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Fruits of Thailand: photo, title, description, season, months, how to eat them

frukty Tajlanda foto s nazvaniyami

In Thailand go for different reasons. Wonderful climate, charming beaches and plays a role in the choice of his place for a holiday. We should not forget about the variety of fruits in Thailand.

This is the real natural resources. Various shapes, sizes and flavors, ripe and fragrant, they attract tourists from around the world.

Thai fruits - how to eat them?

Sometimes it is very difficult to make a choicethat the first to try, because the eyes diverge when you look at the stores that sell this splendor. And the prices on them can only please by its cheapness.

kak zhe est tajlandskie frukty?

Thanks to the excellent weather conditions, the fruits are perfectly grow without all sorts of chemical fertilizers, so it is difficult to overestimate its benefits for the body. And harvest three times a year ensures ongoing freshness.

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It would seem, who can be surprised? But the Thai pineapple – it's something special, because it is ripe and juicy, its taste is completely different than the imported fruit in our stores. And in what form it did not sell: dried, canned, baked, with ice cream. And, of course, apart juicy and Mature fruits.

To get to the flesh, you must first cut off the top and bottom, then wide strips of the peel residues, making sure that the pulp was left with brown blotches.

Pineapple is very usefuland also beloved by girls for its ability to reduce appetite and to promote weight loss.


Sugar juicy berries are sold at every step, and thanks to the unique Thai climate they are very tasty. Because of their prevalence watermelons eaten in its original form very rarely, preferring to cook them in a variety of drinks.

Although you can eat it very easy, you just cut in half, and then it depends on your imagination – you can cut into slices, cubes or even use the pulp with a spoon.

opisanie tajlandskogo arbuza

The substances contained in it, improve memory and help to improve metabolism. Also watermelon is an excellent diuretic that cleanses the kidneys from slagging. In Thailand it is better to choose watermelons with yellow flesh, not least because of their exoticism.


You are used to one standard view of bananas? Sure! In Thailand, many varieties of this seemingly unremarkable fruit.

Very tasty so-called mini-bananas, which is less than the standard two, and even three times.

Clean them as usual fruit – tearing the skin on the one hand, and opening around her flesh like petals. They contain the necessary body with fiber, minerals and vitamins that lower blood pressure and increase brain activity.

When choosing bananas do not forget that in Thailand they are grown not only for consumption in its pure form, but in order to make different sauces, so these varieties can have a charming flavor, but, alas, the almost complete lack of taste.


Solid and inconspicuous brown fruit with a thick skin seems to be of no special interest, but not in Thailand. Here invented many recipes for its use, ranging from soups, cooked with coconut milk, and ending with a delicious pastry with the addition of coconut.

Though he scares her rigid armor, to cut it quite easy, most importantly, know the weaknesses of this fruit.

coconut in Thailand"/>

There are three buds, one of which you need to pierce and drain the liquid into a glass. It remains to find a fault line located in the center of the coconut, and split it a couple of strokes of a knife. Gently separate the pulp from the rind and can be eaten.

Dishes with coconut improve immunity, restore sight and improve the digestive processes. And as well affected skin popular coconut oil, leaving it supple and velvety!


Delicious and juicy Golden fruit will never reach store shelves the way it is sold in Thailand. Mature, dripping with mango juice of different varieties of tourists love, and deservedly so.

It has a positive effect on mood, helps in the fight against excess weight and removes harmful substances from the body.

It is easy to eat, cut into cubes. To do this, cut the fruit into two unequal halves, remove the seeds, cut the pulp inside the rind in the form of tiles, and then turn the mango inside out and separate the skins.

Choose for direct consumption as food is mango yellow, no greenish tints, peel, then it will be ripe and sweet.

Passion fruit

Perishable fruit with a deep purple peel for the fact that it is unfair not to be disappointed, it is better to try for the first time in Thailand.

tajskij plod - marakujya

Eat it as fresh, cut in half and used the contents with a spoon, and in the composition of various dishes and desserts. Passion fruit enhances immunity and accelerates metabolism, for which it is very fond of athletes.

Exotic representatives

In Thailand grows a lot of fruit and such, which for the first time will know only when I get there. Unusual in appearance, with diverse, sometimes strange and even repulsive to the uninitiated traveler smells and tastes.

So try to them following the advice of seasoned traders and tourists. Then about all the exotic fruits will only have pleasant experienceand you will want to return to this Paradise.

A dragon eye longan

Brown skin, white flesh and dark bone inside of a really cut like eye of the dragon.

The taste of longan is reminiscent of the grapes, and also grows in clusters, and its fruits – small nuts.

ekzoticheskij longan

Its dried, frozen, prepared beverages from this fruit. Often eaten fresh, after all to peel away the skin is easy. Have to incise it with a knife and remove the pulp. It contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. Helps to fight diseases due to high sugar content.

The most delicious longan – ripened on the counter, so do not try to purchase just picked from the tree fruit.

Stinky durian

Weighing up to 10 pounds, with fearsome spines, and the very specific smell – all the most popular, called "the king of Thailand fruit" durian.

It is very nourishingwith a high content of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. Since ancient times known that it strengthens the male force. But eating it is still desirable in small quantities and in the fresh air, pre-cut it lengthwise, dividing into segments and remove the seeds.

It is often sold already sliced and Packed in small portions, especially for tourists. If you have decided to buy a whole durian, buy hard fruit that did not have time to perezit.

Hairy rambutan

Charming hairy red fruit is delicious as well as cute. Grows and is sold it is usually in large hairy clusters. Shell, which is only a cut or even a little bite, easy to remove with a smooth pulp, leaving it in his hands.

Pit the rambutan is edible too, though not to everyone's taste.

Tajlandskij rambutan

It perfectly cleanses the body due to its high content of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. Choosing fruit, please note that the tips of the hair were green and not dry, because it goes bad very quickly.

Prickly Salak

Its needles he recalls bristling with the cactus, so it makes sense to buy the already peeled fruit. If you take untreated Salak, you risk to scratch all trades, before you get to the pulp. To clean it, like eggs, skins which must first be torn at the edge.

Prickly fruit, despite the aggressive looks, is very useful and is able to excrete all the harmful substances. Your purchase stop not bright red, and the brownish fruits,because they are much tastier.

Similar to garlic mangosteen

Loose skin the color of ripe eggplant hides cloves, similar to garlic, but very sweet and juicy, reminiscent of grapes and peach. To remove them, cutting the rind in a circle.

Choosing a delicious fruit, be careful – it's good not only for humans, but for ants that like to crawl under the sheets.

mangostin - ekzoticheskij plod kak chesnok

In mangostine contains many useful substances, such as sodium, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium.


It is a fruit with thick green skin and pinkish flesh inside. Because of the mild taste, its almost not eat without various additives in the form of a variety of seasonings and toppings, which she absorbs like a sponge. But you can try the true taste, brushing like a pear or Apple.

Guava is often sold already soaked in any syrup. The most valuable healing property of this fruit is the improvement of cardiac function and normalization of blood pressure.


Delicacy, similar in taste to a date, and in view of the beans.

Use fresh and pickled, candied or dried, or as part of sauces and sweet doughs.

It cleaned the seeds from the rind, like peas from the skin. Tamarind contains in its small fruits are a treasure trove of nutrients: calcium, vitamins a, b, C, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and selenium.


Looks after cutting, as greenish or red-orange stars that are eaten whole and with the peel. But mostly they are used for serving tables or in sauces and seasonings.

foto i opisanie karamboly

Juicy, crunchy, with a sweet and sour slightly pronounced flavour, carambola beneficial for the nervous system, improves appearance, strengthens hair and nails.

Maturation season by months

  • January

    The time of ripening of the pineapple. Of course, you can always try, but not always it will be so fresh, flavorful and inexpensive.

  • February

    In the midst of a collection of tamarind and passion fruit. Cut them, and you will feel wonderful aroma. And what a wonderful flavor awaits you!

  • March

    Try Jack-fruit, jackfruit, as well as delicious, perfectly ripe mango.

  • April

    Lychee. It is a fairly expensive fruit, with a reputation of exquisite delicacy, in April, will fully show your taste.

  • May

    This month's favorite is rambutan. Though it is available year-round, but it is in early ripening of it is incomparable.

  • June

    The second month of ripening kumquat, its century is short, so you should hurry up and tasting.

  • sezon fruktov v Tajlande po mesacam

  • July

    Fruit abundance. Continues the season for litchi, mangosteen, herring and rambutan. Begins to Mature langsat.

  • August

    At the end of the summer months should try a fresh pomelo.

  • September

    It is a Paradise for lovers of the incredibly tasty and soft Sapodilla.

  • October

    Pomelo and Sapodilla fine. They are joined by carambola.

  • November

    Traders claim that the most beautiful rose Apple is available in November.

  • December

    Time to enjoy the tamarind.

Of course, in Thailand grows much more fruit, but most of them you can try all year round ripe and fragrant.

Where better to buy?

The friendly service and the unquestionable quality of the fruit coupled with the low price, of course, for the Thai markets.

The dealers will help to make a choice from the variety of the fruit, will tell how to eat another exotic fruit that can help to clean and cut.

gde luchshe pokupat frukty v Tae?

If you go into one shop, then in addition to tips on what today the most fresh and tasty, and quite possibly get a discount as a returning customer.

Taking the main "wealth" home: what you can and what you cannot take in hand Luggage?

Instead of Souvenirs from Thailand taking his main wealth is the fruit. How many of them you can take? Weight is limited to only what the amountLuggage and hand Luggage is allowed to carry on a plane. And, of course, common sense – a huge variety of fruits, most likely, will not work to drive in excellent condition.

Do not forget that the only forbidden for export fruit is the durian, due to its specific and too strong smell.

Easier to transport fruit carefully Packed in a Luggage, but in carry-on baggage, provided you purchase them at Duty Free. To do this, sell special plastic containers that will not mash a tasty Souvenirs.

See also a video about the fruits of Thailand: