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Map of Thailand: what to see in Koh Samui - the sights of the island

dostoprimechatelnosti Samui

Koh Samui is a major tourist destination in all of Thailand. It attracts travelers great weather, great beaches and a large number of man-made and natural beauty.

The famous attractions in Koh Samui are located in different parts of the island, so explore everything on foot will not work, you will have to rent a car or join a tour.

Map of Samui in Russian

karta ostrova

Before the twentieth century, the island had no infrastructure and with the mainland to reach it. After the landing of the first guests to Samui began to develop.

Now the island is one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

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Samui is in the Gulf of Thailand Pacific ocean and belongs to the province of Suratthani in Thailand. Samui is the second largest island of the country after Phuket. From Bangkok he removed for seven hundred kilometers.

Samui is surrounded by sixty Islands. Wild jungle, harsh rocks, trees growing coconuts and bananas, clean beaches with soft sand, peace and tranquility – that's the usual picture of the world Islands.

Historical information

istoricheskaya spravka

An attractive tourist destination, Samui has started to become in the seventies of the last century. The first tourists began hippies, who appreciated the delightful nature and the opportunity to be alone on the beaches.

Later the island began to arrive backpackers from all corners of the globe. The result is rapidly began to develop the infrastructure that caused the rise in popularity of the tourist places and provoked a large flow of tourists.

Today the island provides the hotel offers ten comfortable beaches with azure waters. All the necessary facilities are located nearby to the coastal area. And the unique airport of the island was built of palm trees.

Delightful sights of the island

Interesting places in Koh Samui is not very different from attractions the rest of the country, but still have their own unique atmosphere. The island abounds with a large number of temples and sculptures with the figure of the Buddha. Temples of importance to local residents, they are inviolable Shrine.

The tourists have the opportunity to touch the sacred religious buildings.

Excellent architectural structures

potryasaushaya arhitekturnaya statuya

Very popular Buddha statue called "big Buddha". It is a gilded figure of Buddha, depicted in a sitting position, and reaches twelve feet in height. The statue stands on the island of Fan, in the area of Wat Phra Yai. This island has a message of Samui amended.

The construction rises on a hill, so it's very easy to see from a distance. According to the common beliefs of Buddha guarding the village, protecting it from various evils. Every tourist monks will gladly give the rope with a sense of the sacred. The statue is recommended to visit in the morning or in the evening when the crowd of tourists is minimal.

Unusual place to visit is the Secret Buddha garden. It consists of sculptures of gods and animals. A magical place built by the hands of NIMA Thongsuka in 1976. He built a stone garden, so that others could find peace and tranquility among the sacred sculptures.

The statue is located on the hillside of the coast of a small stream. Visit the place during the absence of tour groups, or to feel the energy of the garden will not work.

Enchanting temple complexes

  • Temple pagoda Laem SOR is famous as the most luxuriously decorated. Next reigns peace and tranquility that is often lacking in areas of such facilities. It is located in the southern part of the island, at a considerable distance from the beaches and the Hiking trails. With hills offering breathtaking views of the sea water and sand beach of Bang Kao.

    On the pagoda grounds is a Park equipped with tables for a snack or picnic. There is also a pavilion, filled with models of boats. In a large boat placed made from a wax sculpture of a monkthat laid the walls of the temple. Boats bring religious people in gratitude for what the Buddha listened to their requests. Ideal for travellers wanting the peace and quiet to learn the culture of Thailand.

  • charuushij Laem Sor

  • Wat Sila Ngu attracted by the mesmerizing terracotta color. He is considered one of the most remarkable temples in the settlement. The stairs leading to it, depicts two snakes. The roof is guarded by birds. Inside the Shrine, tourists will see a small sculpture and illustration on religious theme. Travellers also sees the sacred Bodhi tree growing on the temple grounds.

    The building is located between two beaches. The temple can be seen from the road, but near it is usually calm prevails and never disturbs a large number of guests. Inspect it for free in the light period. On inspection of the Shrine is given 15-30 minutes.

  • From the lookout, the path which leads to the property, you can contemplate spectacular views of the coast and the home of monks.

  • An unusual exhibit is famous for Wat Kunar. Languishing within the walls of the mummy of the monk Luang Pho Daeng. At the age of twenty years he decided to take the two years of his life to the Ministry of religion. Then he lived a normal life, but in fifty years left the family and the rest of his life engaged Buddhism. He had his disciples.

    The monk claimed that he is able to devote himself to meditation for two weeks, without breaks. Familiar Luang Pho Daeng testified that the monk could not help but notice dawn when meditating. Some were told that the monk was known the time of his death. He prepared for departure to the other world and died on 6 may 1976 during meditation in that position, where he is now.

    Rumor has it that the mummies continue to grow hair and nails, but of course, it's just someone's imagination. The monk's body rests in the sitting posture behind the glass. On his shoulders thrown over a robe of orange color, and his eyes are hidden behind glasses. This measure is necessary to ensure that visitors will not have experienced shock at the sight of empty eye sockets.

    hram Vat Kunaram

    This temple is the most popular place among the tourists. On site is never easy, is always a large number of people. Inspection of the temple is included in every sightseeing tour around the island. The mummy behind the glass stands at the entrance. This place is visited not only by tourists but also locals. They pray and leave donations next to the Shrine.

  • In 2004, thanks to donations from religious people had built a large temple complex called Plai Laem. On the territory there is a fourteen sculptures, each of which represents any bright human quality, for example:

    1. wisdom;
    2. welcome;
    3. compassion.

    Were used for the construction of Chinese, Indian and Thai styles, each of which is expressed by a specific statue or building. The main statue is a sculpture of the goddess Guanyin, made in the Chinese style. Also, the tourist will see a statue of the Buddha and his imprint.

    The complex is three kilometers distant from the international airport. It is situated among the lakes created by artificial means. In its waters live large catfishes and miniature turtles which you can feed by purchasing feed. For a hundred baht (about 170 rubles), the traveler will be able to ride in the lake on a Swan boat.

    Visit the temple for free. Wishing to leave donations in the bins that are placed throughout the area.

  • hramovyj kompleks Plaj Laem

    When you visit, be aware of the dress code: tourists should cover their shoulders and leave the house short skirts and shorts.

  • On the hill is the so-called temple of Buddha's footprint. A small abandoned building of the old kind of hard to call a temple, but for locals this place is sacred. In the walls are found four large imprint of the Buddha, which are in each other. They say that these sacred relics more than three hundred years.

    In addition to this attraction in the temple is no longer anything that may catch the eyes of tourists. It will be interesting to the curious traveller,who likes to visit unknown and unseen places.

  • In the South of Koh Samui stands the Wat Proderm. It is known that the structure, which is considered the first temple built on Koh Samui, about two hundred thirty years. Here rarely meet tourists and local are only in the big holidays.

    kompleks Vat Praderm

    The traveler arrived on a weekday, will be able to enjoy the beauty in solitude, not seeing the crowd of people. The complex consists of several Vihar Kuti and drum tower. Weekday visit, not all the seats.

Fascinating museums

Travellers do not pass by a butterfly Garden. In the tropical area is inhabited by beautiful butterflies. If you are lucky, you can see a large representative with a wingspan of twenty-five centimeters. The garden is adjacent insect Museum, where you will see bees, beetles, grasshoppers and other members of the insect world. In memory of visiting a tropical Paradise buy food Souvenirs in the shop.

In the area remote from the popular tourist attractions is the Cultural center of Koh Samui. It is very rare to see visitors. At the entrance instead of the employee is an urn where fair visitors throwing fifty baht.

The centre represents the epitome of Thai houses. The surrounding area abounds with statues and sculptures. On the territory of the flowing stream, and the depth of the lot lies a gazebo with a fair Thai outfits in which you can take pictures for five hundred baht.

What else can you look?

In addition to the many temples of Samui attracts amazing wonders of naturethat are definitely worth a visit.

Will not be bored on vacation and children, the island prepared with a lot of fun.

Natural beauty

Every tourist must visit the national marine Park of Ang Thong, made up of forty-two uninhabited Islands. Travellers shakes the luxurious nature of these places. Eyes appear gorges, caves, majestic mountains, pristine forests, shores and beaches, where you can find solitude.

krasota prirodnogo Nacionalnogo parka

In translation into Russian language of the national Park is called "the Golden bowl". The area attractions covers one hundred two square kilometers. The Park is great for water activities:

  1. snorkeling;
  2. diving.

The tourist will get acquainted with the local scenery, visit caves and walk through real jungle.

Unusual natural attractions are the gems located in the southern part of Lamai beach. They even have their own name - "Grandma and grandpa". The stones are called so because of the great similarity with the intimate parts of the male and female body.

There is a legend according to which the lovers, thrown on the coast, turned into these stones. There is a superstition that the touch of this natural attraction helps to preserve and increase love, and to marry and have children.

One of the most famous places of Koh Samui – Namuang waterfall. It consists of four parts. In the waterfall you can dive in, but diving is not recommended due to the presence of hazardous rocks on the bottom. Another waterfall hidden in the jungle on the mountain. The journey to the object will take half an hour, but time spent you will not regret it.

At the top is a natural cleft, similar to tub. It is possible to sit watching a gorgeous view of the jungle.

The next song RIA waterfall is situated two kilometers from Nathon. It consists of several stageslocated on different levels. From the height the water falls into the pool. To natural attractions is a good path. Before the trip you will be able to eat and feed the fish in lake water.

On Lamai beach lies a small Park. In its territory "overthrows its waters" the waterfall Siwa Tara. He is unimpressive and looks more like a Creek. Why is this Park still recommended to visit? He has an impressive number of advantages:

  • tourists are attracted by the stone of love, and an observation deck equipped with bungee;
  • visitors in the Park are few, so the place is perfect for people who don't like large crowds and want to spend time in tranquility;
  • on the territory there is a restaurant with a great menu.
  • each purchased a ticket to Park in the restaurant you are treated with water or a free drink;
  • near the waterfall is a pool with small fish. Surcharge these wonderful aquatic creatures will make you fish massage;
  • beautiful nature with gorgeous flowers, majestic trees, benches for outdoor recreation, gazebos add to the atmosphere of peace.

Where to go with kids?

s detmi v park Paradajz

Definitely Koh Samui's children first introduced to the nature and animals. The best place for this purpose is "Paradise Park". In a small nature reserve inhabited by birds and animals, grows exotic plants, created a man-made waterfall and a gorgeous swimming pool.

To spend time in the restaurant or bar located near the pool. In the Park you can spend the whole day with the family and teach children with exotic animals.

The reserve has a huge advantage: the animals live in conditions close to natural. This fact is especially important for those who truly loves animals and is experiencing the painful condition after visiting zoos. Here the animals are carefully taken care of, so this Park is highly recommended for visiting parents with children.

Children can take in the butterfly Garden and insect Kingdom, where they admire the fabulously beautiful representatives of the world of small creatures. In addition in the Park there are gorgeous flowers and other plants that are sure to attract attention. The garden is located off the ring road, so get by using taxis.

Would be interesting to visit the crocodile and snake farm. They will be able not only to get acquainted with monitor lizards, crocodiles and snakes, but also to see the performance with their participation. Trainers-extreme thrust into the jaws of crocodiles of different body parts and drag them at the tails.

First show performance with the participation of the crocodiles, and then in the arena are snakes with a deadly dizzying numbers.

A child of any age will be thrilled by the Aquarium. It is located near the beach Laem Set. The institution provides opportunity in miniature to see the whole world of underwater creatures Samui:

  1. corals;
  2. eels;
  3. sea urchins;
  4. shark;
  5. turtles;
  6. tropical fish and other.

You can take a photo next to a sea lion and treat sea turtles.

Samui has its own Safari Park, where many in the first place are children to show animals. People who truly love nature and don't welcome the ruthless exploitation of animals, it is better not to come. The Park will leave them feeling painful because of the conditions, which contain living beings.

If you wish to educate the child respect for nature and animals, don't bring him to a Safari Park. In the case where the traveler moral and ethical side of the issue is not worried, he may, without prejudice to themselves to visit it.

To see a selection of sights of Samui in this video: