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Distance from Bangkok to Pattaya: how to get yourself a taxi?

kak dobratsya iz Bangkoka v Pattaju?

The tourists had a question, how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya, you can do it in any convenient way. Enough to fly by plane from the capital of Bangkok and from there take a bus, auto or taxi.

The road from Bangkok airport to Pattaya - how to go?

put iz aerovokzala stolicy Tailanda

The easiest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya, which will allow not to get lost in a big city – to find transport at the airport.

The distance between these cities is only 160 kilometers, so the road will not take much time.

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Independent tourists who experience the need to get to Pattaya, you can take advantage of one of the most accessible ways to get on the bus. This type of transport goes from several places in the capital, including to and from Suvarnabhumi airport.

To find offices where you can buy a ticket for one of the flights, enough to go down to the first level of the airport (mark 1 Level). On this floor there will be gates 7 and 8, and between them – cash with inexpensive tickets for buses in many areas, including the resort of Pattaya.

doroga na avtobuse

Transportation for tourists on the route "Bangkok-Pattaya" provide several airlines and travel companies. The final choice depends solely on personal preference and the addressat which to arrive. The buses deliver its passengers to North station, and South of the city, Jomtien.

Most popular carriers:

  • Airport Pattaya Bus – flights go 10 times a day, starting from 7 am until 22:00. The price is 122 baht (204 rubles), travel time takes 2 hours. Transportation will bring tourists to Jomtien;
  • Bell Travel Service Co buses ply the route 6 times, from 8:00 to 18:00. The price will be 250 baht (about 420 RUB.) when purchasing at the box office and 230 baht (385 rubles) - at the time of booking on the portal of the company. Travel time will take at least 2 hours. The bus arrives in the Northern town of Jomtien.

In the price services of Bell Travel Service Co is shipping to the hotel. On arrival in Jomtien tourists are transplanted in minibase, which is transported by the field.

Also for tourists provides public transport to the Pattaya bus number 389. It runs from Bangkok to the resort, starting from 7 am to 9 PM. The cost for adults is 135 baht (225 rubles).

After buying the ticket at the ticket office you can use the services of this transport, once at the exit 8. The only disadvantage of such trip is that the bus drops off its passengers in the most convenient location in Pattaya.


zakaz transfera

Convenient and inexpensive way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya – transfer from town to the hotel. This is a great alternative for the regular buses is very popular with tourists because of taking passengers directly from the terminal and driven to the hotel. But the price for comfort will cost almost twice the price – the ticket price is around 387 baht (about 650 rubles).

There are several reasons why tourists choose transfer:

  1. saving time;
  2. maximum comfort;
  3. the lack of need to look for a station;
  4. delivery in any time of the day.

In addition, in some cases, this method allows a significant saving, especially if the hotel in Pattaya is located away from public transport. In this situation, won't have to hire a taxi to deliver passengers and their Luggage todoors.

It should be noted that this method is incredibly popular with tourists, so if you want maximum comfort and quickly reach the resort, you must book and buy bus tickets in advance – on the website of the transport company.


Easy but quite expensive way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya – to rent a taxi at the airport.

Reception of orders of vehicles is on the second floor – near the exit of the arrivals area.

Here, tourists are informed about the accurate cost of the journey – usually the price per trip is about 1300 baht (2170.), but should be discussed beforehand.

Car rental

bronirovanie avtomobilya

Despite the fact that from Bangkok to Pattaya can be reached in just two hours, many tourists choose this convenient option, as a rental car. This method appeals to those who are planning to make stops along the way or to stop at interesting places. The route itself is quite simple – to get to the place you at the highway 3 – the road between Bang na and Expenses.

The road between the Thai cities is the newest highway with gas stations and cafes, to move which is incredibly nice and convenient. The path is rarely found intense road traffic. The only drawback may be the fact that this country only right-hand traffic, so without a Navigator it will be easy to get lost.

Rent a car in any convenient way:

  • via the Internetby visiting the portals of the large rental companies;
  • on the spot small distributors and brokers;
  • at the airport, where there are stands of well-known companies providing this service.

How to get there from city center?

Some independent tourists, before getting to Pattaya, like to walk around Bangkok to explore the sights or visit the famous shopping malls. Immediately after that you can proceed to one of the city's railway stations and go to the resort by bus or train.

From the Eastern bus terminal Ekkamai

Because taxi transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya is quite expensive, many tourists choose the best and easiest way is to ride the bus from the city bus terminal, ekkamai. To find it easily – it is located close to the metro station. Schedule: every half hour (from 5 am to 10 PM) buses depart to Pattaya.

By itself, the trip cost is cheap – the cost of a ticket today is 100 baht (167 roubles). Travel time is traditionally two hours, and the journey will take place in a fairly comfortable bus with air conditioning.

From the Northern bus terminal Moh Chit

otpravlenie s avtovokzala Moh Chit

Another starting point for the route "Bangkok-Pattaya" bus terminal Moh Chit is the place from which daily followed by regular buses from 7 am to 5 PM. The ticket price is 100 baht.

Flights depart on this route is every half hour, and are they on the street in North Pattaya.

To get to the Northern bus station is not as easy as to the East. You have to use just two modes of transport. First, from don Muang airport to take the metro to Chatuchak Park station, and from there on foot or by bus No. 130 to the end point.

Victory Monument

In the last few years, tourists prefer to use the fastest and cheapest way to drive the minivan. This mode of transport started from Victory Monument – the monument, which is located in the Northern part of Bangkok. To get to this station by Skytrain, getting off at the station of the same name.

From October 2016, unfortunately, the unofficial bus "covered", and now all minibuses carry out embarkation and disembarkation of passengers of the above bus stations. But for the convenience of passengers from the Victory Monument square, organized a trails Shuttle-busses from the bus terminal.

A trip on the minivan has its advantages and disadvantages. First, it is convenient that in Pattaya the van makes three stops, so tourists will have the opportunity to go to the place where it is convenient. In addition, the cost of the ticket - only 90 baht (150 RUB.).

neoficialnaya avtostanciya na Victory Monument

Minus is that the vehicle has small dimensions, which makes it difficult to put large suitcases.


Rail transport on the route "Bangkok-Pattaya" should be once a day and only on weekdays. The price for this trip will cost 40 baht (67 Euro) for the third class and 80 baht (133 rubles) - for the first.

The departure of the train occurs at 6:55 a.m. from the platform of the main station, Hua Lamphong, and arrive at 10:30.

The station in Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit road at the exit of the homonymous subway stations.

Despite the fact that the train from Bangkok to Pattaya is sent very rarely, the tourists do not ignore this, because during the trip you can relax in reclining seats. In addition, this method is much safer and cheaper.

Way back

If the road going from Pattaya to Bangkok, you can use absolutely identical methods. You can order a taxi, look for the car will not take long, they are practically on every corner, but it is better to choose brand not to overpay.

You can still order the transfer or rent a car yourself, and buy a train ticket, or take the bus to the capital. The best choice of the bus is and the bus station in Pattaya, buses to all the capital's bus stations.

How to buy tickets online?

  1. To book in advance a taxi via the Internet. Transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya transport company carries out Kiwitaxi. Its services include meeting at the airport, delivery of Luggage to the car, landing and ride to the correct hotel.

    This method is ideal because it tourists don't have to think about anything – just enjoy the comfortable expensive. The cost of the trip will cost 1500 baht (about 2500 rubles).

  2. Not to stand in the queue at the railway ticket office and not to waste time if its not so many, you can pre – prepare the itinerary to purchase a ticket for the train via the Internet.

    From February 2017 this service again became available, and to do so, you must go to the portal https://www.thairailwayticket.com, choose a trip and pay for it by credit card. The tickets can be picked up at the station at the box office or order home delivery.

  3. Buy a ticket for the bus between the capital of Thailand and Pattaya in advance, making it online on the portal of the transport company. To get a ticket, just select the date, time and number of seats, and then make contact details. Confirmation of the trip will be sent by email.

    It should be noted that this service is quite popular with tourists, so buy the place for a visit is as early as possible.

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