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Andaman sea: where is the map, photos, depth, are there sharks?

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The Andaman coastal region of Thailand is deservedly considered the most colorful, thanks to the magnificent natural landscapes.

The beaches of the Krabi Islands and countless small Islands, including the famous Phuket, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta allow you to travel from island to island without any restrictions.

Where is it located?

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In the northwestern part of the sea joins with the Bay of Bengal due to the large number of Straits, the most ambitious of which are the North and South Preparis, the depth of which reaches nearly 200m.

Between Andamanee and Nicobar is the canal of the Tenth Degree, its depth is 800 m. the Island's big Nicobar and Sumatra form the largest Strait – great channel, with a depth of almost 2000 m.

The Malacca Strait is the connecting link between the Pacific ocean and the Andaman sea. The Strait is entirely on the continental shelf.

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Key features

The waters of the Andaman sea has a relatively small value. The total length of the sea is approximately 600 thousand square meters. Maximum depth reaches 4,500 meters

The bottom topography of the Andaman sea sandy bottom is also littered with layers of silt and gravel. At great depths are deposits of red terracotta.

In the southern part of waters is a chain of active underwater volcanoes. Their eruptions are often the root cause of tremors and tsunamis.

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The most strong and dangerous earthquake that resulted in tsunami that happened in 2004. Due to the multiple natural disasters on the shoreline formed of rocky hills. The coastline of the sea izgibistym-covered lowlands and cliffs.

The water area is within the tropics and subtropics. The climate is predominantly damp and sultry, thanks to the warm ocean depths. In some areas it reaches +30 degrees Celsius.

During the year the water temperature varies only slightly, for example, the lowest temperature in the middle of winter +25 degrees. Currents alternate with the seasons: in winter they move from West to South during the summer from the East to the North.

And if there are sharks: flora and fauna of the marine zone

The nature of the region's coastal and marine areas is diverse and unusual. The Andaman sea is the habitat for many wildlife species. Here you can see mollusks, crustaceans and echinoderms. Also, it is home to polyps, jellyfish, lobsters, sea stars, worms, snakes, etc.

All, in the Andaman sea is more than 450 types of fish. Most notable are clown fish, butterfly fish, stingrays, spinarova fish.

Locals developed a fishing industry. These waters also produce crayfish, mackerel, anchovy. Although in the waters and there are sharks in recent years their number has decreased dramatically. The great white shark was on the verge of extinction, so hunting it is forbidden on the legislative level.


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Bordering States

  • The North and North-East washed by the waters of the land of Myanmar or Burma. This country is known for its white beaches, rich culture and Buddhist monasteries. But despite the wealth of attractions, tourism is not actually developed. The local government is wary of arriving tourists, exposing the prohibitions on virtually all types of travelers.
  • Also, North-East Andaman sea, bordered by Malaysia. In addition to the various resorts, there is the big port city of George town. The city attracts large number of tourists due to the abundance of first class hotels, restaurants, parks andmarkets.
  • The town has preserved a magnificent European architecture, which he had from the previous owners and retains many of its original Asian churches.

  • South of the Andaman sea washes the Indonesian coast – or rather the island of Sumatra. Every year, on the island comes a lot of tourists to gawk at the man-made and natural monuments. Here is the famous lake Toba, which was formed almost 80 000 years ago, due to tectonic earthquake.

    In Sumatra I usually rest, eco-tourists and lovers of wild rest. For those who want to relax in a more civilized manner, there is the island of Bali, which can be attributed to the Baltic sea.

The most popular resorts

  • Krabi province is the most scenic in Thailand. The eponymous town, though small, but attractive and cozy. Tourists don't usually stay here for long, rushing closer to the beaches and Islands.

    The Central city beach of AO Nang – a tourism Paradise with many souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants. Here is a local seafood restaurant with national cuisine. Near the beach are hotels, which will suit the pocket of any traveler.

    The following beach – Nopparat Tara. It belongs to the national marine Park, however, located close to the motorway, it is not very attractive for tourists. The most attractive and comfortable beaches in the province: Pai Plong, Railay and Ton SAI. They can be reached by boat.

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  • The resort town of Khao Lak, on the Western shore of the Andaman sea – is a kind of beach area, connected way. Around the city there are four protected areas. The most notable beaches of Khao Lak is the Khao Lak beach, Nang Thong beach and Bang Niang beach.

    Khao Lak beach – the most civilized and equipped of all, however, the shore is partly rocky. In addition to the main beaches, there are wild beaches and private owned hotels.

    Stay in Khao Lak is different from Phuket, there is no bustle and tourists can immerse themselves in serenity. It is noteworthy that there is a rest mostly Europeans, Russian is meet problematic.

Phuket and the other Islands

  • Phuket is the largest and the second most famous island in Thailand. It has everything for a comfortable stay – fully equipped beaches, sightseeing for every taste, the presence of small Islands nearby, natural protected zone. The main beach of the island – Patong beach, a popular place for festivities of tourists.

    Nearby is a large shopping and entertainment centre Jungceylon, countless restaurants, cafes, shops, souvenir shops and spas. For something more relaxing, there are Karon beach and Kamala beach. This holiday is focused on beach activities. On every beach there are hotels, Inns and hostels.

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  • Phi Phi don – two Islands, United by a scythe out of the sand. Shaped like a moth. This is an isolated residential island in the archipelago. Here is a Bay ton SAI Bay, where the Shuttle vessel. Near the port area of shops and entertainment venues.
  • Here are also concentrated the main centers of diving and surfing. The best beach of the island is long beach, because of its remoteness from the city noise. Beautiful coral reefs can be seen on AO Lo Bogo.

  • Phi Phi Ley is a small limestone island. Remarkable Lo Me Sa Laguna Bay, Viking Cave, as well as the most famous Bay of Thailand – Maya Bay. It was here in 1999 he filmed the movie "the Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio in the title role.

High season - when to go to relax?

Tour to the Islands of the Andaman sea are best purchased in the winter months. To diversify their winter vacation on the shores of this warm sea. Staying here is perfect for couples with children.

The most comfortable weather here lasts from October to may, when the periods of the rains have ceased, it becomes dry and not hot. The average temperature is +30 degrees. The water temperature this time of year is not below 28 degrees, which is comfortable for bathing, the waves are practically absent.

The underwater world of the Andaman sea - in the following video: