiang Mai , flying airplanes, trains and buses, and also has a track to drive.

How to get to don Muang?

The distance between the airports Suvarnabhumi and don Muang approximately 50 km, depending on the time of day, the road can be differently loaded, and it is better to leave more time for the move.

From Suvarnabhumi to don Muang can be reached:

  1. 554 bus, which departs from the transportation center;
  2. by taxi;
  3. free bus A1. You can sit on the 4th floor, near gate number 5, for those who have tickets on the next flight;
  4. Using the Shuttle.


kakie napravleniya?

The airport is international, but works on both the external and internal directions.

Airlines serving the airport

About 140 airlines transported more than 45 million passengers a year and perform passenger and cargo flights at the main airport of Bangkok, among them there are local and foreign.

Russian airlines flying from / to Suvarnabhumi represent Aeroflot, Transaero and S7.

Where can I fly to Bangkok?

The airport receives planes from all over the world, in addition, provides domestic flights.

From Russia to Bangkok faster and cheaper to fly from the cities of Siberia:

  • Novosibirsk;
  • Irkutsk;
  • Of Krasnoyarsk.

Tickets from Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk a few more.

In the European part of Russia are served by direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Find and buy a ticket to Bangkok, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the travel date and the number of passengers.

Infrastructure air port and scheme in Russian language photo

Suvarnabhumi airport meets all modern requirements. On site you have a great time waiting for your flight. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, hotel, beauty salons, Playground for children, car owners are provided a five-storey Parking.

Extensive grounds

shema territorii

The airport stretches for 3 km and the main building consists of 7 floors. The floors are divided functionally: the lower is for the passengers, the upper (5,6,7) for the staff.

  1. The arrivals area is located on the 2nd floor. Through the sleeve of the passengers fall into the arrivals area, where they are greeted by an employee and indicates the direction of movement. Since the distances are very large, the corridors are equipped with moving belts. There are signs in English. The passport control area for foreigners is provided with a sign "Foreign".

    On the second floor happens to baggage claim. For the convenience of the tourists posted on the walls and an electronic Board, where next to the flight number the number of the tape baggage. Get Luggage, tourists pass the customs control zone.

    In addition, the second floor has toilets and information services. The car rental Desk located on the 2nd floor at stand number 8.

  2. The departures area is located on the fourth floor. Reception service to internal and external flights. For international departures there is no division into flights. Stands for self-registration.

    After registration, you can visit the duty free shops and then get the VAT refund for their purchases.

    In the departures area there is free Wi-Fi, then located in the inspection zone.



A set of services corresponds to international standards:

  • Shared services for passengersfree Wi-Fi, shops, restaurants, left-Luggage, post office, recreation areas, etc.;
  • Financial services: currency exchange, banks, ATMs, points of returnVAT;
  • Information services: information Desk, visitor information centre, service tracking lost Luggage;
  • Services for disabled people: escalators, lifts, turnstiles for people who use wheelchairs;
  • Services for the representatives of religious confessions: prayer rooms for Muslims, separate rooms for Buddhist monks.

Airport hotel

Near the airport is located four-star hotel "Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport". The hotel has 6 restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, fitness center, Spa, hour buffet, garden, outdoor pool.

Rooms single and double, it is possible to check with children. Room are of different categories.

Restaurants offer visitors a variety of cuisines, there are restaurants with Thai cuisine, European, etc.

The main advantage of this hotel is the proximity to the airport (5-10 minutes), hour of arrival and departure.

Also, the airport is the so-called Boxing hotel (hotel box) located in the terminal. The rooms are small - only a bed and a table. There is free Wi-Fi, but the toilets are not provided. Perfect for a few hours of sleep. Are quite affordable prices, the payment per hour.

Travel tips for VAT refunds on purchases

instrukciya po vozvratu NDS

The refund of VAT "Tax-free" is on the 4th floor, the landmark can be input 10.

What is tax refund?

  • goods bought in stores with a system of "tax-free", which corresponds to the English Vat Refund "Wat refund", more common in Thailand;
  • To find such stores is easy - usually there is a special icon-a landmark.

  • the passenger flies through the international airport;
  • the person is not a member of the crew, a citizen of Thailand, embassies and consulates, has no property in this country;
  • the person was in the country not more than 180 days a year;
  • the cost of the goodspurchased in one store, over 2,000 baht, the total value of the goods is more than 5,000 baht;
  • product purchased within the last 60 days;
  • the product was not used in Thailand, not torn labels.

How to return the tax?

  1. Need in store to arrange the return form, this is usually done by the seller itself or a special officer (the form is a sheet of yellow A4 for completion will need your passport details). You can do it at the airport (before baggage), the customs Desk Vat Refund;
  2. Next, you need to get a stamp on each check;
  3. Followed Luggage, check in and passport control;
  4. in the relegation zone come to the Desk Vat Refund, present receipts with stamps and get the money (depending on the amount, in cash or on account).

We encourage you to watch a video review of Suvarnabhumi airport, to better navigate the place: